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Unyielding News Compilation - UPDATE

Breaking UAP News Hits All-Time High

Media Alert

UPDATE FEBRUARY 25, 2021 NOTE: As mentioned in the first  rendering of this Media Alert, the rapidity and timing of multiple UAP reports are on the increase. We have added the most recent UAP incident.

- [ZNN] An all-time high has been achieved in the number and quality of news items reported about the phenomenon known as unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) - their technology, military encounters and the possibility of their off-world origins.
The rapidity and timing of multiple UAP assessment reports are consequential and certainly not coincidental. 

While becoming evident that US government agencies such as the Pentagon and the US Navy are no longer holding back specific revelations, the long-held notion of TOP SECRET is fading fast.

In addition Chris Mellon former Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense for Intelligence - confirms unclassified reports on UAP could be headed for a Senate Committee. 

Even a former Director of the CIA has come forward with his position that we may be dealing with other life-forms - a postulate neither uttered nor anticipated by even the most progressive American state official.

Below for the reader's benefit is a brief compilation of what ZlandCommunications has recently learned on this front.
Let's enumerate the recent conglomeration of block-buster revelations out there but which are still being held in abeyance by mainstream media.


FBI 'aware of' American Airlines 
possible UFO, spotting stops short of confirming investigation 

"Pilot described 'long cylindrical object' moving over the top of the plane, according to radio transmission." [Fox News]

Listen to pilot audio report and read article HERE


Senate Directs Defense Department, DNI, Other Agencies: You Have 180 Days To Tell What You Know About UFOs [The Daily Wire - Excerpt below]

Former Asst Secretary of Defence for Intelligence confirms call for unclassified reports on UAP justified 

Chris Mellon 
"If the U.S. Senate gets the executive branch to agree, the director of National Intelligence, along with the Department of Defense and other government agencies, now have 178 days to reveal what they know about UFOs to the U.S. Senate."
The report continues, "Chris Mellon, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence, told The Debrief 'the newly enacted Intelligence Authorization Act incorporates the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report language calling for an unclassified, all-source report on the UAP phenomenon.' "

Ex CIA Director says UFOs could involve “activity” that “constitutes a different form of life”

  • The Facts: The former Director of the CIA, John Brennan (2013-2017) was recently asked about the UFO phenomenon and expressed his belief that we may be dealing with some other form of life.
  • Reflect On: Why is the topic of UFOs suddenly going mainstream after years of secrecy and ridicule? Are there powerful interests who somehow want to profit off of disclosure and control the narrative of what this phenomenon represents?
Clearly the UFO topic is receiving substantial mainstream media coverage.


A Fundamental Explanation of UAPs

"Given the nature of the topic discussed here, we wish to make something very clear to you. The stigma surrounding the topic of UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) and their possible non-mundane explanation is outdated and should have started to go away with the discovery of habitable exoplanets. 

Our capability to find such planets is still new and it took until now to get good statistics. Barely anyone has had time to update their views and expectations accordingly, so let’s do that real quick..." 

The Proof Is Out There: UFO Expert Exposes Never-Before-Seen Video

Rich Hoffman of the Scientific Coalition for UAP reviews multi-level explanations about the UAP phenomenon. 

Watch the video [4 minutes] HERE

As any astute observer can surmise, the flow and intensity of corroborative evidence suggesting planet Earth is being engaged by off-world civilizations is accumulating at an unprecedented rate. 

The big question remains - when will mainstream media re-focus news from Senator Ted Cruz's pathetic and counter-intuitive vacation to Cancun amidst a Texas climate crisis and decisively engage a national dialogue about the US Navy's open admission that their pilots have encountered craft of unknown origin on multiple occasions?

Mainstream media must make a clear decision - very soon - about how their place in history will be recounted. Will mainstream media be judged as the arbiter of truth for humanity or remembered as a flaccid by-stander interested only in the mundane.

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