Thursday, June 16, 2022

ICER Vice President to testify at Brazilian Senate UAP Hearing

Gary Heseltine VP of the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research to testify in person before the Brazilian Senate on UAP

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ICER VP Gary Heseltine
Rome Italy - [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has learned through firsthand sources that Gary Heseltine, the Vice President of the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research, will testify in person on June 24, 2022 before the Brazilian Senate Hearing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon and the global implications of UAP. 

Unlike the American UAP Congressional Hearing that appears to be restricting its investigation to US UAP data, Brazil’s Senate has embarked on a bold effort to not only better understand the UAP phenomenon, but to come to grips with the huge compendium of international data and its impact on the entire global community. 

Heseltine also intends to address for the Brazilian Senate Hearing the comprehensive compendium of international data that ICER has already amassed. 

In discussions ZNN has had with Mr. Heseltine it is clear he intends to: 

  • Reinforce the notion that these incursions by craft of unknown origin are of grave global concern and,   
  • Suggest that UAP must be examined from that perspective by the highest levels of international governance on the planet and not simply by one country.
  • Prepare and present ICER's research findings on UAP to the United Nations as sponsored by the government of San Marino.

In another conversation with ZNN’s news director - Victor Viggiani - Heseltine made a point of emphatically stating that: 

  • The UAP phenomenon is one that continues to perplex American military officials and, 
  • The UAP phenomenon can only be understood through a scientific assessment of specific data on an international scale. 

Mr. Heseltine went on to say:

“I am honoured to be invited to testify before the Brazilian Senate on June 24th about the global aspects of the UFO/UAP issue. With the recent legislative developments in the United States, all countries should acknowledge and cooperate on the UAP subject and realize that it is imperative that the phenomenon needs to be addressed as a one world human race issue.”


Note - Mr. Heseltine joins Captain Robert L. Salas (USAF Ret.) who will also testify before the Brazilian Senate concerning the shutdown of multiple ICBM missiles by craft of unknown origin at Malmstrom AFB in Montana in 1967.


Profile of Gary Heseltine: 

As a former Royal Air Force Police Officer and Home Office Detective Constable in the UK, Mr. Heseltine transitioned his investigative skills into the field of UFO investigation. Heseltine is no stranger to testifying on UAP - he spoke at the 2013 Citizen Hearing at the Washington DC National Press Club before former US Congressional leaders on behalf of police officers worldwide who have experienced UAP encounters. 

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