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Watergate Lawyer and Washington DC Activist Talk ET Contact at Toronto Conference

Press Release
For Immediate Distribution 
Toronto [ZNN] The ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork has learned that a Toronto based group has managed to obtain the legal services of a US Watergate-Pentagon Papers lawyer and a Washington DC lobbyist to promote their cause to convince the general public that UFOs are real and that ET contact is imminent.

In this extraordinary Canadian news development, the Toronto group has informed ZNN that it will present unassailable evidence that not only is the phenomenon of UFOs real - but governments around the planet have sequestered this information from the public.

To prove their point this Toronto based group is set to hold what is being promoted as an Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Consciousness Connection Retreat north of Toronto Ontario from August 28th to August 31st.

In speaking with representatives from this one-of-a-kind retreat, it has emerged the Toronto group is fully prepared to prove, study and explore the nature of an extraterrestrial presence which they are convinced is currently engaging the planet.

According to retreat co-ordinator Laurie Rosenfield, “This extraordinary event will not be your ordinary UFO conference.”

ZNN reached Rosenfield at her home in North York-a suburb of Toronto. In an interview with Rosenfield, she assessed the significance of this ‘first-of-its-kind’ retreat and the impact it will have.
"This kind of event­, one that will explore the depths of human consciousness and contact with ET intelligences, will one day be at the leading edge of what humanity will need to do in order to fully understand the cosmic connection we have with Extraterrestrial intelligences.” 
Speakers at this retreat will include international dignitaries from within the UFO/ET research and advocacy community–led by solicitor Daniel P. Sheehan and Washington lobbyist Stephen G. Bassett, both of whom have deep roots in the field of ET contact as well as within the full government disclosure of UFO/ET files that have been sequestered from public scrutiny for over 65 years. 

Both Bassett and Sheehan participated in the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in May of 2013 at the Washington DC National Press Club at which overwhelming evidence was presented by 30 former government, military, police, FAA, pilot and civilian witnesses. 

These witnesses testified under oath before former members of the US Congress and Senate that-not only are UFOs real-the American government and other international governments have kept this reality a secret.

ZNN’s examination of Daniel Sheehan’s international reputation reveals impressive and striking credentials, from Watergate to the Iran Contra Scandal.

The remarkable cases in which Sheehan has been involved as legal counsel appear to suggest Sheehan will play a major jurisprudential role in illuminating this matter at the Canadian retreat. 

Sheehan's background involves: 
The Pentagon Papers Case in 1971 and The Watergate Burglary Case in 1973. In addition, Sheehan served as the Chief Attorney on The Karen Silkwood Case in 1976, which additionally revealed the CIA's Israeli Desk had been smuggling 98% bomb-grade plutonium to the State of Israel and to Iran. See Sheehan's Provocative Testimony at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. Sheehan's Bio

Joining Sheehan will be Stephen G. Bassett Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG) Washington DC. 

Bassett is considered the world’s leading activist pressuring the United States government into acknowledging the information and documentation in their possession that indicates the planet is indeed being engaged by extraterrestrials. Bassett co-ordinated the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure on the question of extraterrestrial contact.

Canadian researcher Grant Cameron of Presidential UFO will be an integral part of the retreat providing his perspectives on emerging levels of consciousness as well as insights into Presidential and other government files attesting to the UFO reality.

It appears that Rosenfield has covered all of the bases in her attempts to bring these revelations forward and, that she is more than serious about her attempts to bring a new level of understanding about how and why contact with Extraterrestrials could well alter the world paradigm concerning contact with what they call–Star Visitors.
Rosenfield went on to say, “Whoever these beings are and wherever they are from, we owe it to ourselves to confirm that there is a cosmic connection with these visitors from the stars. We cannot let the government take this out of the hands of the people.” 
[Ed. Note: Precisely why this Toronto group has enlisted the services of a former Watergate-Pentagon Papers lawyer to promote Extraterrestrial contact and to reveal information about a government cover-up of this matter, is uncertain at this time. However, there is sufficient reason to believe that a legal precedence may develop to remove this matter from the grip of government control and place the matter in the hands of the people where it belongs - according to retreat organizers.] 

The retreat is open to the public and members of the press.

Full details about attendance at this retreat are available at:

Members of the press are invited to contact Laurie Rosenfield at: to arrange coverage of this event and to interview speakers.
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Citizens safely sedated - Thou shalt not believe in UFOs

A ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork 


[Ed. Note: Given that Mainstream Media does not have the courage to address the UFO/ET reality in a responsible manner, ZlandCommunications will publish editorial features to comment on and counter the mendacity and deceptive tactics used by the Fourth Estate to keep this information from you. This editorial is intended as an antidote to the sedation administered by the media and ingested by virtually every citizen daily.]
"Participation in North American democracy is largely based on the belief that citizens should never be released into the world until they have been properly sedated." 
This quote, taken from an unknown convocation address, not only magnifies the state of denial and ignorance in which a massive proportion of North Americans live; it is also an historical testament to the lies we are all prepared to accept for the sake of convenience.
Digest that for a moment before we proceed – because, quite frankly, it doesn’t get much better.
No UFOs or elephants allowed in the dining room
Few issues are as stigmatized or ridiculed as the UFO/ET issue. Its reality is marginalized – its existence, as a viable mode of reasoning – that we are not alone in the universe - is disallowed.
For those unfamiliar with UFOs, beginning around 1947 or perhaps earlier the UFO/ET issue burst onto the scene. The matter since then has been investigated, scrutinized, ridiculed, stigmatized, written about and tossed around like a piece of red-hot coal for over 60 years.
Generally, world governments, their military and intelligence agencies have managed to ignore, cover-up and otherwise cauterize this issue from the consciousness of just about every politically astute human being on the planet.
Richard M. Dolan, one of the UFO research community’s finest authors, puts it best in his seminal work UFOs and the National Security State – Chronology of a Cover-up 1941 to 1973, "… the analysis [of the UFO issue] leaves us with the distinct impression of the ET hypothesis as the elephant in the dining room that no one would acknowledge."
As it stands today, in the year 2014 the state of affairs in the UFO/ET issue will one day be looked back upon as a simplistic, naïve and perhaps awkwardly nascent search for what was before our eyes all the while. However for the time being humanity remains anesthetized to the political and anthropological imperatives-of-knowing within the UFO/ET reality.
Political spin-doctors and media schemers administer this seemingly harmless series of daily sedatives courtesy of our government, religious, scientific and educational institutions. The dosage - in a perfect drip formulation - removes the need for any belief in or consideration of the UFO/ET issue. A faint echo - as we spiral into our drug-induced siesta – it whispers – ‘thou shalt not believe in UFOs.’
History will show we were too blind, well sedated and collectively too stubborn to see what is happening to us along the way. Complicit with our handlers in the so-called democratic way of life we pretend to be part of, this collective ignorance spends its time around every kitchen table, in every newsroom and university lecture hall on the planet – ‘shalt not even try to understand what the UFO issue really means.’
But give your head a shake – let’s look at who and what we are and have become as a result of this politically induced sedation – it might explain how and why we have reached this point in our addiction.
All too familiar forms of sedation
Knowingly and in some cases, wantonly, we choose to eradicate a species of animals or plant life virtually by the hour.
We permit and otherwise turn an infected blind-eye to the fact that every 45 seconds a child dies of malaria in Africa (W.H.O. Statistic) while we ensure the existence of an economic system that hordes the distribution of wealth and medical care into the bulging pockets of the ‘already rich’.
We build weapons platforms in space, stuff fossil fuels into the mouths of any machine capable of work, remaining oblivious to what comes out the other end.
We deify celebrities beyond our own God, (movie theatres have become the churches for the worship of strange gods with lipstick, make-up, guns that carry the ammunition of fear and male homo sapiens with bizarre levels of testosterone) shall we go on - perhaps not, lest we identify too closely with one of these churches or another form of self-medication.
Lest those who are more familiar with the UFO/ET issue and its huge body of research conclude this assessment is too harsh – peer for a moment at our plight for the full Disclosure of the facts surrounding the ET presence.
At each turn, as we inch forward and even after small Disclosure victories - a member of the sedated, be it media, government or even one of our own - manages to snuff out the light. The only redeeming attributes ‘believers’ hold dear are our collective, internally-driven courage to relentlessly seek the truth but more powerfully, celebrate the reality that somehow we have been inoculated against the insidious vaccine forced upon most in a world who are consumed by the dumb-down messages of politics, religion, education, science and the mass media. These attributes just may be our deliverance.
Sadly though and still, a pathetic majority of humanity sits and stares at the passing parade of human events – hoping for that one really nice float at the end of the procession that will ease our conscience because we’ve sat on our hands for so long and at times covered our eyes and ears in the hope – ‘there must be something better coming soon.’
Like the perfect social sedative, indolence and inaction have compelled us to become inert; much like a deer frozen in the headlights of an on-coming car – knowing it must not stay to witness what might come next but is still, petrified and captivated by the sheer awe and magnitude of the ensuing collision.
Somehow all of this may hit a little too close to home for some. These all too familiar forms of sedation are so cutely insidious – their administration is like a mosquito bite – irritating but soon forgotten when another itch takes its place.
So – in a way we may not be totally to blame for our ignorance and inert posture because our handlers are so good at sedation. But does this remove all culpability?
No. But it certainly explains why and how we have become so cleverly mesmerized by the sedative. We appear to have little time to ponder the rational argument and the deluge of documentation that the UFO /ET reality is as real as the air we breathe and that sustains us.
When the sedation wears off
There is another murmur about the UFO/ET reality-question residing in the desk drawers of our handlers.
ET is here and they seem to be, for whatever strange reason, willing to, wanting and waiting to help when the sedation finally wears off or an enlightened nurse enters our chambers to turn off the drip.
Luckily, our handlers – in the midst of their own sedated stupor – have left behind clues about this fundamental truth. This, in the final analysis could render them powerless and their sedatives a mere placebo.
Let’s start with a simple piece of the truth or misdirection depending on your perspective or one’s reactionary tendency to disbelieve the written word. As we all know it’s hard to tell the difference these days.
 In a 1952 CIA web site document entitled "Flying Saucers" it states,
"Pursuant to your request for overall evaluation of the "flying saucers" and associated reports, the following is pertinent. Notwithstanding the foregoing… facts, so long as a series of reports remains "unexplainable" (interplanetary aspects and alien origin not being thoroughly excluded from consideration) caution requires that intelligence continue coverage of the subject. It is recommended that CIA surveillance of the subject matter, in coordination with proper authorities… be continued. It is strongly urged, however, that no indication of CIA interest or concern reach the press or public, in view of their probable alarmist tendencies to accept such interest as confirmatory of the soundness of ´unpublished facts´ in the hands of the U.S. government." [EDWARD TAUS]
Choose to accept it or not, but as part of the American CIA web site this and other similar documentation cannot be dismissed. Many documents similar to this one, fully explain to those who are attentive to the UFO/ET matter - the how, when and why covert operations will be conducted and the strength of the sedative administered. Thousands more documents exist that we may never see - all bearing the same sniff of sedation.
Are we to believe that since 1952 we have been so well sedated that anything significant said about the UFO/ET issue would be so soaked in doubt and tainted by disbelief or disinformation that we are willing to disregard it outright because nothing, no-thing, can be trusted as a representation of reality when it comes to reaching some understanding that we may be being visited by off-world civilizations?
Any UFO researcher, politician or media journalist who cannot see that this CIA memo clearly indicates there is very good reason to believe that a recommendation was put in place by the American Central Intelligence Agency to obfuscate the UFO issue decades ago, and, who fails to investigate it in public, is either incompetent or stupid (in the true sense of the word - stooped with eyes cast down) or is part of the same obfuscation process which originated the memo in the first place. They may also be more heavily sedated than the rest of us.
Where does the truth reside today?
Some maintain the truth sits in the bottom drawer of the sedators - a powerful elite.
Others feel the truth has been embedded in our own cosmic sub-consciousness by our visitors eons ago and it is only now – as the sedation wears thin and we awake from our slumber, some of us have actually begun to catch a small glimpse of the truth.
The only way that drawer will be wrenched open is by a combination of persuasive Extraterrestrial intrusions, an amplified public awareness and a media that wakes from its slumber. The truth, being as pervasive as we know it is, also resides in the collective consciousness of those who diligently toil to over-throw secrecy and a pale government-entity that has somehow usurped democracy while the media remains numbed by the glitz of the trivial.
It is not surprising then that many of us feel we have been so cleverly lied to for so long. As a community we do not know what to believe any more.
This has been the success of the sedators - to keep us thoroughly confused about the UFO/ET issue, keeping it cleverly hidden in the simple light of day under a canvas of secrecy. Like a tarpaulin covering a car, it yields to the sedated mind a silhouette that tells us ‘yes it is a vehicle’. We see it before our eyes yet we are unable to discern details of its year, make, colour and model or whether it can be driven forwards or backwards; a very frustrating situation for our purportedly sophisticated intellectual human acuity.
Especially when we are being told it’s an elephant or… nothing at all.

Victor Viggiani
News Director

Copyright March 30.2014

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Washington Post misrepresents the Hon. Paul Hellyer

Press Release
For Immediate Distribution


To date neither Max Fisher, author of the misleading article in question concerning Mr. Hellyer nor Washington Post officials have made any attempt to correct or retract the misleading information in Mr. Fisher's articleIranian news agency says the U.S. is secretly run by Nazi space aliens. Really.  Neither have any of the parties involved from the Washington Post's management  communicated with ZNN or Mr. Hellyer to resolve this most unfortunate matter. ZNN will be pursuing this matter further and will post its activities and its findings.

Toronto [ZNN] The following correspondence has been sent to the Washington Post by ZlandCommunications on behalf of the Hon. Paul Hellyer as a result of an article published on Jan 13.2014 by Max Fisher of the Washington Post's World News section. In the article Fisher relies on fallacious sources and uses inadequate fact checking to misrepresent Mr. Hellyer's position on the Extraterrestrial issue.

To: The Washington Post
The Hon. Paul T. Hellyer misrepresented by the Washington Post in World News Article 

Re: Article by Max Fisher and the Washington Post Foreign Staff - Jan 13, 2014
Iranian news agency says the U.S. is secretly run by Nazi space aliens. Really.

In consultation with the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer, former Minister of National Defence in Canada, we have been directed by Mr. Hellyer to inform Mr. Fisher and the World News Department at the Washington Post that Mr. Hellyer categorically rejects all and any statements and sources used by Mr. Fisher which in any manner serve to associate Mr. Hellyer with the following: Edward Snowden, Mr. Snowden’s documents, the NSA, the FSB (the Russian Federal Security Service), the web site and the Fars News, in his January 13, 2014 article. 

The use by Mr. Fisher of the Fars News service and the web site What Does it Mean as primary sources is indiscriminate and reflects poor journalistic judgement. 

As clearly stated by him in his article - Mr. Fisher made no attempt to contact Mr. Hellyer to confirm any of the information he obtained from the Fars News service or the web site What Does it Mean. 

In doing so and by using hyperlinks to What Does it Mean and Fars News in his article, Mr. Fisher gives credence to unsubstantiated and false accusations by Fars News that: Mr. Hellyer 'was given access to all of Snowden’s documents by Russian intelligence services and stated they were, indeed, “accurate.” ‘ 

This is a blatant and categorical falsehood. 

At no time was Mr. Hellyer ever in communication with the FSB (the Russian Federal Security Service), Fars News or What Does It Mean. For Mr. Fisher to have cited these questionable sources in his article without using fact checking procedures with the former Canadian Cabinet Minister before publication is inexcusable, irresponsible and capricious.

We insist that the Washington Post publish a full retraction as well as a public apology to Mr. Hellyer that addresses both of the following:

1. The lack of standard fact checking practices by Mr. Fisher and the Washington Post Foreign Staff; and,

2. The indiscriminate use of hyperlinked sources by the Washington Post's Max Fisher to engage, and point on-line readers to grossly inaccurate, false and highly deceptive information concerning Mr. Hellyer.

It is with regret that we make these demands, however in the interest of maintaining a positive relationship with the Washington Post, Mr. Hellyer looks forward to your response and immediate attention to resolve this matter.

Should you wish to respond personally to Mr. Hellyer, please use the contact information below. Your correspondence will be forwarded to him.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer.

Victor Viggiani M.Ed.
News Director
Toronto Ontario Canada
Contact Information:

The article in question, written by Max Fisher of the Washington Post Foreign Staff, can be found at: WPJan13.2014

An assessment of the web site Whatdoesitmean can be found at: PRG

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Toronto Entrepreneurs to Stage Party for the Truth

The Hon. Paul T. Hellyer to deliver Keynote Address

Press Release

January 10.2014

Toronto [ZNN] Radio show host and martial arts instructor David Whitehead and research analyst and event coordinator Christopher Russak – two ambitious Toronto entrepreneurs, are embarking on a Canada-wide tour for knowledge and the truth.

The tour will feature a cadre of internationally renowned speakers - scheduled to begin this May in Halifax and move across Canada – city by city to its final destination – in Vancouver BC this June.

To launch this bold undertaking, Russak and Whitehead will kick off their Canadian tour with a PARTY 4 TRUTH at Lee’s Palace in Toronto Canada on Thursday January 30 featuring live bands, a DJ and a Keynote Address by the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of National Defence.

The event will also feature other Canadian and international experts on various topics related to the alternative research community, and also feature a live Martial Arts demonstration. 

The PARTY 4 TRUTH is the premier event in support of what Russak and Whitehead have styled as the Modern Knowledge Tour Canada 2014.
According to Russak, The Modern Knowledge Tour will blend unique speakers and their vast knowledge and experience of interlacing disciplines, blending their vision into a unique, interactive experience. The concepts and ideas presented in this tour will not only empower individuals to think for themselves, but also inspire them to ask questions regarding our current knowledge, doctrines and dogma. The Party 4 Truth is our way of setting things in motion.”
Modern Knowledge Tour Canada 2014 is slated to visit eleven Canadian cities and includes an impressively eclectic array of speakers such as noted authors and researchers Richard M. Dolan, Stanton T. Friedman, Michael Tellinger and Canadian Egyptologist Dr. Carmen Boulter.

PARTY 4 TRUTH Master of Ceremonies David Whitehead, host of Truth Warrior on Truth Frequency Radio describes the kick-off party at Lee’s Palace as, “A celebration that will energize people and set the stage for an historic Canada-wide journey towards enlightenment, knowledge and the truth. This is one party you will not want to miss…”

Event Details
  • PARTY 4 TRUTH Jan 30, 2014. For details and ticket information  – Click here.
  • MODERN KNOWLEDGE TOUR CANADA 2014 - Details - Click here.
Media Contact: All media interested in interviewing or speaking with tour organizers Christopher Russak or David Whitehead are invited to use this e-mail:

ZNN Contact details:
Toronto | Canada | | 905.278.1238
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NORAD Secret Status Events Report 2001 Public Release

Welcome Readers to the NORAD Briefing Document

Minister of Defence Responds to ZNN

Readers should note that ZlandCommunications has received a preliminary response from Canada's Minister of National Defense to its NORAD BRIEFING DOCUMENT

In his response, Minister Nicholson indicates he has directed his staff members to look into the issues raised in the ZNN brief and that he would respond directly to ZNN as soon as possible. 

This is a positive initial outcome as well as a political first. 

To our knowledge, no other Canadian Minister of Defence has indicated that his department would look into issues regarding UFOs being chased by NORAD jets.

It remains to be seen how seriously and thoroughly the 'examination' of the issues raised in the NORAD BRIEFING DOCUMENT will be by the Minister's staff members. 

ZNN will be keep readers informed as to the progress of this initiative.

ZNN's many followers are invited to send their opinions on this matter to the Minister. 

The Minister can be reached at:
        Together we can create a dialogue and end the secrecy.

ZNN is proud to provide you with free access to the NORAD BRIEFING DOCUMENT in its entirety.  Please feel free to add your comments at the end of this web page and circulate this document's URL to friends, groups and media through Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

If you wish to send comments to the Canadian politicians to whom this document was sent you can find their contact details below:

The Hon. Rob Nicholson Minister of National Defence: CLICK HERE
The Hon. Thomas Mulcair - Leader of the Opposition: CLICK HERE
Mr. Justin Trudeau - Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada: CLICK HERE
The Hon. Charles Sousa - Ontario Minister of Finance: CLICK HERE

For Canadians - you can locate your MP at: Members of the Canadian Parliament

Journalists and other members of the media can contact ZNN at:

This page will be periodically updated to reflect any progress made
 within the Canadian Parliament

A Briefing Document
NORAD Secret Status Events Report 2001
Related Canadian Documents

December 2013

A Briefing Document NORAD Secret Status Events Report 2001
Related Canadian Documents

Date: December 11.2013
The Hon. Rob Nicholson Minister of National Defence Conservative MP
The Hon. Thomas Mulcair Leader of the Official Opposition NDP MP
Justin Trudeau - Leader Liberal Party of Canada Liberal MP
The Hon. Charles Sousa - Minister of Finance – Liberal MPP Ontario

The Hon. Peter MacKay Minister of Justice, Stella Ambler MP Mississauga South, ON, Olivia Chow Trinity Spadina ON, The Hon. Keith Ashfield Fredericton NB, The Hon Peter Kent Thornhill ON, David Tilson Caledon ON, Ted Opitz Etobicoke Centre ON, Eve Adams Mississauga Brampton-South
Victor Viggiani M.Ed. 
News Director The ZlandCommunications
NewsNetwork –Mississauga ON
The Honourable Paul T. Hellyer – Toronto ON
Stanton T. Friedman MSc.– Fredericton NB
Richard Syrett – Thornhill ON
Christopher John Russak – Toronto ON
Donald Robb - Caledon – ON
Douglas Fremont M.Ed. – Mississauga ON

Re:  ZNN NORAD Press Release
Canadian NORAD Jets Chase UFOs

Dear Honourable Ministers and Members of the House of Commons and Provincial Legislative Assembly
The press release associated with this briefing document was posted on Tuesday Nov 19.2013. Since its distribution it has received over 2000 reads on various web sites and on Google and Yahoo search engines.
The documentation in the press release Canadian NORAD Jets Chase UFOs unequivocally indicates Canadian NORAD jets have pursued unknown tracks. The documentation in the NORAD log report attesting to this is irrefutable. As described in this briefing document and as shown in the NORAD log report - contact was made with an ‘unknown’ which subsequently eluded the CF-18s in question. The press release and this briefing document also reveal the existence of pertinent files indicating the Canadian government has assessed and attempted to sequester the UFO matter from the Canadian public as well as suggest plans be discussed should a ‘flying saucer’ land on Canadian soil.

In an attempt to establish an open, on-going and more mature dialogue concerning the UFO issue, ZlandCommunications provides the contents of this briefing document. The undersigned are leaders in the Canadian community. They represent Canadian politics, education, the radio and television industry, scientific and international research and business communities. Each cosigner is convinced that a dialogue among the Government, the Electorate and Press is fundamental to extending the social contract that exists among these components of the social order. They remain convinced no reason exists for elected officials to remain uninformed about the evidence and what unelected officials have known for years.

What you are about to read - military logs and ancillary documents represent part of a matrix of converging lines of evidence. This expanding matrix unquestionably proves the matter of unidentified flying objects has been discussed, analyzed, politicized and sequestered at the highest levels of governance on the planet.
We present this matrix of concrete evidence to elected officials and to members of the Press in the interest of clarity as an attempt to determine the nature of the 2001 NORAD incident. We also submit this information to establish how ancillary documents in ZNN’s press release relate to the NORAD incident in question. One specific document clearly delineates how the Canadian military, in its partnership within NORAD, has modeled its treatment of unidentified flying objects after that of the US Air Force.

We begin by assuming that scrambling jets by NORAD indicates there has been a possible breach of national security as a result of an unauthorized incursion into Canadian airspace. It also appears that elected officials are unaware of this matter.

In this context there appears to be growing concern and confusion about what scrambled NORAD jets are actually pursuing – as documented in the NORAD EVENTS STATUS REPORT obtained by ZNN through the AIA process.

There are a number of procedural ambiguities and notational inconsistencies within the 2001 NORAD flight log report. These inconsistencies also plague the assessment and interpretation sent to ZNN by the former Minister of Defence, the Hon. Peter Mackay about this incident report – a report that he was unable to locate and thus unable to read. It is further disconcerting that – the former Minister of Defence, the Hon. Peter Mackay - unilaterally dismissed the possibility of NORAD jets encountering and making contact with ‘unidentified flying objects’ at 35,000 feet in a report that neither he nor his staff could locate nor had read.

It becomes clear - upon reading the response the Minister MacKay sent to ZNN - that:

a) The Minister was unable to locate the very same document obtained by ZNN from the Department of National Defence in Ottawa using the AIA, and;

b) Because of his inability to locate the NORAD STATUS EVENT and without having read the document, the Minister went on to speculate on, or was possibly advised, that which what the CF-18 Hornets were pursuing was either an aircraft without a transponder or a non-functioning transponder, or a flock of birds. [NOTE: a CF-18 has a maximum speed of 1190 mph - Mach 1.8 up to 40,000 feet. Ducks and other migratory birds are capable of up to 50 mph. The Peregrine Falcon can achieve speeds of up to 200 mph in a full dive. None of these species can fly at 35,000 ft.]

One must call into question a management system that cannot provide the Minister with a verified government document within his own department that was easily obtained by a citizen using the AIA.

Regrettably - a reading of all four pages of the NORAD document submitted tells a very different story than that of the Minister’s speculations. One finds a very evocative chronology of events and log entries that reveal a peculiar encounter between two NORAD jets and three craft of unknown origin flying at or near supersonic speeds in straight and level flight. As clearly indicated in the NORAD log, the unknown crafts (flight size of 3) were able to out pace an LR-35 jet as well as elude the CF-18s. Therefore it must be presumed that the unknowns possessed a similar if not more advanced capacity to fly near or above supersonic speeds.

If the Minister had taken greater measures to locate the NORAD report he would have discovered that, in this evocative chronology of events, the CF-18s did make contact with unknowns but did not or were unable to take action.  [Log Entry Ref: page three, date index 01/09/12, time index 12:13:54 “YQQ CF18s have contact at 350’,…wm” NOTE: The three digits 3-5-0 express flight levels above 18,000 feet. In this instance 350’ means an aircraft is flying at 35,000 ft.]

If indeed contact was made, as stated by the pilots in the log, these highly trained jet aviators would have been able to easily distinguish between a flock of birds and a standard aircraft of any kind with or without a transponder. Any observation as to what the craft were, once contacted by the NORAD jets, was not in the NORAD log – although the dozens of lines redacted in this report may shed light on that which the pilots actually made contact.

If the unknown was in fact a standard aircraft the pilots would have responded according to JANAP – CIRVIS and NORAD procedures. In the face of what pilots actually did report in the NORAD ATC log - i.e. ‘have contact at 350 feet’ with the ‘unknown(s)’- procedure would dictate an interception in order to escort the craft. Since this did not occur, it can only be presumed the unknown craft eluded the CF-18s or simply - disappeared.

Most perplexing is that nowhere in the NORAD ATC log does the lead or trailing pilot state or describe what was actually seen. One would expect that once the pilot stated that – “YQQ CF-18s have contact…”, some type of description of the craft or its activity would have been made. That this did not occur appears very peculiar. The CF-18s either made contact or they did not.
In addition - if the ‘unknown(s)’ were a flock of birds as blithely suggested by Minister MacKay, he is asking members of the public to believe that a species of ornithoides is capable of flying at 35,000 feet and that this species of birds could somehow have eluded CF-18 Hornets – one of the most sophisticated jets in the NORAD arsenal.

This notion is completely irreconcilable and specious. For Minister MacKay to respond in this manner is either a hollow attempt to obfuscate facts, or it indicates he was/is totally out of the loop in gaining access to information from his deputy ministers, other officials within his own portfolio and from NORAD concerning craft of unknown origin entering Canadian airspace in an unauthorized manner. Citizens must and should expect more clarity from Ministers of the Crown.

Other matters to consider within the NORAD EVENTS STATUS REPORT
The most disconcerting aspect of this particular event seems to imply that NORAD, with the massive facilities, technologies and resources at its disposal, appears not to have been in control of Canadian airspace – at least not in this particular instance. This also raises the questions – how often do these kinds of incidents occur - that NORAD jets are scrambled to chase and unsuccessfully pursue ‘unknown tracks’ and, does this incident and others like it mean that craft of unknown origin are able to enter Canadian airspace with impunity?

The language in the lines immediately following the shocking confirmation of contact by the pilot(s) with the ‘unknown(s)’ is indecipherable due to its technical jargon - making it impossible to determine what the pilots saw as they made contact. One would – as mentioned above – expect some category of description of the alleged ‘contact’. Curiously this did not occur. (See page 3 of the NORAD log)

The line previous to the ‘YQQ CF-18s have contact’ statement by the pilot reads; “Time to target for CF-18s is 90 secs…”. This statement in the NORAD log clearly demonstrates the CF-18s were in fact pursuing and approaching something.

The following page in the NORAD log clearly indicates, in more clear language, that another aircraft – an LR-35 MEDEVAC jet made either visual or radar contact with the ‘unknown(s)’. The LR-35 jet reported that their aircraft could not ‘keep up’ with the ‘unknown(s)’. This implies intelligent control in straight and level flight by the ‘unknown(s)’ at speeds exceeding 530 mph. [The LR-35 (Lear jet) has a maximum speed of 530 mph – Mach 0.81 in straight and level flight.]

This portion of the high-speed event occurred at 35,000 feet. Only pressurized aircraft with high-tech structural design are capable of flying in this rarified flight environment – ruling out a small aircraft as well as birds. This evidence suggests the notion of an object of unknown origin under intelligent control cannot be ruled out. Ancillary documents discussed below suggest our government is concerned.

The other associated documents obtained by ZlandCommunications from Library and Archives Canada, other AIA requests and other sources – provide sobering verification and proof that Canadian officials took the matter of unidentified flying objects very seriously. Meetings, discussions and other forms of exchange validate government officials placed more than trivial priority on the matter of ‘flying saucers’. One need only read these documents to grasp our government’s involvement in developing strategies and procedures concerning this phenomenon.

Together, with the 2001 NORAD SECRET Status Events Report, these pieces of verified documentation provide converging lines of evidence that the Canadian government considered and still considers this phenomenon as real and of high interest; otherwise why would memoranda be marked ‘secret’ or ‘restricted’?

Furthermore it remains clear that these unknowns or as they are commonly called - UFOs – are elusive and possess flight capabilities enabling them to out maneuver and elude our most sophisticated aircraft.

The ZNN press release identifies documents obtained by ZlandCommunications that clearly indicate the following:
1.  A NORAD SECRET Status Events Report reveals 2 NORAD CF-18 jets were scrambled to chase three ‘UNKNOWN TRACKS’ in 2001 out of COMOX AF Base BC. Contact by one or more of the NORAD CF-18s was confirmed.

2. In the same report an LR-35 MEDICAL EVACUATION jet out of Anchorage Alaska apparently indicated contact of some kind and that their aircraft could not keep up with the ‘UNKNOWN TRACKS’.  (See NORAD SECRET Status Events Report in press release.)

3. Ancillary Documentation: Three other specific documents obtained by ZNN clearly indicate that Canadian Joint Intelligence Committees and a Senior Radio Engineer from Transport Canada were concerned about and exchanged correspondence that discussed UFOs (flying saucers). Links to these documents are provided in the ZNN press release and at the end of this document – *page 18.

One such memo from the Defense Research Board describes how plans were to be made should a UFO land on Canadian soil. Yet another to the Joint Intelligence Committee outlines how the RCAF would follow the lead of the US Air Force in keeping information about UFOs away from the public.

A third document reveals Canadian officials were concerned enough about the UFO matter to send a Senior Radio Engineer from the Dept. of Transport to Washington DC. The stunning results of this official’s inquiries are summarized in a three-page letter. Meetings with Washington DC and Canadian Embassy officials, among other details, uncovered serious and dramatic US government findings on UFOs: "Flying saucers exist… The matter is the most highly classified subject… rating higher than the H-bomb.”? (See Wilbert Smith Memo p.2)

NB. Pursuant to the government’s own documentation as revealed by ZNN, it is now incumbent upon elected representatives to review evidence residing within their own government archives and respond in a thorough manner to the unacknowledged issues raised by its own catalogued and certified data.

Therefore, we respectfully request the Minister of Defence to respond in writing to the questions below. We would also request a response from the Leader of the Opposition the Hon. Thomas Mulcair, the Leader of the Liberal Party Mr. Justin Trudeau, and as well, a response from the Hon. Charles Sousa whom I have previously briefed on matters related to this issue on February 9, 2009 at his constituency office in Mississauga Ontario Canada.

For the Minister of National Defence - The Hon. Rob Nicholson:
1. How often are you, as Minister of Defence, informed or briefed by NORAD officials about Canadian jets being scrambled from any Canadian Air Force base or NORAD to pursue craft of unknown origin within Canadian airspace?

2. a) Have you or to your knowledge, have previous Ministers of Defence or the Prime Minister ever been briefed on the UFO matter? b) Have you or the Prime Minister ever been directed by anyone - including officials holding positions of authority in Canadian or American military or intelligence agencies - not to discuss or answer questions publicly or in the House of Commons on matters concerning unidentified flying objects/UFOs or the possibility of their extraterrestrial origins?

3. Have discussions or correspondence arisen in Cabinet, among you and the Prime Minister, officials in the Canadian Armed Forces, CSIS, the RCMP or CSEC?

4. If the government’s position is that no scientific evidence exists to prove UFOs are real and possibly under intelligent control, why then do the government and the DND classify and mark documents as ‘secret’ and continue to remain unresponsive in public to and entirely silent on the UFO matter? Please clearly state the position and policy of the government and the DND on unidentified flying objects.

6. What is your response to, and assessment of the memorandum penned by a representative of the Canadian Department of Transportation to his superiors; and specifically the statements: "Flying saucers exist… The matter is the most highly classified subject… rating higher than the H-bomb.”? (See Wilbert Smith Memo p.2)

7. Please provide ZlandCommunications with a yearly or monthly estimate of the regularity with which Canadian jets are scrambled to pursue ‘unknown tracks’ or non-correlated targets within Canadian airspace.

8. What is your appraisal of: a) the Aug 4, 1950 memo on “Flying Saucers” by GS Austin to follow USAF policy to‘playdown’ UFOs, b) the April 19, 1950 memo by AJG Langley to make plans should a flying saucer land on Canadian soil, c) will you respond to questions about these memos in the House and from the Press?

9. ZNN respectfully requests that you investigate and assess the NORAD SECRET Status Events Report 2001. Please send us the entire results of your investigation within a reasonable amount of time. Please include all results you may obtain referring to log entries on page 3, date index 01/09/12 - time index 12:13:54, regarding CONTACT made by the scrambled jets [ “YQQ CF18s have contact at 350’,…wm”]

10. Minister Nicholson, based on the documentation in this brief and in the government’s own files, will you establish a Parliamentary Committee to investigate and call witnesses concerning all available documentation on the historical and current involvement of Canadian military and intelligence agencies and other government departments in the matter of unidentified flying objects? If so, how and when will you proceed; if not, why not?
Thank you most sincerely for taking the time to read and respond in person to our enquiries in writing.

For The Hon. Thomas Mulcair - Leader of the Opposition
1. How often are you informed of, or briefed by NORAD or other government officials about Canadian jets being scrambled from any Canadian Air Force base to pursue craft of unknown origin over Canadian airspace?

2. Are you prepared to raise these issues by asking the Min. of Defence and the Prime Minister the same and additional questions - as stated above to the Min. of Defence the Hon. Rob Nicholson by ZNN on the floor during Question Period? If, yes how will you proceed? If, no – why not? With due respect, will you inform ZlandCommunications in advance of the timing and scheduling of such questions?

 3. After due consideration of the NORAD SECRET Status Events Report - what is your personal reaction and objective professional assessment as a solicitor to each of the following: a) The NORAD Secret Status report log, and, b) The remaining documents contained in the ZNN press release?

4. Do you wish to be briefed on the documentation regarding the UFO issue both as catalogued among the 9500 files in the Library and Archives Canada repository, as well as those documents residing in international research files emanating from France, Brazil, Peru, the UK, Denmark and other G20 countries? If yes, how shall we proceed? If no – why not?

5. As a respected solicitor – we ask that you render your opinion to us on the following claim: The level of secrecy employed by the Canadian government about the UFO matter is unjust based on the following facts: The evidence provided by the government’s own publicly released files including the 9500 files on the UFO matter contained in Library and Archives Canada may provide sufficient and legal grounds upon which to pursue this matter through the Department of Justice or the courts to establish Canadians in fact have the democratic right to know the truth about the UFO matter and; whether their government is entitled de facto to use authority and unwarranted secrecy to conceal this free knowledge from the people.

6. Will you personally call for a Parliamentary committee or establish a committee within your own caucus - to investigate the historical and current involvement of the Canadian government - its military and intelligence agencies in the management of the matter of unidentified flying objects as portrayed by the 9500 UFO files and other documentation that can be provided by ZNN?

ZNN would be pleased to answer and consult with you on any questions you may have on this significant issue. Thank you most sincerely for taking the time to read and respond in person to our enquiries in writing.

For Justin Trudeau - Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada
1. What is your reaction and response to the NORAD SECRET Status Events Report and other memoranda and documents submitted in the ZNN press release?

2. Are you prepared to raise these issues by asking the Min. of Defence and the Prime Minister the same and additional questions - as stated above to the Min. of Defence, the Hon. Ron Nicholson by ZNN, on the floor during Question Period? If yes, how will you proceed? If, no – why not? With respect, will you inform ZlandCommunications in advance of the timing and scheduling of such questions?

3. After due consideration of the NORAD SECRET Status Events Report 2001 - what is your personal reaction to and objective professional assessment of each of the following: a) The NORAD Secret Status report, and; b) The remaining documents contained in the ZNN press release?

4. Do you wish to be briefed further on the substantial documentation that is available regarding the UFO issue, both as catalogued among the 9500 files in the Library and Archives Canada repository, as well as those documents residing in international research files emanating from and that have been released by, France - Brazil - Peru - the UK, Denmark and other G20 countries? If, yes how shall we proceed? If, no – why not?

5. Will you call for a Parliamentary committee or establish a committee within your own caucus - to investigate the historical and current involvement of the Canadian government - its military and intelligence agencies in the management of the matter of unidentified flying objects as portrayed by the 9500 UFO files and other documentation that can be provided by ZNN and other Canadian researchers?

ZNN would be pleased to answer and consult with you on any questions you may have on this very significant issue. Thank you most sincerely for taking the time to read and respond in person to our enquiries in writing.

For the Hon. Charles Sousa – Minister of Finance - MPP Mississauga South
1. Will you share the briefing document with members of your caucus, the Minister of Energy in Ontario, Mr. Mulcair and the Min. of National Defence that I provided for you at our February 9, 2009 meeting at your constituency office, during which we discussed issues related to the matter in question?

2. After due consideration of the NORAD SECRET Status Events Report 2001 - what is your personal reaction to, and objective professional assessment of, each of the following: a) The NORAD Secret Status report, and b) The remaining documents contained in the ZNN press release?

I would be pleased to again meet with you regarding this unfolding matter. Thank you most sincerely for taking the time to read and respond in person in writing to our enquiries.
Question to all aforementioned Members of Parliament: Do you agree or disagree the knowledge that UFOs are real and that they may have off-world origins - should be freely available and accessible to all Canadians?
ZlandCommunications possesses a large compendium of Canadian documentation, which validates the involvement of the RCMP, other Ministers of Defence as well as other agencies and government departments in the matter of unidentified flying objects. All are available to MPs and the Press upon request. One fine example of documentation confirming government involvement appears in a routine yet powerful 3-page memo indicating possible extraterrestrial origins of UFOs was on the agenda at one or more formal meetings of the Defence Research Board.

Other substantive and unacknowledged background information
Notwithstanding the authority, influence and expertise of most elected officials, it is commonly acknowledged that, for the most part, those elected who represent citizens in Parliament are completely uninformed about and are prejudicially kept “out of the loop”, concerning the matters discussed in this briefing document.  Political figures are quite often the last to find out about, comprehend and internalize what the masses have known all along. This is a focus of change.

Secondly, the UFO phenomenon has been the target of a 65 year-old campaign of ridicule and disparagement by the US Air Force, the US government and US media. Canada – according to the documents in our press release – followed suit. Suffering from this well orchestrated derision – the UFO matter has never been taken seriously – until now.

Why? Fear of the unknown nature of the UFO/Extraterrestrial hypothesis has driven this issue underground – morphing it into a conspiracy-laden subject with no credibility – no discussion and one that has become the butt of yarns and jokes among an uninformed media and its indolent public.

Thirdly, government and media have contiguously rejected and refused to discuss the real data, real witness testimony and verified documents concerning this matter as well as the ever-increasing number of UFO sightings throughout the planet. This information despite these restrictions exists and has gradually allowed the UFO issue to claim a certain notoriety. The NORAD log and the associated Canadian documents discussed in this brief are only a small part of the world-wide upsurge in the expression of what is occurring in our skies - strengthening the credibility of this indisputable evidentiary material. Here are some examples.

NUFORC – The National UFO Reporting Center in Washington State has catalogued over 5700 UFO sightings in 2013 alone. It is estimated by PSI that some 150 million people have seen a UFO since 1947. The Canadian UFO Report says Canadians reported just under 2000 UFO sightings in 2012. CNN reports that 80% of the American public believes the US government is hiding information on UFOs and their possible extraterrestrial origin. This data is a fraction of international records. Space constraints do not permit the vast military data to be included. As indicated above, these documents are available upon request.

The dissemination of UFO information is a highly restricted commodity. Granted, some files have indeed been released by governments however – they are merely ‘dumped’ into the public domain with no clarification or comment by the government bureaucrats who issue them. From 2008 to 2011 the UK released over 12,000 files – none of which produced a scintilla of political effusion. A substantial global Internet buzz did occur however it did not translate into any political action or questions within the UK government or substantial mainstream press coverage.

To achieve a more definitive understanding of this aberration and why and how documents are kept from the public – you are invited to review the well recognized Edward Taus CIA document, entitled ‘Flying Saucers’ - item 3 - outlining how the CIA planned to manage all details of the UFO matter by keeping government interest and concern about UFOs out of the press and away from public scrutiny. Another strong indicator of how this issue was managed is a spectacular FBI memo captioned ‘Flying Disks’ and a handwritten note penned by J. Edgar Hoover. Both obtained through a US FOIA request. The memo reviews Hoover’s note in the first paragraph. It then discusses how disks recovered by the Army Air Corps would be made available to the FBI for examination. Flying Disks MemoHoover’s Note.

However – the current public exposé and disclosure of these kinds of powerful documents along with those included in this brief and the many thousands of others run counter to government obfuscation and media ridicule. FACT: Documented evidence confirm UFOs do exist and they are of real concern to the government – proving with no unequivocally the UFO issue has indeed been discussed, analyze, politicized and sequestered at the highest levels of governance on the planet.

The many international encounters of UFOs cited by pilots, police, military personnel and citizens and the wide variety of documents and witness testimony involving unidentified flying objects – are moreover, ignored and relegated to the realm of myth, falsehoods, hoaxes and nonsense. Nothing could be further from the truth, as demonstrated by the finest example possible - the country of France.

France ranks high among countries throughout the globe that seek more government transparency on the matter of unidentified flying objects. France has distinguished itself by publishing the remarkable COMETA REPORT (UFOs and Defense: What should we prepare for?)

Officials from the French Air Force, astronomers and ranking military and police officials made up the investigative committee. To date the COMETA REPORT is the most thorough international investigation into the UFO matter.

The over-all impact of this report and its findings have led the way to a more open international dialogue on the matter of unidentified flying objects. But again – no mainstream press coverage. For your consideration a brief overview of this report is available at: The text of this report is available on line at:

The COMETA report because of its scientific base has established a new standard of credibility and a renewed era of openness and transparency on the UFO matter. It would be an essential element in any investigation by Canada and the Press. The Canadian media must examine this matter publicly. It is also time for the Canadian government to step forward and provide the public with an official public examination of this issue. This matter belongs to the people - not the government.

Summary Comments
It is of no surprise whatsoever that to some, if not all elected officials, the military and intelligence communities in Canada as well as in other G-20 countries are not responsive to, nor do they have any motivation to address, disclose or clarify this highly contentious political issue. This situation has unfolded because of wide spread obfuscation, secrecy, silence and the use of tactics known as compartmentalization and plausible deniability concerning the UFO matter among high ranking intelligence and government officials for over 65 years.

Little doubt exists as to why, you as an elected official or as a member of the press who may read this brief, may consider the UFO matter preposterous. Essentially the matter has been manipulated and disfigured beyond recognition by decades of ridicule. This brief is an attempt to reconcile this disfigurement and put our government and the fifth estate on the road to acknowledgement and action.

It is not necessarily the fault of elected officials that they possess little or no knowledge of what has been occurring in our skies. Most, simply have not been attentive to the decades-long investigations into the substantive documentation available by former military personnel, former government employees and independent researchers – most of whom during their careers may have been part of the machinery to keep this information from the public and elected officials.

While politicians and the media were consumed by planning how to manage WW II, the Cold War, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the race to the Moon, the JFK assassination, the fall of Communism, the Berlin Wall, 911, Iraq and Iran, terrorists and a myriad of financial and political crises - between and among these events, a well orchestrated machinery engineered and precluded any serious mention or possibility of the UFO issue emerging as the third rail of US or Canadian politics.

In the midst of global disasters, financial collapses and cyclic eras of war - craft of unknown origin have proliferated - seen by citizens and military pilots, tracked on radar and identified as unknowns - coming and going in our airspace with impunity for decades. NORAD has witnessed it, the Belgian military has witnessed it, US Air Force pilots have witnessed it. How much longer can this matter be ignored?

The major flaw in any statement by government officials that UFOs do not exist or are not a threat to national security is that the matter has never been investigated in order to justify such a statement.

This is revealed in a statement by the highest-ranking intelligence official in the US - a Navy Admiral who was mindful and fully aware of the UFO issue. No better example exists that confirms officials behind the scenes knew something peculiar was going on. Military officials of rank in the 1950s and 60s were in fact keenly aware of the UFO problem. In no way did they considered the UFO matter preposterous, but that it was indeed a matter of grave trepidation and uncertainty – primarily because at that time – other than a highly select level within the military and intelligence community - few really understood or knew about what was actually occurring. Eventually a few brave individuals began to speak out.

After several years of avoiding the UFO issue, the highest-ranking intelligence officer on the planet – the first director of the CIA, Navy Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter - broke his silence. He stated in the New York Times - Feb 27 1960:
“It is time for the truth to be brought out...  Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense... I urge immediate Congressional action to reduce the dangers from secrecy about Unidentified Flying Objects...”

Decades later in 2002 John Podesta former Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton stated at The National Press Club in Washington DC:

“I think it's time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark on the question of government investigations of UFOs. It's time to find out what the truth really is that's out there. We ought to do it because it's right, we ought to do it because the American people, quite frankly, can handle the truth and we ought to do it because it's the law.”

We trust that Canada – its strong media and proud government will assume a bold responsive leadership role in North America with respect to the questions raised in this document – questions of substantial gravity and unremitting global apprehension. We are at an impasse; the secrecy and silence must come to an end. Each of the signatories to this brief is profoundly convinced that a dialogue among the Government, the Electorate and the Press is fundamental to bridging this issue with the social contract that currently exists among these three parties  – it is the only way a resolution to the current impasse can and will be achieved.

From a political, legal and journalistic perspective – little more needs to be said other than: “Constitutionally, government has always been given the right to keep secrets – but it has never been given the right to lie to its people.”

To Elected Representatives: We trust that this matter will be addressed and that you will respond responsibly to our questions in a serious and timely manner. We hope your genuine and personal consideration of this matter will prompt the next stage in the process to determine what authentic steps may be forthcoming to bring about clarity and transparency to this matter – a matter that has historically been relegated to ridicule, secrecy and silence by both elected government officials and those in the military and intelligence communities. This must change.

To Members of the Press: It is time to take over the job that UFO researchers have been doing for you for over 65 years. Researchers have amassed enormous tomes of documentation that - in a court of law would produce a conviction - scilicet. This documentation is readily available. The next step is yours.

We the undersigned look forward to your timely response.

Sincere Regards
Victor Viggiani M.Ed.
News Director ZlandCommunications
Mailing Address:
582 Drymen Cres.
Mississauga ON L5G 2P1
Tel: (R) 905.278.1238
(MP Stella Ambler - Mississauga South)

The Honourable Paul T. Hellyer
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and former Minister of National Defence Toronto Ontario Canada (MP Olivia Chow – Trinity-Spadina, Torotno ON)

Stanton T. Friedman MSc
Nuclear Physicist Fredericton NB
 (MP The Hon. Keith Ashfield- Fredericton NB)

Doug Fremont M.Ed. Mississauga ON (MP Eve Adams-Mississauga Brampton)

Richard Syrett – Radio/TV Broadcaster – Thornhill ON (MP – The Hon. Peter Kent - Thornhill ON)

Christopher John Russak - Toronto ON (MP Ted Opitz - Etobicoke Center)

Donald Robb - Caledon ON
(MP David Tilson - Caledon ON)

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