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April 23, 2023

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Toronto [ZNN] As reported by the LIBERATION TIMES and the Paradigm Research Group (PRG), new hearings on UFO/UAP are taking place on April 19. 

However, there appear to be several obstacles in the way. 

As has always been the case, disjointed US political affairs and intelligence obfuscation appear destined to limit and perhaps destroy the success of any reasoned approach to full UAP disclosure.  

COMMENT - It appears the keepers of secrecy are again stirring their cauldron of deceit and mendacity to deny the public the truth behind the UAP reality and its off-world origins.

Watch the hearing.

How out of touch lawmakers and AARO really are. 

For now - those interested in grounding themselves and staying alert and informed, you are urged to read the latest report on this breaking news from THE LIBERATION TIMES at:


ZNN will continue to follow and provide updates on this crucial matter.


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US Senator Kristen Gillibrand

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Thursday, April 6, 2023




6 APRIL 2023

Bill Clinton Returns to Ireland 
Does Ryan still want to know about Roswell?

President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodman Clinton and U.S. President Joe Biden will visit Belfast Northern Ireland on April 11 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Ireland. According to one of Ireland’s leading UFO research experts the crash near Roswell New Mexico may also be on the trip’s agenda.

Toronto [ZNN] During Bill Clinton’s 1995 diplomatic visit to Belfast, the former President delivered a momentous speech in which Clinton read a letter he received from a young boy named Ryan, who had asked him about what he knew regarding stories of a UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico.

Clinton and Ryan's letter

Although Clinton did not come to talk about UFOs, in front of his Belfast audience Clinton startled the audience when he said to Ryan, “No, as far as I know, an alien spacecraft did not crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.” But he then added, to the delight of his audience,"...and Ryan, if the United States Air Force did recover alien bodies, they didn’t tell me about it either, and I want to know.”

Hillary and Biden on UFOs

It has been well-documented that Hillary Clinton has been involved in pursuing transparency on the UFO/UAP issue. President Joe Biden has also signed legislation into law that requires an annual report and semiannual briefings for Congress on all UAP/UFO incidents.

Irish UFO researcher expert speaks out 

Bill Clinton’s visit to Ireland now raises the question - Does Ryan - now 25 years older - still want to know what more Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and even President Joe Biden have found out about Roswell and UFOs?

This is the question Chris Gaffney, a UFO research expert and Ireland’s Deputy Representative for ICER - the International Coalition on Extraterrestrial Research wants an answer to. In fact, Gaffney has reached out to the Clintons calling upon them to address developments on the UFO issue while they are in Ireland.

ZlandCommunications, in conversation with Chris Gaffney has learned that along with Biden having signed into law UAP legislation, Gaffney wants Irish journalists to remind President Biden during any scheduled press conferences that his Irish heritage as well as Clinton’s memorable references to the Roswell crash could play a significant role in establishing a mature conversation on the UFO/UAP topic while he is in Ireland.

After acknowledging the dramatic series of U.S. Pentagon UAP disclosures in 2017, Chris Gaffney went on to say, "I urge the Irish press to ask former President Clinton whether or not he has learned any more about UFOs and Roswell since he left office in 2001. I am certain Ryan still wants to know.”

Will Clinton talk about Roswell again in Ireland?

Watch Bill Clinton’s 1995 answer to Ryan’s question 

about the Roswell crash HERE.

Journalists interested in specific details on Chris Gaffney’s initiative are invited to contact him at:

Journalists are also invited to contact ZlandCommunications at 

This press release will be updated as news unfolds.


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Monday, March 27, 2023

Canada's POST MEDIA covers UAP shutdowns of U.S. ICBM missiles

"Nearly six decades after seminal Montana UFO incidents, US military vets brief Pentagon"

Media Alert
April 27, 2023

Breaking News

'When I saw it, my mind was blown . . . 

I didn't believe in UFOs when I was growing up.' U.S. military vet.

Toronto [ZNN] In a ground-breaking Canadian media article, POST MEDIA's Calgary Herald explicitly describes events surrounding how two United States military veterans experienced UFOs (UAP) that tampered with and shut down American Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles - ICBMs. 

The POST MEDIA article also breaks the mold on UFO reporting.

Following several conversations with POST MEDIA journalist Bill Kaufmann, ZlandCommunications provided Post Media with contact information for two of the military veterans - Captain Robert Salas (USAF Ret.) and Dr. Robert Jacobs (US Navy Ret.) Both Salas and Jacobs were subsequently interviewed by POST MEDIA journalist Bill Kaufmann. 

ZlandCommunications is Canada's only news service covering the disclosure of the UFO/UAP issue. ZNN considers this coverage by POST MEDIA as a clear indication of a substantial and transformational change in media perspective on the UFO/UAP matter. 

As one source explained to ZNN, "This article identifies U.S. veterans as whistler-blowers who are not only calling-out the highly orchestrated levels of systemic secrecy within the U.S. military, but it also challenges a U.S. government intelligence agency - AARO - to deal with the truth imbedded in 70 years of secrecy, lies and silence."

The ZNN source went on to say, "This transformational change in coverage by Post Media has highlighted the need to do away with the tiresome and monotonously pointless parade of UFO sighting reports relied upon by some journalists and UFO researchers to dumb down and dismiss the intellectual level of acuity required to understand the complex nature of this issue. The reality is, so-called modern science has proven to be totally perplexed by and incapable of addressing this issue.”

On a geo-political note, it is beyond necessary and fundamental to ask - If the U.S. military were to ever to publicly acknowledge their nuclear arsenal or major portions of it - have been compromised by craft of unknown origin - how will the NATO alliance and other international allies and adversaries react to such a tactically detrimental and globally destabilizing admission? 

On a political note it is necessary to indicate that in the article, Bill Kaufmann carefully outlines how a certain Canadian Member of Parliament and a Canadian Deputy Cabinet Minster have approached the issue of UAP. 

In addition to interviewing Salas and Jacobs, Kaufmann also describes his communication with the US Pentagon's Susan Gough, Spokesperson at the U.S Department of Defense. 

Furthermore, the POST MEDIA article in question is strategic. It is the first attempt by any Canadian news outlet to comprehensively report on firsthand testimony by U.S. military witnesses. 

The testimony is well-documented by affidavits that describe in detail unauthorized UAP incursions over American nuclear launch facilities and the destruction of an ICBM test warhead missile in 1964 by a UFO.

In addition to the vivid descriptions of their actual experiences with UFOs and ICBMs, Salas and Jacobs went into detail with Kaufmann about how they were contacted and interviewed by AARO (the All-Domain Anomalous Resolution Office) in Washington DC. Both interviews were between 45 minutes and two hours.
"Just moments before the systems failure, a non-commissioned security officer on the surface made a series of increasingly frenzied phone calls to Salas, describing an oval-shaped form within pulsating, glowing orange-red lights hovering over the installation."
The role of AARO has been mandated by the US Defence Department's Deputy Secretary of Defence Ms. Kathleen Hicks - in co-ordination with the ODNI - the Office of the Director of National Intelligence - Avril Haines - to detect and identify objects of interest in, on or near US military installations. 

Other than some cursory coverage of ICBM UFO incidents, no other U.S. media outlet has gone as far as Canada's POST MEDIA to describe these incidents and how veterans like Salas and Jacobs were called upon to give their testimony to AARO.

“It is a milestone for me because I have never told my story to a government office,” he said, adding the AARO official seemed receptive and appreciative." (R. Jacobs)

Watch video testimony by Dr. Robert Jacobs 
US Navy (Ret.) - HERE

ZlandCommunications will continue to monitor and update this situation as more U.S. military veterans are scheduled to be interviewed. It will be of interest to see how other Canadian media outlets decide to cover this issue. 

In Other News
ZlandCommunications will soon be airing a special production interview with Dr. Robert Jacobs on the FILES OF THE DISCLOSURE AGENCY


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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Former Military Officer Testifies before US Agency about UFO ICBM Shutdown Incidents



UPDATED Monday March 6, 2023*

"UAP Witness Testimony of 1967 Malmstrom AFB UFO Incidents Reported to DOD UAP Office"

February 27, 2023, 19:53 GMT

Toronto [ZNN] In a press release posted by 
Robert Salas USAF (Ret.), ZlandCommunications has learned that Robert Salas has provided specific details about the witness testimony he gave to the All-Domain Resolution Office (AARO).

"Retired Air Force Officer Robert Salas announces that he has provided testimony to the U.S. DOD All-Domain Resolution Office (AARO) as a witness to the 1967 Malmstrom AFB UAP incidents at nuclear missile sites."

Captain Salas goes on to state:
"The report of this testimony is expected to be presented to Congressional offices. Under the newly signed FY23 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), providing such testimony to AARO is considered by law to be an 'Authorized Disclosure'”

Here's Where It All Started
Washington DC National Press Club*
Press Conference 27 September 2010
"Declassified US government documents and witness testimony... confirm beyond any doubt the reality of ongoing UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites."
Robert Hastings 
Press Conference Co-ordinator

to view the live and unedited 
Press Conference Video

What is AARO?
Read the press by Robert Salas USAF (Ret.) 
click on: 
Captain Salas can be contacted at:

ZlandCommunications will update this media alert 
as details continue to unfold.

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Monday, February 27, 2023

"The All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) Receives Testimony of Interference by UAP with Nuclear Missiles"

B R E A K I N G  N E W S

Media Alert

"UAP Witness Testimony of 1967 Malmstrom AFB UFO Incidents Reported to DOD UAP Office"

February 27, 2023, 19:53 GMT

UPDATED May 12, 2023

Toronto [ZNN] In a press release just posted by 
Robert Salas USAF (Ret.), ZlandCommunications has learned that Robert Salas has provided specific details about the witness testimony he gave to the All-Domain Resolution Office (AARO).

"Retired Air Force Officer Robert Salas announces that he has provided testimony to the U.S. DOD All-Domain Resolution Office (AARO) as a witness to the 1967 Malmstrom AFB UAP incidents at nuclear missile sites."

Captain Salas goes on to state in his press release:
"The report of this testimony is expected to be presented to Congressional offices. Under the newly  popsigned FY23 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), providing such testimony to AARO is considered by law to be an 'Authorized Disclosure'”

To read the entire press release posted by Robert Salas USAF (Ret.) click on: 

Captain Salas can be contacted at:

What is AARO?

Update - May 12, 2023
More former US military UAP testimony

ZlandCommunications will update this media alert as details unfold.

Journalists and members of SKY PROJECT CANADA study are urged to contact ZNN.


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Friday, February 17, 2023

Spy Balloons - A Gateway to UFOs Shutting Down US ICBM Missiles?



This News Alert was first published on December 28, 2022. 

Updated Sunday February 19, 2023 at 12:00 Noon EST

Call from AARO to testify - Two months before spy balloons soared across the US and Canada, Captain Robert Salas posted this:

BACKGROUND “I have recently been contacted by an intermediary to provide testimony on the 1967 Malmstrom AFB UFO incidents to the All-Domain Anomalous Resolution Office (AARO). I have also participated in providing names of other witnesses to NUKES-UFO incidents. Hopefully, this request will eventually result in public congressional hearings on this important topic. I and many others have been active in jdisclosures of these incidents over the span of 27 years! It is finally getting the attention from Congress it deserves.” 

AARO Interviews 'UFOs and Nukes' Witnesses
Author Researcher Robert Hastings is contacted by All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO)

Toronto [ZNN] As many researchers have argued and continued to maintain; if the U.S. intelligence community investigates ICBM missile shutdowns by UFOs, they will realize something that deep insiders have known for decades.

American government officials will have no other alternative but to confront an off-world explanation after this spate of balloon bait has run its course in the news cycle. It's time to start talking about UFOs and Nukes.

"Sir, there's one hovering outside the front gate! 
It's just sitting there.
[Top side Non-Commissoned Security Officer 
calls Capt. Robert Salas]
Captain Robert Salas USAF (Ret.), as a firsthand witness to the shutdown of multiple nuclear missiles during the early morning hours of March 16, 1967, he has lead the charge to identify a ground-level encounter with a UFO as one of the most significant events in modern US military history. 

From threats to keep US Air Force servicemen silent, and an inconclusive Boeing investigation to multiple affidavits by launch commanders attesting to the tampering with ICBM missiles by UFOs, Salas has seen and heard it all.  

report written by Jim Klotz and Captain Robert Salas outlines in frightening detail what happened to US Air Force Strategic Air Command Missile Combat Officers in March of 1967. 

Could news about UFOs shutting down US ICBM missiles lead to more chaos at the White House?
Pandemonium in the White House Press Room
By now most are aware that President Joe Biden presented a February 16 speech in the White House press room. The speech was designed to address the Chinese spy balloon series of events. Biden's attempt to calm the waters by telling the American people and the international community that everything is under control ended in an uproar.

The final verdict on President Biden's calming of the waters address will be determined when the White House spin on Chinese spy balloons explodes into a cyclone causing another press room shouting match not about spy balloons - but about ICBMs and UFOs. Biden does not seem to have positioned himself well to calm those looming waters.

In a statement from a ZNN source who has been in touch with Pentagon media relations the source told ZNN:

"President Biden’s attempt to clarify the current situation concerning objects over the continental United States and Canada should be respected. 
His role here is to appear in touch with events, to explain America’s position and activities thus far and most importantly, to keep diplomatic channels open with China. 
The US and China cannot afford to allow balloons to trigger further international tensions. Fair enough - but it’s not enough."

The source went on to say: "From a tactical and political perspective, President Biden’s assessment is less than adequate to address the real conversation - both militarily and politically within the White House and the Pentagon.  
The thesis that the Pentagon and perhaps a whole slew of US officials know and have known about UFOs tampering with ICBM missiles decades ago appears to be rumbling ominously underground - waiting to be unearthed. Captain Robert Salas and other UASF veterans may be the excavators. The AARO wants to speak with Salas because he knows the truth for no other reason than he was there. It seems quite possible President Biden may soon have more on his hands than keeping the peace with China and bursting spy balloons with neighbouring Canada."


For copies of Captain Salas' signed affidavit about the Malmstrom AFB incident and the signed affidavits of other ICBM launch commanders - use the contact details below. 

Listen to Capt. Salas' testimony at the 2013 CITIZEN HEARING ON DISCLOSURE 
Watch HERE
Hearing in the House

Watch House of Representatives Rep. Mike Gallagher as he questions a dumb-founded Ronald Moultrie - Defence Under Secretary for Intelligence and Security and Scott Bray - US Naval Intelligence Deputy Director at the Congressional inquiry about the red orb that was sighted over Malmstrom AFB as 6 to 8 nuclear ICBMs were rendered inoperable. Watch HERE

Watch President Biden's address - HERE

[This news alert will be updated as more details become known.]
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Sunday, February 12, 2023


With no Shots Fired

A ZlandCommunications 

NewsNetwork Report

February 15, 2023*

Even though still shrouded within a comfortable cocoon of disbelief, it’s a good thing that a growing number of Canadian journalists are beginning to pay closer attention to the UFO phenomenon.

A form of perfunctory skepticism among most journalists remains tethered to Chinese balloons and a foreign policy lacking in quality following the Canadian Prime Minister’s order to a General to shoot first and ask questions later. 

One cannot be blamed for believing trigger happiness among Wild West jet pilots still reigns.

A dramatic and unpublicized UAP encounter 12 years ago in the northwestern skies over Canada could be a model of discipline for pilots and Prime Ministers.

If a high altitude encounter in 2012 at 35,000 feet between two Canadian NORAD jets and three unknown craft is examined with more precision than doubt, UAP skepticism might become less perfunctory and tethered more tightly to reality. 

As strange as it sounds - this has happened before - some 11 years ago in Canadian airspace.

Yes, Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada may have made it OK for a Canadian general to issue a command to his NORAD jet-jockeys to shoot down a balloon flying in Canadian airspace. 

The best shot apparently won. 

And yes the “unidentified flying object” was blasted to pieces - with fragments landing on Canadian soil.

Setting that aside one must wonder - Is it the policy of the Canadian government when encountering craft of unknown composition to shoot first and ask questions days after several tomorrows?

Looks like it today. But, in fact it was very different 11 years ago.

A NORAD document entitled NORAD STATUS AND EVENTS uncovered by the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork (ZNN) tells a different story. The document unquestionably verifies this situation was managed very differently in 2012; no shoot down order was issued by anyone at NORAD or in Ottawa. 


In 2012 two NORAD CF-18s were scrambled out of COMOX AFB (YQQ) British Columbia Canada to chase and intercept three UFOs - non-correlated targets or unknown tracks as they’re called by NORAD. They flew unchallenged well into Canadian airspace.

The Access to Information request filed by the Zlandcommunications NewsNetwork with the Canadian Department of Defence reveals just how it all happened. 

A four page Air Traffic Control (ATC) log obtained by ZNN outlines - line by line - the actions taken by Canadian NORAD pilots. It should also be noted that the dozens of redactions illustrate the high level of secrecy and sensitivity in play within NORAD at that time… and perhaps today.

A reading of the NORAD AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL LOG document tells a very different story than the one that transpired after Prime Minster Trudeau gave the order to shoot down a spy balloon at 40,000 feet on Saturday February 11, 2023. 


CF-18 Pilot to Air Traffic Control 

"CF18s have contact..."

An evocative chronology of events illustrates in minute detail reveals the dramatic encounter between two NORAD CF-18 jets and three craft of unknown origin flying in Canadian airspace. 

As clearly indicated in this log, the unknown craft was composed of a flight size of three. These craft were able to out pace with ease an LR-35 jet as well as elude NORAD CF-18s - at least, until contact was made.

LR-35 Medical Evacuation Pilot 

to Air Traffic Control 

"[We] could not keep up with them..." 

ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork is in possession of official Access to Information documents that verify and clearly indicate the following:

1.  A NORAD SECRET Status Events Report reveals 2 NORAD CF-18 jets were scrambled to chase three ‘UNKNOWN TRACKS’ in 2012 out of COMOX AF Base British Columbia Canada. 

2. Contact with an object by one or more of the NORAD CF-18s was confirmed in the ATC log.

3. In the same report an LR-35 MEDICAL EVACUATION jet out of Anchorage Alaska indicated visual contact with the ‘UNKNOWN TRACKS’. 



approximately 20 to 25 minutes.

NORAD Air Traffic Control Log Page 89

The Chase Starts

Here is how several of the relevant sections of the Air Traffic Control Log read to describe NORAD CF-18s activities during the encounter:

  • 01/09/12 11:54:56 *** Vancouver center advises that track Z150 is visual on 3 unknowns
  • 01/09/12 11:55:28 *** 2 x CF18 out of YQQ were scrambled at 1146z on unknown track - flight size of 3 
  • 01/09/12 12:13:13 *** Time to target for CF18s is 90 secs 

  • 01/09/12 12:13:54 *** YQQ CF18s have contact at 350’ [35,000 ft]

  • 01/09/12 12:21:14 *** TARGET IS IN DECENT TO 24,000 TO WHITBY ISL…


Pages 87 through 90

PAGE 87 - PAGE 88 - PAGE 89 - PAGE 90

In addition to mega redactions in the ATC log, no indication has ever been released as to what occurred when and after the CF-18(s) ‘made contact’ with the unknown or unknowns. 

  • Were they shot at? 
  • Was gun camera footage taken? 
  • Were the pilots or their craft exposed to any effects that would have disabled or otherwise affect their avionics? 
  • How, where and when were the pilots debriefed following the event? 
  • Were records of this event ever provided to the Canadian Department of Defence, the Prime Minister of Canada and Minister of Defence?

It is quite likely we’ll never know the answers to these questions - much like answers to why Canada shot first and will probably not answer later.

Seems like that’s the way our government treats UFOs in the Wild West of Canada today.


Journalists interested in further information about the NORAD documents and the additional 100 pages acquired by ZlandCommunications from the Department of National Defence on this matter are invited to contact ZNN. 

This report will be updated.



Titan ICBM in Silo





Is the Pentagon paying attention to this?

Former USAF Officers to present evidence of UFOs Tampering with Nuclear Weapons

The answers is YES... 
And we have the audio recording to prove it. 
Watch for the next ZNN Statement


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