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"What Was the Kona Blue program, and does it mean UFOs exist?"

Toronto [ZNN] The news world is buzzing as U.S. Homeland Security officials release the biggest revelation yet on a U.S. Government Proposed Program on UAP (Advanced AerospaceVehicles)

Government confirmed a proposed program to reverse engineer UFOs

  • It was scrapped when no alien technology was found
  • The Pentagon continues to maintain there is no evidence of alien life
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Read the KONA BLUE document - HERE 


Why did U.S. Homeland Security declassify the KONA BLUE document two days after the dramatic testimony at a July 26, 2024 Congressional Hearing by former intelligence officer David Grusch while under oath?

Former Watergate lawyer Daniel P. Sheehan 
explains it all HERE


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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

 ZlandCommunications News Update

April 16.2024


Here are the 5 most memorable moments from Congress’ UFO hearing

hy then is Canadian media falling asleep when an NBC correspondent writes this?



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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Media Release - Toronto on the UFO map - Again


April 9, 2024 | 12:05:01 pm EST

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with April 20th




Former Watergate and Pentagon Papers Attorney 

and UAP Disclosure Advocate

Director and Chief Counsel of The New Paradigm Institute

Toronto [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has learned that Toronto will again play host to yet another UFO/Disclosure symposium. 

Readers will recall that MUFON CANADA sponsored the Symposium on Disclosure and Planetary Directions (2005) and the Alien Cosmic Expo (2015 to 2019). 

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

Now another Toronto based UFO advocacy group is doing it again. 

Wes Roberts
Co-Hosts of “Contact TV”, Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, and College Professor Wes Roberts are stepping forward in the midst of the most explosive period in UFO disclosure history since 2016.

According to the event's organizing team - The Canadian Contact Collective - the December 2016 article in the New York Times by correspondents Ralph Blumenthal, Leslie Kean and Helene Cooper - Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program is what ignited the disclosure explosion that persists to this day.

The article shocked the news world by revealing that unbeknownst to the general public and U.S. Congress, the Pentagon had been investigating UFOs for years - from 2007 to 2012 with $22 million in funding obtain by former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. 

ABC News
The NY Times article referenced  remarkable visual evidence of the famous Tic-Tac UFO image engaging an American jet over the Pacific Ocean. To this day experts, military officials and Congressional leaders continue to debate the videos’ authenticity and possible origins.


Christopher Mellon U.S Assistant Deputy 

Secretary of Defence for Intelligence [Fmr]

"Working closely with former Pentagon official Lue Elizondo and later a group of U.S. Navy aviators, we quickly captured the attention of Congress. We managed to convince them the phenomena were real and America needed to take action to determine the capabilities of these craft and the identity and intentions of their operators."[Politico]


When asked why hold a symposium now? Ms. Mitchell-Clarke told ZNN, "First of all it must be acknowledged that the entire landscape of disclosure has been altered. When ex-Pentagon official Luis Elizondo and former Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defence for Intelligence  under President Clinton Christopher Mellon broke ranks with the US government in 2016, they released the worldwide blockbuster Tic-Tac video. This set off a firestorm of controversy that has not yet subsided."

Ms. Mitchell-Clarke went on to say, "CNBCCBS 60 MinutesABC and yes - even our own CBC in Canada has joined the international media in showing the video and reporting on U.S. Navy pilot testimony... So, now it's Toronto's turn to tell the world."

ZNN can confirm that after a major confrontation with the Pentagon, Luis Elizondo retained former Watergate solicitor Daniel P. Sheehan to demand a Pentagon spokesperson cease and desist from making false statements about Elizondo's actual role as Director of the then UFO investigation program, AATIP (the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program).

ZNN has also since confirmed with Mr. Sheehan's office that he is expected to address the Toronto symposium not only to throw light on Mr. Elizondo's challenge to the U.S. Pentagon, but to also reveal how the intended evolution of bi-partisan UAP legislation initiated by Senate Majority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was gutted by House Representative Mike Turner (R-OH). 

In a final statement Ms. Michell-Clarke insisted, "The era of politics and UAP has now emerged as a reality. It is now time to bring the future closer - and we'll do it at the Toronto Contact and Disclosure Symposium."

Message from Lesley Mitchell-Clarke


Symposium Program Note

Victor Viggiani, News Director of the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork has been asked by symposium organizers to interview Mr. Sheehan by ZOOM at the 

Toronto Contact and Disclosure Symposium


  • COLONEL RANDY CRAMER USMCss - Public Relations Officer, Secret Space Programme Participant and originator and teacher of Military Grade Psionics 
  • LESLEY MITCHELL-CLARKE and WES ROBERTS, will present an in-depth exploration of “The Contactee Experience and the Use of Advanced Hypnotherapeutic Techniques for the Recovery of Suppressed Memories.
  • SERGE GRANDBOIS - Author, instructor and full trance channeller of the advanced “Ultra-Terrestrial”/”Ultra-Dimensional” being, KRIS.
  • DAVE PALACHIK - National Director Emeritus of MUFON CANADA, will present his archive of photographic and filmed UAP/UFO evidence.
  • MIKE PATERSON - Sasquatch/Cryptid Researcher and Founder of “Sasquatch Canada”, will present his evidence, and discuss his more than twenty year, personal relationship with a specific Sasquatch family.


Date - Saturday, April 20th, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm EST

Location - “OFFWORLD BAR”, 739 Queen St. West, 2nd Floor

(Green P Parking is conveniently located near the venue).

Tickets - $50 per person and $65 per person which includes gourmet buffet lunch (vegetarian options will be available).


Tickets and details about the symposium are available through or through the CDS website.

The venue has limited seating, tickets should be purchase now!



  • Radio, television and print media, journalists with appropriate credentials in addition to government or civic officials are invited to attend the Contact and Disclosure Symposium at no charge.
  • Preferred Camera Locations and Seating - contact Victor Viggiani at by April 18. 
  • Journalists wishing to participate in the Q&A session following Daniel Sheehan’s presentation on a priority basis are requested to contact Mr. Viggiani at the same e-mail address.
  • Government and Civic Officials Because of the highly sensitive national security information Mr. Sheehan will be addressing, government and civic officials are requested to contact Victor Viggiani or Ms. Lesley Mitchell-Clarke in order to speak with Mr. Sheehan before or following his address.



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