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Former Astronaut says US Military already has a Space Command Program

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Toronto [ZNN] On the heels of the December 25, 2018 Washington Times article on a SPACE FORCE proposed by the White House, two distinct and dramatic lines of reasoning have emerged.

The first is that a SPACE FORCE as proposed by the White House - is redundant; because according to several UFO experts and a former astronaut - one already exists - at a level of unimaginable capability and power,  operated by the US military or a 'deep state' entity within or totally separate from the US military.

According to UFO expert Richard M. Dolan - author and historian and Capt. Mark Kelly a former NASA shuttle pilot - such a program does exist and it is not a simple extension of the normal operations of the US government or military or even within NASA. 

Instead, as suggested in a summary of Dolan's book - this program seems to be a radically advanced and increasingly separate structure that utilizes classified science and exotic energy and propulsion systems the have been kept from the military, the aviation industry and the general public. In one of his most recent books - The Secret Space Program and the Breakaway Civilization Dolan looks at the evidence for such a program.

Concurrent to this line of reasoning - it appears those in the military who desperately oppose any White House SPACE FORCE agree with Dolan and are opposing the White House program because they know a program already exists.

Resistance by the military is not futile. 

An NBC report states, "Obviously, General Mattis wasn't sold on this idea," said retired Navy Capt. Mark Kelly, a former astronaut who began piloting space shuttle missions in 2001."
Kelly said in an interview on MSNBC. "I haven't heard of any big fans out there for this. Some of the resistance stems from the fact that the United States already has a Space Command.  It's part of the Air Force, and it reports to both the secretary of the Air Force and to U.S. Strategic Command, or STRATCOM, the military's joint structure overseeing the U.S. nuclear arsenal."
"You know, the Air Force Space Command already does this. It's at Peterson Air Force base in Colorado," Kelly said.
Is this the same Secret Space Program to which Richard Dolan refers? No one really knows but - where there's secrecy there's a truth behind it.

The second line of reasoning is expanded upon by yet another UFO expert - former head of the UK Ministry of Defence UFO Desk - Nick Pope. Pope suggests that there's no way that any president of the United States is being kept in the dark about the potential of the UFO reality. Pope then goes on to say,  " would be 'nonsense' to suggest the President is being kept in the dark about potential UFO threats... "

Pope also is of the opinion that the White House must know about: 

  • The Pentagon's AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) exposed to the NY Times in December of 2017 by Luis Elizondo the program's former director.
  • Pope also believes that the influential US Armed Services Committee has been investigating the $22 million obtained at the request of former Senate Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid and spent on the AATIP from 2007 to 2012. 
  • The White House will also be aware that a Senate Committee is also examining US Navy pilot film footage of an unidentified object off the coast of Mexico in 2004. (Ref. The UK Sun
Wherever these separate but converging lines of reasoning meet is anyone's guess. 

However the fact of the matter is that since the December 2017 article and UFO videos in the NY Times, co-authored by former Boston Globe journalist and respected UFO author Leslie Kean, the heat on this issue has risen dynamically. 

Kean and her co-authors exposed the 2007 to 2012 $22 million Pentagon UFO investigation Program after former AATIP Director Luis Elizondo willingly released details to the NY Times.
[NOTE: Leslie Kean authored the book UFOsGenerals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record reaching number 29 on the NY Times Bestseller List]

As even the most deferential observer might glean - a flurry of information directly from inside government sources has run rampant. This has never happened before. Who then are these unprecidented sources?

It is now becoming more clear the sources are; the US Pentagon, the White House and the US Air Force. They all appear to be heavily involved in the UFO matter - as well as the real possibility that UFOs are not from Earth - it is clear and imminent that some form of 'disclosure' or public acknowledgement by one or more of these entities is on the horizon - by coincidence or design is the question.

Journalists interested in seeking out more on this story are encourage to contact ZlandCommunications - a Canadian news outlet that maintains close and constant contact with all of the main players globally concerning the UFO/ET matter. ( 905-278-1238)

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MUFON Canada Investigator finds Transport Canada’s UFO Record #40

Record made available to NORAD

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Toronto [ZNN] An investigator with MUFON Canada - a Canadian organization that investigates UFO sightings - has uncovered a recent Transport Canada report of a pilot sighting of a UFO.

The document in question clearly indicates a pilot reported an object categorized as a UFO. The determination as to what this object was is inconclusive - however the report does verify that the Canadian government - in this case Transport Canada, continues to monitor unauthorized incursions by unknown objects into Canadian airspace.

Several terms are used to describe UFOs by the Department of National Defence - however the term UFO remains consistent. Tracks of interest (TOI’s), Unknown Tracks and Non-Correlated Targets are frequently used by NORAD (the North American Radar Defence system) to describe unidentified objects.

In this particular incident the pilot of a Boeing 737-200 while flying over Nunavut (North West Territories of Canada) reported observing an unidentified object. Subsequently NORAD was advised. 

According to Ryan Stacey Deputy Chief Investigator of MUFON Canada there is much more to this report than first meets the eye. 

Stacey told ZNN: "We have known for years that Transport Canada has been using the code word “drone” as a re-classification for UFO's. It seems they have just given up, or perhaps, they thought no one was looking. I filed the AIA request on behalf of MUFON Canada to show that we are watching, we are paying attention, we know UFO's exist and we also know that they are not telling us."

As mentioned, Stacey has filed a Canadian Access to Information Request on behalf of MUFON Canada about Record #40* in an attempt to obtain answers about the status of this event. This request may add to the mounting scale of evidence that the Canadian government continues to add to the 9500 UFO files already in its possession at Library and Archives Canada.

This filing by MUFON Canada also adds to mounting evidence about how, when and where NORAD continues to scramble its CF-18 jets to intercept unidentified craft entering Canadian airspace. According to the NORAD Commander in Colorado - each year over the last five years, 1800 tracks of interest have been captured on radar with 75 intercepts. 

Despite this remarkable number of incursions into Canada's airspace - no Canadian news outlet has published in depth analysis of these occurrences, nor have any sought to assign reporters to investigate reports of UFOs or to contact NORAD, Transport Canada or the Department of National Defence for their comments.

ZlandCommunications contacted Stu Bundy, MUFON Canada's National Director for his take on this matter. Bundy said, "As Canada's only civilian UFO investigative body, MUFON Canada wants to work with all government agencies to bring forward to the public the reality and importance of the UFO matter. The time to end the secrecy is now and to begin a free and open dialogue about a matter that is vital to public interest. I encourage the media to join us in this effort."

Access to Information officials in Ottawa Canada have acknowledged receipt of the MUFON request. Any significant results will be published here by ZNN.

Questions still remain about NORAD and Transport Canada's involvement in the UFO matter - what are they capturing on radar, what are these jets intercepting, why is this information not being made public and what might be  the significance of Record #40?

One thing is clear - MUFON Canada is watching.

NOTE: *Record #40 was initially listed as Record #39

Journalists are invited to contact MUFON Canada for details at: MUFON Canada 

US Space Force could be strong evidence of UFO visitors


Washington Times article highlights efforts to expose US Government UFO Cover-Up.

Press Release
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Toronto [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has learned that the Washington Times has published a December 25, 2018 assessment of evidence about the UFO phenomenon and efforts by three separate high level US government entities to expose the long-standing UFO cover-up.

This comprehensive assessment draws upon the expertise of well-known and seasoned writers, UFO investigators and a filmmaker within the UFO research community. 

The assessment indicates that the White House SPACE FORCE initiative appears to be a strong indicator the US government has hidden the truth about Extraterrestrial visitors and - it may now be ready to disclose some of what it knows.

PENTAGON $22 Million UFO Program
This assessment of a government cover-up also references the NY Times article on the  US Pentagon's recent definitive release of information that it conducted a $22 million UFO investigation program from 2007 to 2012.

The funds for the program AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) were obtained from the US Senate in 2007 at the request of Senator Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who was the Senate majority leader at the time.

There are three reasons why this revelation is significant. 

First - these efforts do not appear to originate from any outside civilian groups that have consistently challenged government officials to come clean about UFOs. The efforts appear to originate from three high level US agencies - each telling the same story.

Second - and most dramatic - these are efforts from within the US government. This also represents the first time three separate US agencies have openly promoted conditions likely to unlock the flood gates of the UFO cover-up. 

Finally - overt conditions now exist that firmly establish efforts to deal with UFO secrecy from within the US government are now underway. What the net effect of ameliorating secrecy might be remains to be seen. One thing is clear however - those within the US government or 'deep state' who have been in charge of maintaining a 70 year-long and generational embargo on the truth will be called to task - eventually.   

Three separate arms of the US government appear to be either in lock-step to expose the UFO cover-up - or - each is independently pursuing the same goals - 'disclosure'.  Either way the Pentagon, the White House and the United States Air Force are each pursuing evidentiary material connected to UFOs.

The article goes on to say: "The idea is that launching the Space Force will be a big step toward the government’s acknowledgment of extraterrestrials and technology gleaned from crashed alien spacecraft — what the UFO community calls “full disclosure."

Some feel these recent efforts by each of these US government agencies directly or indirectly provide converging lines of evidence that Earth has been visited by craft of unknown origin.  

Furthermore one or more of these agencies are fully acquainted with the UFO issue and have obtained exotic technologies from Extraterrestrials. 

In this WT article filmmaker Jordan Sather is quoted as saying, “Understand that with the SpaceForce, the advanced technologies (free energy, antigravity) kept in secret think-tanks within LockheedBoeing, and other corporate contractors will now have an avenue to be released publicly,” 

Review this stunning Washington Times article at: UFO EVIDENCE by S.A. Miller.

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CBC interview invitation to discuss UFOs thwarted by Canada's Department of National Defence

Documents show Canadian Department of National Defence statement to the CBC to be false

Press Release

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Toronto [ZNN] ZNN has learned that despite having 9500 UFO files on public display, Canada's Department of National Defence (DND) flatly refused to participate in a December 20, 2017 interview with CBC's acclaimed radio host of The Current Anna Maria Tremonti; stating the subject of UFOs is "outside the scope of our operations".
The documentation that follows will provide unequivocal confirmation that the statement made to the CBC by the Department of National Defence, is patently false.
As ZNN reported earlier, Ms. Tremonti, Canada's foremost investigative broadcast journalist interviewed three UFO experts on the acclaimed radio program The Current on December 20, 2017. 

The topic of the interview was the US Pentagon's dramatic release of information that the American Congress - through the actions of former Nevada Senator and Democratic Majority Leader in the US Senate, Harry Reid - obtained Congressional approval for $22 million to fund a Pentagon UFO investigation program from 2007 to 2012. [NYTimes]

CBC requested that the Department of National Defence be part of the interview - but the DND refused the offer. 

During that interview Ms. Tremonti read the response sent to The Current by the Department of National Defence in Ottawa Canada.

Ms. Tremonti quoted the DND statement as follows:
"While we understand your interest in the subject of UFO shows, we are not able to provide an interview as your request is outside the scope of our operations. The Canadian Armed Forces focuses on credible threats. We do not comment or facilitate interviews on speculative matters such as this." 
It appears there has been no public response from the CBC to the claims by the DND that UFOs are 'outside the scope' of DND operations.

Notwithstanding the CBC's decision not to challenge the DND on this point - ZlandCommunications has discovered a substantial and comprehensive body of information that indicates the subject of UFOs and other related matters are and have been well within the scope of operations of the Department of National Defence


Based on the information obtained by ZlandCommunications the issue of UFOs can hardly be considered as 'speculative'.

ZNN can also provide documentation that CBC radio is cited on page 103 of the DND UFO documents in the possession of ZlandCommunications. This page is entirely redacted according to Section.19(1) of the Access to Information Act for unknown reasons except for a "CBC Radio" written citation. No explanation was offered to ZNN for this redaction by the Department of National Defence.

A. Canada sends official to seek UFO information in Washington DC

The Department of National Defence continues to maintain the matter of UFOs is 'speculative' and "outside the scope of our operations" when in fact a Senior Radio Engineer at the Department of Transport named Wilbert B. Smith was authorized by the Canadian government to seek out detailed information in Washington DC about UFOs. 

Smith subsequently met with Doctor Omond M. Solandt, Chairman of the Canadian Defence Research Board to discuss possible propulsion systems used by UFOs that had purportedly fallen into the hands of the US government.

During his time in Washington DC, Wilbert B. Smith made discreet enquiries through the Canadian Embassy staff in Washington DC who were able to obtain for him the following information as described in Smith's report:

a. The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States Government, rating higher even than the H-bomb.

b. Flying saucers exist.

c. Their modus operandi is unknown but a concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Doctor Vannevar Bush.

d. The entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance.

View this entire document at: 
W.B. Smith page one
W.B. Smith page two
B. Field Reports sent to the DND

The position of the Department of National Defence is that UFOs are outside the scope of their  operations - yet a Joint Intelligence Committee meeting memo drawn up in Conference Room 4811, in "A" Building in Ottawa Canada on Wednesday April 12, 1960 saw fit to direct that: "All field reports on flying saucers be passed on to the Director of Scientific Intelligence for final examination on behalf of the Department of National Defence."

This memorandum further substantiates the many converging lines of evidence that the subject of UFOs is clearly within the scope of operations of the Department of National Defence. 

View this document at:
Joint Intelligence Committee Memo

C. NORAD Commander's 2015 Letter to ZlandCommunications
A letter originating from the NORAD Commander in Colorado was sent directly to ZlandCommunications about this matter. In this letter to ZNN from the NORAD Commander in Colorado in December 2015, it states - an average of 1800 TOi’s (UFOs) radar sightings and 75 intercepts occurred over a 5-year period. 

One such incident is described below in a NORAD STATUS AND EVENTS received by ZlandCommunications from the Canadian Department of National Defence marked 'Secret'. 

[Note: The Canadian Department of National Defence maintains a co-terminus relationship with NORAD with a Canadian as its Deputy Commander.]

This document can be viewed at: NORAD Letter 

Other Documentation
The following documentation and its derived sources demonstrate the Canadian Department of National Defence has in fact accumulated and maintains non-speculative information about UFOs.
  • Pages upon pages marked SECRET of Air Traffic control logs using terms such as UFO, unknowns, unknown tracks or TOi's (Tracks of Interest)
  • Citizen reports of UFOs, intelligence committee memoranda, Defence Department Ministerial letters and RCMP investigation reports - all within the 9500 files accumulated by the Canadian government. These files are held and are freely available within Library and Archives Canada's web site Canada's UFOs: The search for the unknown
  • RCMP officers' reports on sightings of UFOs.
  • NORAD STATUS AND EVENTS reports marked 'Secret' indicate the practice of capturing UFOs on radar and NORAD jets being scrambled multiple times to investigate and in some cases intercept these objects.

With direct reference to the NORAD report above, three 'unknown tracks' were captured on radar in Canadian airspace. 

Two NORAD CF-18 jets were scrambled out of COMOX AFB (CYQQ) in British Columbia Canada to chase three 'unknowns'. 

The CF-18 pilots soon reported '90 seconds to target', then report "contact made" with a set of three maneuvering unknown objects without transponders travelling at 35,000 feet at high speed. 

The three unknowns were moving in controlled flight patterns at speeds matching and exceeding that of the CF-18s and an LR-35 Medical Evacuation jet in the same area. 

The LR-35 reported making visual contact with them [the objects]. Subsequently the LR-35 pilot states in the log - his jet 'could not keep up with them.' 

This six page Air Traffic Control (ATC) log outlines the specific minute by minute account of this event and communications between pilots and ATC at Comox AFB. 

[Note: It is important to point out that in June of 2004 - in response to an AIA request - ZlandCommunications received this particular six page NORAD Air Traffic Control log directly from the Canadian Department of National Defence in Ottawa as part of 117 pages of other UFO documentation.]

Based on these evidentiary items alone, one can only conclude that the denial by the DND of its interest in UFOs is not only incorrect but the DND continues to remain  steadfastly silent on the subject of UFOs. 

It is absolutely essential to point out two critical facts: 

First - All the above information received by ZlandCommunications pursuant to its multiple AIA requests as far back as 2004 as well as the 9500 files on the Library and Archives Canada web site all reside in and are available within the PUBLIC DOMAIN. 

Second - Therefore, the DND decision to refuse any discussion of their involvement in the UFO matter with Anna Maria Tremonti - despite clear evidence to the contrary - is not only a wanton and blatant disregard of their own documentation, but this decision may well be interpreted as an infringement on the rights and freedom of the press to report on matters already in the public domain.

This contradiction, while not only glaring, represents determined and subtle efforts by the DND to deflect inquiries by the press about the substance and nature of a subject matter of diverse and distinctly controversial implications.

These inquires and the refusal by the DND to discuss these matters publicly arouse serious questions and suspicions about how the DND portrays itself as an authentic governing and policy-making agency. 

The DND appears to proactively down-play, minimize and deny the validity of its own documentation on the UFO matter - depicting factual and verified documentation as 'speculative'.

The complete on-air statement segment by Ms. Anna Maria Tremonti quotes the Canadian Department of National Defence refusal to be interviewed on December 20, 2017:

"I should tell you that the Canadian Department of National Defence declined our request for an interview on this subject because we wanted to know what Canada is up to on this front. And they did send us a statement and the statement that DND sent us is superimposed on the image of a UFO flying over a field that looks like a 50s shot. And I have to tell you I have never seen the Department of National Defence in Canada tell us send us an illustrated 'no comment' but this is what they said to us and I'm quoting: " While we understand your interest in the subject of UFO shows, we are not able to provide an interview as your request is outside the scope of our operations. The Canadian Armed Forces focuses on credible threats. We do not comment or facilitate interviews on speculative matters such as this."

In light of the DND's obvious concern about UFOs as vividly described in its own documentation, how then can the Canadian Department of National Defence possibly continue to maintain its position that the matter of UFOs is 'speculative'?

The Current is Canada's most listened to investigative national radio program - broadcasting Monday to Friday daily across Canada on the CBC network, Public Radio International as well as on Sirius XM Canada Radio. Episodes of The Current can be heard HERE

[The government documents referenced in this press release and other related materials are freely available to the press and can be accessed by contacting the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork.]

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A Canadian Perspective on Disclosure

News Director of ZlandCommunications Victor Viggiani - interview sheds light on the rapid growth of UFO/ET Disclosure in Canada

Media Alert

Toronto [ZNN] As the News Director of the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork for nearly a decade, Victor Viggiani has advocated for the acknowledgement and disclosure of the UFO/ET  matter in Canada.

Without the courageous support and assistance of Canadian colleagues and organizations such as: The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett, the former Canadian Minister of National Defence the Honourable Paul T. Hellyer, Jo-Anne Eadie of the Alien Cosmic Expo, Grant Cameron, Stanton Friedman, Dr. Lana Marconi, Jordan Pease (ANP) and the dedicated people at MUFON Canada and its National Director Stu Bundy, the growth of the UFO Disclosure movement in Canada would not be where it is today. 

At this year's Alien Cosmic Expo - June 22nd to 24th - in Toronto Canada, Victor was asked to share his views and plans to advance the acknowledgement of the UFO/ET issue in Canada. Victor also explains how this critical matter of global importance has gained growing momentum in the Canadian and global mainstream media.

Video Interview by Robert Shimmon MUFON CANADA
You are invited to watch this six minute interview and to share it with colleagues and friends to assist in disseminating the  Disclosure efforts of ZlandCommunications and the many other advocacy groups in Canada, the United States and throughout the globe.

Watch the interview with Victor Viggiani at: The Current State of UFO Disclosure

Watch all of the Alien Cosmic Expo videos and lectures at: ACE Videos 

Visit the Canadian Research Council on UFOs (CRCU) to view documents, letters and other Canadian Disclosure initiatives at: MUFON Canada

[Journalists interested in speaking with Victor Viggiani are invited to use the contact information below.]



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Two major Canadian Conferences address UFO Disclosure

Insights from 2018 conferences put Canada on the disclosure map

Press Release
For Immediate Distribution

Toronto [ZNN] Two major Canadian UFO conferences have put Canada on the map as an emerging world-leader in global efforts to raise awareness about the reality of UFOs. Toronto Ontario and Vancouver British Columbia shared the international stage to highlight the UFO/ET issue.

Experts from Canada and the US and an audience comprised of enthusiasts and activists from as far away as China and South Africa gathered to raise and address serious issues related to government involvement in the UFO cover-up - an embargo on the truth about UFOs.

The Alien Cosmic Expo was held in Toronto at the Marriott Airport Hotel. The ANP conference was held in Surrey British Columbia at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel.

"Both conferences proved beyond any doubt whatsoever one fact:
The link between the UFO reality and the governments
of the US and Canada is now indisputable." 
Stu Bundy MUFON Canada

A world-wide array of experts, authors, activists and researchers addressed how UFO Disclosure will affect the planet's geo-political direction as humanity becomes aware we are not alone in the cosmos. Each conference attracted over 300 attendees.

ZNN was honoured to have its News Director, Victor Viggiani speak at and moderate these events produced by MUFON Canada and Jordan Pease from Ashland Oregon.

ZNN has been informed by both conference co-ordinators that videos of interviews and presentations will be posted gradually as they are assembled by Robert Shimmon - MUFON Canada's ACE conference videographer as well as presentations and interviews by the tech-team at the Architects of the New Paradigm organization. [ZNN expresses its thanks and appreciation to Stu Bundy Assistant National Director of MUFON CANADA and Jordan Pease of ANP.]

"We must make our governments responsive to us. That's what it's about. We do need the government to respond to us. Otherwise,  just roll-over and live the rest of your life in a global totalitarian nightmare." 
Richard M. Dolan.

Conference Highlights
US Pentagon UFO Release
While direct and irrefutable evidence was presented attesting to involvement by NORAD and other military agencies to restrict public access to UFO data and documents, the recent December 2017 release by the US Pentagon concerning its $22 million UFO investigation program (AATIP) was hailed as "the leading edge of the wedge" towards a form of government-acknowledgement that the UFO phenomenon is not only real but it has been funded by the US Senate and thoroughly investigated by the US government.

All conference experts unanimously agreed that this Pentagon release of information was a conclusive and unprecedented admission by the highest level of military authority in the United States of the UFO reality - an admission that mainstream media in Canada and the US are yet to figure out.

Canada: UFO Files and Letters
Adding to this news, News Director of ZlandCommunications - Victor Viggiani stunned ACE and ANP audiences with specific details concerning government letters and documents demonstrating a similar Canadian government UFO acknowledgement. 

Viggiani revealed that 9,500 UFO files are located in the Library and Archives Canada data base - a fact that neither the general public nor media are aware of. 

He also revealed a letter sent to him by the NORAD Commander indicating that an average of 1800 TOis (tracks of interest) and 75 intercepts per year were recorded by NORAD over a period of five years. 

Viggiani also presented letters written to the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Minister of Defence Harjit Sajjan and cabinet ministers citing NORAD communications and the 9,500 UFO files - inviting them to the ACE conference to participate in the ACE conference deliberations on UFOs. (See these letters at the CRCU)

Senior MUFON Canada Investigator Ryan Stacey presented the new CANADIAN CURRENT EVENT SURVEY on UFO sightings for the first time publicly. This comprehensive survey re-assesses the way UFOs are reported, investigated and presented to the Canadian public. The survey is comprised of raw data, photos and videos of UFO sightings.
View the survey data, charts and photos at: Event One 

Stay Tuned
Over the next while ZNN will be posting videos and other information presented at these two major conferences: the Alien Cosmic Expo (ACE) and the Architects of the New Paradigm (ANP) conferences held in June 2018.

JUST IN! - Architects of the New Paradigm - purchase videos  at: Videos ANP

Here are two samples of the kinds of explosive commentary that will be made available over the next several weeks:

Richard Dolan is an historian, author and respected international expert on the UFO/ET issue. He has spoken in a number of countries on the topic. Visit his web site:

Journalist wishing to interview or contact Richard Dolan or any of the conference's speakers are invited to contact ZNN.

Copies of the Citizens' Letter to Members of the Canadian Parliament given to over 300 members of the ACE audience to address the UFO with their own MP are available at: MP Letter

Visit the ZNN web site over the next while to keep up with the increasing pace of awareness about the biggest story in human history.