Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Air Force UFO files land on Internet

Washington Post, CNN and USA Today cover the US Air Force release of UFO files

REVISED - Press Release
[ADDENDUM - since this press release was distributed - the Washington Post, NBC, CBS and ABC are now officially part of the UFO files coverage along with CNN and USA Today.]

Toronto [ZNN] It had to happen sooner or later.  The UK has done it. Canada did it. France did it. So has Belgium. Has the USA capitulated?

Now - all three American media news networks are a-buzz about the declassification and release of nearly 130,000 pages of UFO files by the US Air Force onto the internet - files that were once sequestered and deemed either not existent or inaccessible to the public. This amounts to 37 cubic feet of data - excluding 94 rolls of 35mm of UFO microfilm.

What can be viewed as equally significant - the influential Washington Post, ranked the #2 newspaper in North America by 4International Media and Newspapers - has covered the release of these US Air Force files.

A senior editorial official at ZNN is quoted as stating:

"This break-through by all three major US news networks and one of the country's most influential newspapers to cover this PROJECT BLUE BOOK UFO file release - a long standing metaphor for the 'government UFO cover-up' - represents a significant step forward in the development of a unified media challenge to the US government's silence on the UFO matter.  Will this challenge flush out the US government's propensity to ignore and side-step any open discussion of the thousands if not millions of UFO reports in the US and internationally? We can only wait and see if NBC - CBS and ABC have the courage to pursue this into the chambers of Congress and onto the desk of the President of the United States or, if they too remain complicit in the cover-up." 

These UFO files were assembled during the 1950's to the late 1960s by the infamous PROJECT BLUE BOOK - suddenly shut-down by US Air Force officials when the number of UFO sightings reached epidemic proportions. 

The poorly staffed project could not keep up with or explain the massive wave and relentless presence of UFO sightings, so the Air Force decided to go underground. 

It shrugged off its investigative accountability of this phenomenon and passed along the job of amassing UFO sighting reports to unofficial private UFO organizations and an obscure university where UFO reports were poorly researched - dismissed as hoaxes and ultimately buried - until now.

Now the US media is beginning to sniff out the significance of why and how these files were sequestered since 1969 and released now, in the hope that a dump this large will be indigestible to the general public and to the media. Questions remain.

Why would the US Air Force build a huge repository of over 130,000 pages of UFO sighting reports - 37 cubic feet thick - task a small group of USAF officers with limited resources to examine UFO reports - then, with little explanation, shut down the entire division by making statements such as:

"...[N]othing has happened to indicate that the Air Force ought to resume investigating UFOs. Because of the considerable cost to the Air Force in the past, and the tight funding of Air Force needs today, there is no likelihood the Air Force will become involved with UFO investigation again."

Would a data base this large on alleged child sex offenders, a list of US terrorist cells or leaked ledgers of financial improprieties by banking CEOs go unnoticed by media in the same manner UFO files have been quashed or go unnoticed by media - all consigned to oblivion in the same sophomoric miasma of news of George Clooney's recent marriage or the dating practices of Kim Kardashian?

Is the US government relenting to pressure and on the brink of full disclosure that the planet is indeed being engaged by craft of unknown origin?

The answer to these cutting-edge questions stares one in the face to ostensibly propel an authentic step-forward in the Disclosure movement. 

Something is afoot.
[Ed.Note: It should be noted that the data base under review here in Project Blue Book - appeares not to include official correspondence among United States Air Force, FBI and CIA officials on the UFO matter. ZNN has acquired singular access to these files that are available for review by media journalists.]

Producers and researchers from ZNN are available for interviews on this issue.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

PRG's Stephen G. Bassett announces White House Petition VII

Government, Agency and Political witnesses prepared to testify under oath before Congress on Extraterrestrial related events and evidence

Media Alert
Toronto [ZNN] Stephen G. Bassett Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group is extending PRG's world-wide influence to once again challenge the White House on the ET question. This challenge is a re-assertion of actions taken by PRG over the last several weeks to test the metal of American democracy.

First - the distribution to all members of the US Congress and Senate of the entire DVD set cataloguing the proceedings during the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure on the ET question held in May of 2013 at the Washington National Press Club. 

At the week-long hearing before former members of Congress and the Senate, Bassett brought forward 40 former government, military and agency witnesses to present over 30 hours of compelling testimony about their knowledge of and involvement in specific incidents, briefings and research attesting to the reality of an extraterrestrial presence. 

Actual government documents, threats and intimidation by senior military officials towards military personnel and accounts of and interactions with the phenomenon of craft of unknown origin were brought forward each day in unrelenting waves of evidence. This evidence challenges the White House assertion that this phenomenon and the entire matter of an ET presence do not exist.   

Former Congressional and Senate members were unanimous in their call for the US government to hold open hearings and make public all files in their possession on these matters.

Second -  Now Bassett, in his most recent We the People Petition, challenges the White House to do the same: Support open congressional hearings that will allow former US military officers, government agency and political witnesses to testify under oath before a committee of the US Congress.

Many have questioned Bassett's relentless pursuit of the entire matter of the existence of UFOs and a so-called ET presence on Earth - saying it's falling on deaf ears. Others say Bassett is doing something historic and difficult but very concrete about government secrecy and intransigence. 
Those who do question Bassett's ET pursuits - particularly a timorous mainstream media and an imperious elite within the US government - know full well they are playing a fruitless political game of 'truth or dare' with Bassett - one that can only be ended by the sheer magnitude of the evidence and the force of the truth behind that evidence. 
There is no question Bassett has revealed the truth with bona fide and irrefutable witness testimony and documentation on the ET question. He has presented this truth to Congress and the Senate on a silver platter in the form of HD DVD coverage of witness testimony. With that in their hands, Bassett is now daring Congress to acknowledge what he has given to them by holding open hearings to let the truth be known to the American people.

This is why Bassett is counting on public support to sign the We the People Petition at: THE PETITION. Bassett needs 150 signatures to gain visibility of the petition on the We the People web site and 100,000 before February 6, 2015 to get a public response from the White House.

When asked what his basic message to Congress is, Bassett stated: "The message will be the same: open and review the Citizen Hearing DVD sets, meet with PRG's lobbyist to discuss the content, and hold hearings for military, agency and political witnesses to testify."

Will Bassett succeed? The determination of all who seek the truth could be the determining factor for Mr. Bassett. One can only imagine what will happen next if or when Bassett gets the 100,000 signatures. This eventuality raises three plaintive questions of a moral nature about the fate of American democracy:

  • Will the compelling desire for an open dialogue about the ET question and interspecies ethics materialize should elected officials in Congress and the Senate come to a conscious understanding of their sworn duty as servants of the people?
  • Or, will the dialectic between YES and NO continue - leaving citizens helpless in the amorphous middle-ground of uncertainty where the power of the State continues to assert its dominance over citizens' rights to know about their place in the cosmos? 
  • Will the miasma choking American 'democracy' and the futile ramblings of a gutless President be somehow resolved if the people were to react and actually decide to give Bassett his 100,000? 

ZNN supports PRG in its efforts to bring forward the truth. What are your plans?

Media Kit - Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Witness Testimony 
and White House Petition Information:
- Senior FAA Administrator testimony on UFO-747 encounter - John Callahan

- US Air Force Security Officers' extraordinary testimony on approaching and touching landed UFO craft - Part 1 - Penniston - Burroughs and Part 2 - Penniston - Borroughs


- Watch the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure HD TRAILER

- For more information go to:

Members of the Press are invited to contact Stephen G. Bassett for comment or interviews at:

Friday, December 19, 2014

New Edit of Coast to Coast AM Interview - with Victor Viggiani

New Edited Version now available
Toronto [ZNN
This remarkable and chilling event makes this particular interview an historic one for educators. Educational leadership in school boards throughout North America may now have to contend with information that appears to indicate some students in their school districts have had encounters with Extraterrestrials. 

Listen to Victor Viggiani's interview at: 
UFO Disclosure and Abductions 
[NOTE: The interview begins at approx the 40 min 44 sec mark]

Journalists and educators wishing more information about this interview and the work of Victor Viggiani at ZNN are invited to use the contact details below. Due to the very sensitive nature of this information ZNN guarantees confidentiality to all media reporters, columnists and educators who may wish to make inquiries.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

UFO Evidence Ignored - Edgar Mitchell and Paul Hellyer Co-sign Critique to NASA and Library of Congress

Breaking News

Press Release
For Immediate Distribution

Toronto [ZNN] Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell and the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer former Canadian Minister of Defence, along with Adjunct Professor Bill Wickersham and ZNN news director Victor Viggiani have co-signed an Open Letter critique to the NASA/Library of Congress Symposium on Astrophysics on ET life and its convenor and host - Dr. Steven Dick. The symposium was held in Washington DC at the Library of Congress Sept 18 - 19, 2014.

The symposium attempted to explore how we might prepare for the discovery of ET life, but failed to adequately address the widely available and unacknowledged evidence that verifies the planet is already being engaged by off-world civilizations. 

A quote from the introduction of the group's open letter states: 
"The signatories to this response feel it is most critical... to thoroughly recognize the deleterious political management of human history by elements of national and international governance which have appropriated unabridged jurisdiction over the truth concerning the existence of off-world civilizations."
An Open Letter to Dr. Steven Dick Host - Convenor
NASA/Library of Congress Astrobiology Symposium 

A Response to ‘Preparing for Discovery - NASA/Library of Congress Astrobiology Symposium September 18-19 2014.  

“In the symposium’s panel discussion moderated by Derek Malone France, several ideologically challenging notions were raised by yourself and Robin Lovin that we found both profound yet which proved to be inadequate in addressing the vast spectrum of knowledge currently available on this matter.

The entire topography of the symposium is laden – in an unarticulated manner with the thesis of interspecies ethics – yet for whatever reason no authentic attempt was made to allow for a full exploration of this concept, which must inexorably include the UFO phenomenon, and the possible existence of an ET presence.

 Despite the current body of available evidence… it remains self-evident that the UFO/ET matter has become culturally, politically and theologically inscribed and accepted as a norm by a vast percentage of North Americans and within the international community. Consequently, the exclusion of the UFO/ET matter became obvious by its very absence at the symposium.”

“Even though the government – on all counts remains silent and pokerfaced on this matter – there are courageous individuals of rank and influence who demand a level of truth from the very governments they faithfully once served.

This list includes such dignitaries as NASA Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, former Governor of Arizona Fife Symington, former FAA Senior administrator John Callahan, the late former NASA astronaut Dr. Brian O’Leary, the late NASA astronaut Col. Gordon Cooper, former UK Chief of Defence Staff Admiral Lord Hill-Norton, former White House Chief of Staff under President Clinton attorney John Podesta and a host of other professionals. The specific testimony of these individuals is only one measure of the public record on this matter.

 Why would the oral testimony of such notables be ignored and not figure into any authentic attempt to get at all information that would illuminate all facets of this enigmatic component of human existence?

 This question calls into doubt the primary premise of the symposium’s ability and mandate to illuminate the ET matter – especially when entities such as SETI – a previously government funded investigative front is used as a focal point of examination while other evidence is ignored. This is truly regrettable but – one must suppose – politically expedient. Unfortunately, in our opinion, the gaping hole left by the absence of this category of evidence calls into question any findings or conclusions of the symposium – scientific – religious or otherwise."

"Conclusion: The discovery, presence and public revelation of sentient Extraterrestrial life and the vehicles that appear to manifest this presence is the greatest story in the history of humanity. All of the available documentation indisputably suggests the government of the United States, is in fact, withholding this information from its citizens and the citizens of the world.”

Read the entire Open Letter at: 
NASA/Library of Congress Symposium

Find the Astrobiology Symposium Web site: HERE

Who is Dr. Steven Dick? Click HERE


Friday, October 31, 2014

Boeing Releases Death Ray Laser Weapon

Anti-Gravitic Technology next?
Press Release - For Immediate Distribution

 Toronto [ZNN] Many have guessed this laser technology was possible and that it has existed for years. 

This announcement by Boeing confirms these suspicions and perhaps more. 

The questions raised by this recent public release by Boeing are ostensibly far more devastating than the new technology itself. 

- What else does Boeing have that remains under wraps? 
- Has this technology been used before in global conflicts without acknowledgement or over-sight by the US government? 
- Is this 911 weaponry released as a ’new defence system’? 
- Was it obtained through back-engineered ET sources? 
- Does this represent new technologies for ‘new wars’ to come?
- Who is the next enemy?

More here than meets the eye…

View this Boeing promotional video to watch the weapon in action: 

Ed. Note: ZlandCommunications has been involved in investigations and research with international researchers in the area of new technologies for nearly 20 years. Because this laser technology has been common knowledge for many years - ZlandCommunications is now confident in predicting that a private military corporation like Boeing - in co-operation with the military industrial complex as well as unacknowledged black budget operations - will soon release to the public - news of ANTI-GRAVITIC PROPULSION TECHNOLOGIES. 

These anti-gravitic propulsion technologies will displace and render obsolete the conventional principles of flight (thrust - drag - lift and weight). Sources close to ZlandCommunications indicate these anti-gravitic propulsion technologies will allow craft of any size, any weight or configuration to move at immeasurable speeds and perform immediate right-angle turns and reversals of flight paths, all accomplished by the cancellation of gravity - with no displacement of air, no G-force harm to occupants or any dependence on the conventional principles of flight, thrust - drag - lift and weight. 

To back-up these claims ZNN cites one statement from the on-line journal - DEFENSE AVIATION - with references to the book “Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion” by Paul A. LaViolette 
"Rumors circulating among aviation industry personnel close to the project allege that the [Boeing] B-2 does use antigravity technology. A similar claim was made in the 1970s by Marion Williams, a former CIA officer who had worked at the highly classified Area 51 facility, where the B-2 was test flown. Just before he died of cancer, Williams confided… that design principles from crashed alien antigravity spacecraft were being utilized in the stealth bomber.” 
Furthermore, ZNN anticipates that the release of news about anti-gravitic propulsion technology will be couched solely in military weapon’s terminology. No mention will be made of the complete and necessary transition away from fossil fuels by the aviation industry and the use of these anti-gravitic technologies for peaceful purposes. 

To the more attentive observer - this behaviour of gradual-release on the part of the US government and its independent contractors reveals an historical and sophisticated strategy of 'leaking-out’ so-called dramatic discoveries that have in fact been in the experimental and operational stages for one or two decades or more.

Is the general public the victim of a clever and orchestrated control of information of new technologies by government or is this simply the natural and plausible evolution of scientific knowledge?

Is there any way to tell the difference?    

Journalists interested in more information are invited to contact ZNN.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Missouri University Professor calls for unfettered study of the UFO phenomenon

Another academic calls for an end to UFO secrecy.

For Immediate Distribution -

Toronto [ZNN] University of Missouri-Columbia adjunct professor in Peace Studies Bill Wickersham has made a call for an unfettered study of the UFO phenomenon. Professor Wickersham joins the growing list of professionals, academics and former government and military officials seeking government disclosure and an end to UFO/ET secrecy.

In the Columbia Daily Tribune article published on September 8, 2014, Professor Wickersham points out several appropriate reasons why the UFO/ET issue requires serious study.

Wickersham reveals a stunning yet little known fact that philanthropist Laurance S. Rockefeller – a member of the internationally renowned Rockefeller family – tasked and funded UFO investigator C. B. “Scott” Jones Ph.D. to travel to Europe, China, Russia and other countries to gather data from government officials and ufologists regarding UFO activities in their country.

Professor Wickersham also reveals that according to Jones, there are a large number of government whistle-blowers who have already come forward to reveal much about government UFO secrecy and the U.S. government’s direct involvement in the UFO matter. Proof of this abounds as will be shown below.

In a particularly disturbing manner, as pointed out in Wickersham's Daily Tribune article, insider C. B. "Scott" Jones is quoted as saying that counter-intelligence programs, threats of fines and imprisonment by the U.S. government await those in official capacities within government and the military who dare to speak the truth about the UFO/ET matter. According to Jones, these threats appear to be becoming less effective as more and more former military and government officials come forward - renouncing their oaths of secrecy to publicly address the UFO/ET matter.

Wickersham goes on to outline the academic, political, social and religious reasons why the academic community must orchestrate a planetary response to the UFO/ET disclosure and contact issue in an unbiased and unfettered manner.

Professor Wickersham now adds his voice to those of a growing number of academics, professionals and government officials calling for studies on the UFO/ET matter and an end to UFO secrecy.

This impressive list includes:
  • Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell,
  •  Former Governor of Arizona - Fife Symington,
  • Former White House Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton Attorney John Podesta,
  • Princeton Professor and NASA astronaut the late Dr. Brian O'Leary
  • Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard School of Medicine the late Dr. John E. Mack
  • Former Canadian Minister of Defence the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer
  • Watergate and Pentagon Papers Attorney Daniel P. Sheehan JD,
  • Former ICBM Launch Commander USAF Captain Robert Salas (Ret.),
  • Former U.S. Navy officer and photographic expert Professor Dr. Robert Jacobs,
  • NASA astronaut the late Col. Gordon Cooper,
  • Retired McGill University Professor Don Donderi Ph.D.,
  • Professor of Physics at Stanford University Peter Sturrock Ph.D.,
  • Journalist Leslie Kean author of UFOs - Generals, Pilots and Government officials go on the Record, [Random House - Crown Publishing - New York Times Bestseller List 2010]
  • Registered Washington D.C. lobbyist Stephen G. Bassett
  • Former UK Ministry of Defence official and researcher Nick Pope,
  • Canadian author and nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman.

[Ed. Note: Journalists who may wish full documentation concerning the positions on the UFO/ET matter held by each of these professionals are invited to review the PRESS KIT below or contact ZlandCommunications directly.] 

The bold assessment of this global issue by Professor Wickersham raises two serious questions:

1. Why does mainstream press staunchly persist in evading and overtly ridiculing the obvious evidence pointing towards the reality and substantive nature of the UFO matter?

2. Why does mainstream media continue to ignore the clarion calls by professionals, authors, former government and military officials as well as NASA astronauts who have publicly and formally gone on record to demand an end to government secrecy surrounding this global issue?

Although not referenced in Professor Wickersham’s article and further to his incisive appraisal of this issue, it is note worthy that from 1993 to 1996 Laurance S. Rockefeller was also instrumental in pressing U. S. President Bill Clinton through Office of Science and Technology Policy advisor to the President – Dr. John Gibbons, to end the U.S. government’s massive secrecy network surrounding the UFO/ET question.

This dramatic action was taken by Rockefeller and his attorney Henry L. Diamond along with C. B. "Scott" Jones. Rockefeller's strategy reached directly into the White House and placed itself squarely onto the desk of the President of the United States. It is known as the Rockefeller Initiative. 

It appears to be no coincidence that letters by and the role played in this initiative by C. B. "Scott" Jones extends Wickersham's firm contention that Jones has and will play a vital role in the disclosure by government about their involvement in the UFO/ET matter. [See PRESS KIT below.]

Read Professor Wickersham’s entire article - click on: The Columbia Daily Tribune
C. B. "Scott" Jones' web site is:

Video Testimony:
  • Video testimony by former Watergate and Pentagon Papers attorney Daniel P. Sheehan JD at a Washington National Press Club Hearing on Disclosure May 2013 - click HERE
  • Video testimony at the Washington National Press Club by attorney John Podesta former White House Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton on the need for a government examination of UFOs 2002 - click HERE
  • Video testimony by Pulitzer Prize winner and Harvard Professor of psychiatry Dr. John E. Mack - click HERE 
  • The Rockefeller Initiative - A Video Summary - Click HERE 
Other Resources:
- Letter by C. B. "Scott" Jones to White House Science Advisor Dr. John Gibbons - Click here
- Letter to  White House Science Advisor Dr. John Gibbons from Laurance S. Rockefeller - Click here
- Letter to President Bill Clinton from Laurance S. Rockefeller - Click here
- Summary of letters involved in the Rockefeller Initiative - Click here

For more information on the Rockefeller Initiative go to: PRG or Presidential UFO
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Watergate-Pentagon Papers lawyer to reveal contents of secret US Congressional Library UFO files at Canadian conference

Press Release - For Immediate Distribution

Toronto [ZNN] The ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork has learned that a Toronto based group has managed to obtain the legal services of US Watergate-Pentagon Papers lawyer, Daniel P. Sheehan in an effort to promote their cause to convince the general public and media that not only are UFOs real but information about the existence of UFOs has been sequestered by the US government for over 65 years. 

According to ZNN sources, this would mark the first time in history an American solicitor, trained at the Harvard Law School in Constitutional law, will officially address the issue of government secrecy and the UFO issue on Canadian soil.

In this remarkable and unprecedented Canadian news development, the Toronto group has informed ZNN that not only will unassailable evidence be presented at their up-coming conference, attesting to the reality of unidentified flying objects, but that Sheehan was granted permission to see classified US government documents that have been sequestered from the public and media by the US government. 

In the context of this extraordinary news, ZNN contacted Mr. Sheehan today. He informed ZNN that he has every intention of revealing the contents of these classified UFO files, his experiences with the Vatican and much more at the conference.

Sheehan also revealed to ZNN that he was granted permission by Marcia Smith, chief analyst at the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress in Washington DC to access classified UFO information in the US government’s infamous PROJECT BLUE BOOK files - all housed in the Library of Congress in DC.

In a shocking statement Sheehan said, “She [Marcia Smith] gave me a particular date and time and told me that I should go over to the new building at the Library of Congress. [T]his building had not even been opened yet. There were no people in it. She told me they are going to bring the files down to the new building…” 
Sheehan has indicated that he will be revealing what he saw when he reviewed these PROJECT BLUE BOOK files during the up-coming conference that runs this coming weekend from August 28 to August 31 in Schomberg Ontario, just north of Toronto.
According to Canadian researcher Grant Cameron from Winnipeg Manitoba, as part of this contact with Marcia Smith of the Congressional Research Service, Sheehan was asked to use his position inside the Jesuit community to obtain the UFO documents held in the Vatican Library

Sheehan made an approach to his contact at the Vatican. Sheehan recalled, “She [Marcia Smith] called and asked me if as Legal Counsel for the Jesuit Headquarters whether I could get access for the Library of Congress from the Vatican library. The Vatican library has a fairly large section concerning the issue of extraterrestrial intelligence, and UFOs. I undertook to contact the Jesuit who actually runs the Vatican library, and much to my shock, they said we couldn’t have access to it... I related this to Marcia Smith.” [Source: Presidential UFO]

ZNN’s examination of Daniel Sheehan’s international reputation reveals impressive and striking credentials, from Watergate to the Iran Contra Scandal.

Sheehan served as General Counsel for the New York Times arguing the case in favour of the full release of The Pentagon Papers Case in 1971. As well, Sheehan was involved as counsel in The Watergate Burglary Case in 1973 while in the offices of internationally renowned lawyer F. Lee Bailey

In addition, Sheehan served as the chief Attorney on The Karen Silkwood Case in 1976, which additionally revealed the CIA's Israeli Desk had been smuggling 98% bomb-grade plutonium to the State of Israel and to Iran.

See Sheehan's Provocative Testimony at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in May of 2013 in which he discusses the Pentagon Papers and the UFO issue. Sheehan’s Bio

Joining Daniel Sheehan at this conference will be Stephen G. Bassett Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG) Washington DC and Canadian researcher Grant Cameron - Presidential UFO.

Bassett is considered the world’s leading activist pressuring the United States government into acknowledging the information and documentation in their possession that indicates the planet is indeed being engaged by extraterrestrials. Bassett co-ordinated the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure on the question of extraterrestrial contact.

Cameron is recognized as the foremost authority on UFOs and The American Presidency.

ZNN reached the event co-ordinator Laurie Rosenfield of the Toronto group UFOContact at her home in North York - a suburb of Toronto. In a brief interview with Rosenfield, she assessed the significance of this ‘first-of-its-kind’ conference and the impact it will have; “In addition to proving corroborated evidence of the presence of UFOs, this event­ will explore how the government has managed to keep this information out of the consciousness of the general public - thus depriving us our right to know we are not alone in the cosmos.” 

Rosenfield went on to say, “Whoever these beings are and wherever they are from, we owe it to ourselves to confirm their existence and the government’s role in keeping the truth from us. We cannot let the government take this out of the hands of the people.” 

[Ed. Note: Precisely why this Toronto group has enlisted the services of a former Watergate-Pentagon Papers lawyer to promote Extraterrestrial contact and to reveal information about a government cover-up of this matter, is uncertain at this time. However, there is sufficient reason to believe that a legal precedence may develop to remove this matter from the grip of government control and place the matter in the hands of the people where it belongs - according to conference organizers.] 

The conference is open to the public and members of the press.

Full details about attendance at this conference are available at:
Location: Cedar Glen 13300 Concession 11, Schomberg, ON L0G 1T0, Canada 

Members of the press are invited to contact Laurie Rosenfield at: or or ZNN, using the contact details below to arrange coverage of this event or to interview speakers.
[With files from Presidential UFO]
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