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Canadian News Wire distributes Disclosure Canada Press Release

Letter to Canadian Defence Minister Jason Kenney and National Security issues around NORAD CF-18's chasing 'craft of unknown origin' highlighted


Press Release
For Immediate Distribution

Toronto [ZNN] One of Canada’s largest news outlets has sent a DISCLOSURE CANADA press release nation-wide and into the United States.

According to one source within DISCLOSURE CANADA - "This nation-wide coverage is the first of its kind by a private Canadian advocacy group. We hope to encourage the Minister and the Canadian Federal government to publicly address the serious national security issues surrounding documented military encounters with 'craft of unknown origin' engaging in intelligently controlled unauthorized incursions into Canadian air space. We feel Canadians have a right to know about this. The policy and aviation safety implications of this are staggering. We know commercial airline pilots report these craft up to and above 30,000 feet, performing unheard of manoeuvres, but pilots are directed not to speak publicly about their observations. No one else is talking about this - so we feel we have an obligation to inform Canadians."

The press release indicates NORAD Commander Admiral Bill Gortney, USN, in a document sent by NORAD to a representative of DISCLOSURE CANADA, stated there exists a five-year average of 1800 reports and 75 intercepts of what is referred to as 'UNKNOWN TRACKS' or 'Tracks of Interest'. 

Canadian officials have never before acknowledged this.

The CNW press release also outlines the letter sent by DISCLOSURE CANADA to The Hon. Jason Kenney, Minister of National Defence in Canada concerning ATI documents about NORAD CF-18 jets chasing 'craft of unknown origin' at 35,000 feet in 2001.

Upon further independent investigation, ZNN has learned DISCLOSURE CANADA may be in possession of a sensitive document indicating NORAD CF-18’s not only chased “unknowns” but made contact with them at 35,000 feet. On page 4 the six page NORAD ATC flight log obtained by ZNN it states: “01/09/12 - 12:13:13 Time to targets for CF-18s is 90 secs…wm" followed by - "01/09/12 - 12:13:54  YYQ CF-18s have contact at 35000 feet wm"
Disclosure Canada, as a public advocacy group focusing on the urgency of this national security issue is therefore conducting a series of nationwide events with expert researchers to explain to Canadians issues related to the classified and declassified documentation concerning 'craft of unknown origin'.  
Review the entire CNW Release at: CNW

Review the preliminary ZNN Press Release and official documents at: ZNN News Blog

All documentation is available to journalists upon request.

Radio, television and newsprint media across Canada are invited to attend one or more of the events in Montreal - Toronto - Calgary or Vancouver.

[CONFIDENTIALITY COMMITMENT - any MP or journalists who wishes to communicate with DISCLOSURE CANADA or ZNN on these matters will be guaranteed privacy and complete access to the files and documents attesting to the validity of the claims in this release.] 

Review the Four City Tour agenda at: DC TOUR

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Disclosure Canada's Letter to Minister of Defence demands national security answers

Four city Canadian tour to present indisputable National Security evidence to Minister of Defence the Hon. Jason Kenney and the Canadian public

Press Release
For Immediate Distribution

Toronto [ZNNZlandCommunications has learned that, in addition to over 9,500 UFO files on record in the Department of National Defence and RCMP archives, the NORAD Commander has verified in a correspondence to Disclosure Canada of a five year average of 1800 reports and 75 intercepts of what they refer to as 'UNKNOWN TRACKS' or 'Tracks of Interest'. This information has never before been disclosed to the Canadian public by government officials. [Access to Information file A0441177_1-A-2014-01494-000]

According to Disclosure Canada - a recently formed investigative group - questions about these reports and intercepts, along with thousands of archived files about UFOs and extraterrestrials appear to be something Canadian government officials do not want to talk about. Disclosure Canada wants to know more from Canada's Minister of Defence. 

In a dramatic venture to get answers from the Canadian government on the questions remaining in the dark about the NORAD report and Canada's UFO files, this Toronto group has sent a letter of inquiry to Jason Kenney, Canada's recently appointed Minister of National Defence. This letter is expected to be sent to Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau, the NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May in addition to Parliamentary Defence critics Jack Harris and Joyce Murray and Parliamentary Secretary James Bezan. 

Disclosure Canada today revealed to ZNN that the Canadian Department of National Defence has confirmed receipt of its letter to Minister Kenney.

It appears Disclosure Canada has indeed done their homework. Disclosure Canada has informed ZNN that they have in their possession a mistakenly divulged, line by line NORAD air traffic control flight log document from Canada's Department of Defence that describes a minute by minute transcription of how Canadian CF-18 jets were scrambled out of COMOX AFB in British Columbia Canada to intercept and eventually make contact with three UFOs in 2001. 

This UFO encounter was also corroborated by the visual confirmation of pilots aboard a U.S. LR-35 Medical Evacuation jet out of Anchorage Alaska. [Ed. Note: ZNN has been informed by Disclosure Canada that due to the sensitivity of this specific document, only journalists with a desire to acquire this ATC report will be granted access upon request.]

The letter to Minister Kenney along with its support documentation can be access below. 

The Disclosure Canada Tour
To bring all of this information to Canadians and media, Disclosure Canada is set to launch a four city cross-Canada tour beginning in Montreal Quebec on April 4th, 2015 and ending in Vancouver on April 19th with stops in Toronto and Calgary. 

The purpose - according to the group’s spokesperson - is to disclose the truth to Canadians about what the Canadian government knows and has known about the phenomenon of UFOs for over 60 years.

Disclosure Canada, headed by entrepreneur Chris Russak and broadcaster David Whitehead is kicking off its four city cross-country tour with its broadside letter to Minister Jason Kenney. And, they seem to have the proof to back-up each alarming claim in it. 

Russak - the tour's co-ordinator told ZNN: 
"We plan to bring forward some very shocking news and we will start by sending it to the Minister of Defence. Out of respect we at Disclosure Canada feel the Minister should be made aware of what we know before we tell the Canadian people. We have discovered and have absolute proof that the Canadian government has, for decades, investigated, researched and attempted to sequester open debate and discussion about what many call flying saucers or unidentified flying objects. Not only that, we have confirmed documentation that unequivocally proves Canada has been an active partner with the United States through their joint operation - NORAD and  have been engaged in tracking what they refer to as 'unknown tracks' or 'unknowns' at altitudes of up to 35,000 feet. Our Minister of Defence - the Hon. Jason Kenney has oversight of these matters and, as citizens with the right to know, we want answers. It's quite simple actually." 

Russak went on to point out, "We also have clear documentation that information about the nature of these encounters and the many other government discussions about UFOs have been kept hidden from the public. We want the Honourable Minister to fully explain what these encounters are and, to account for why this information has been kept secret from our elected representatives in Parliament and from the public he serves."

Russak confirmed with ZNN that information obtained by one of his research advisors through a recently acquired Access to Information request validates the letter from the NORAD Commander at Petersen Air Force Base in Colorado. This letter states that over the last five years there has been a yearly average of 1800 Tracks of Interest resulting in 75 intercepts. 

Regrettably, according to Russak's research advisor, all other information requested about 'unknown tracks' or 'Tracks of Interest', has been denied. Russak plans to have this document, along with a barrage of other documents, available for media and public review as part of his letter to the Canadian Minister of Defence.

Broadcaster David Whitehead, Mr. Russak's associate stated to ZNN: 
"This is something the mainstream media in Canada has ignored for far too long. It's time for those in the Canadian media who investigate everything from Senate scandals and election improprieties to rail disasters and a former mayor's drug problem to take this decisively authentic and politically explosive issue with the seriousness it deserves. They will have a field day with this one. We feel it will be a "Watergate-like" event. Top level military brass know all about this - why shouldn't we? Why all the secrecy? If you want to know more, read the letter to Minister Kenney, visit our web site or, for the whole narrative by our expert speakers - attend one of our Disclosure Canada conferences in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary or Vancouver, you won't regret it - guaranteed."

Finally, when asked by ZNN whether the letter to the Minister of Defence has anything to do with the Harper government's pension for metal-plated secrecy and, whether the timing of the tour is a politically motivated forerunner to the 2015 Federal election, Whitehead, with no hesitation responded cryptically, “Both…"

According to one Disclosure Canada research expert, governments have consistently refused to openly discuss the UFO matter in any manner - choosing to hide behind the mantra of 'national security'. Researchers appear to be asking - If, as government officials insist, there is no evidence of the reality of UFOs, then why is it a breach of national security to discuss it, why does so much documentation exist and why has there been a massive embargo of secrecy surrounding this matter for over six decades?

Disclosure Canada's first salvo to the Minister of Defence seems destined to spark controversy within a secrecy-prone Harper Cabinet. If Russak and Whitehead get their message across, as they seem well-prepared to do, the soon to arrive deluge of the Duffy-Senate Scandal investigation will be compounded when Canadian's and the media in four of Canada’s largest cities get wind that UFOs are real and the government has known it for over 60 years.

Read the LETTER and DOCUMENTS sent to the Hon. Jason Kenney at:

Disclosure Canada Tour Information and Speakers' Bios:

Contact Mr. Russak and Mr. Whitehead at:

[Ed Note: Unbeknownst to most Canadians - Canada did release over 9500 UFO files in 2007. These UFO files have never been publicly addressed by government officials. They have however been carefully sequestered in a complex labyrinth of categories that present even the most accomplished researchers with the daunting task of finding out what the Canadian Defence Department and the RCMP have tucked away about UFOs. Visit Library and Archives Canada to find out how difficult it is to access and sort through these files.]
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Obama Advisor John Podesta says ‘biggest failure’ was not securing the disclosure of UFO files

Press Release
For Immediate Distribution
Top Advisor wants to tell the world about UFOs

See Obama on UFOs with Jimmy Kimmel. Obama says he knows but he's not saying.

Toronto [ZNN] A report by the award winning Al Kamen in the Washington Post describes John Podesta’s regret that he was unable to de-classify files on UFOs while in his capacity as Barack Obama’s chief advisor. 

This same report has also received growing coverage at UPI as well as by other journalists in at least six other mainstream media outlets. [See MEDIA RESOURCES]

John Podesta on Twitter stated: 'Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files. #thetruthisstilloutthere cc: @NYTimesDowd'

Two Big Questions Loom 
Why would a renowned lawyer, CEO and strategist named John David Podesta - noted for his dextrous political influence on Capitol Hill - even bother to make such a politicly loaded statement? Does his use of the words ‘once again’ mean he’s tried before to get UFO files disclosed? ZNN is the only Canadian news outlet that can provide a context and perspective on these and other questions about Mr. Podesta’s motives.

When Podesta Speaks...
Podesta’s motivations are framed by a career as an influential and powerful Democrat - marked by a tenure as Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton and, as Co-Chair of Obama’s post-election Transition Team in 2008-2009. His notorious endurance, political savvy and aggressive nature helped Podesta rule with an unquestioned and iron fist while in the Clinton White House. Reports are that Podesta put in place a strategy that singled-handedly averted President Clinton’s impeachment in the US Senate following the Monica Lewinski affair. What is also of appreciable interest is that this Iron Man is slated to be Hillary Clinton’s chief advisor on her Presidential election team. It appears that when Podesta speaks - the Clintons listen. 

Despite a sparkling sense of humour - the word out there is Podesta never kids when it comes to 'affairs of state'. The assessment by all media thus far is that  Podesta was not kidding - but dead serious about his failure to obtain the disclosure of UFO files. 

As a Georgetown University trained lawyer, Constitutional expert, CEO of the Center for American Progress and marathon runner - Podesta seems to be the kind of guy who can stick his hand in a raging bonfire and, unscathed - pull out a snowball.

These assessments must be seriously deliberated upon before anyone even ponders criticizing John Podesta’s many public admonitions to the US government about its steel-plated use of secrecy around the matter of UFOs. 

UFO Questions in the Dark
His first warning to the US government occurred at the Washington DC National Press Club in 2002 and 2003. In these volleys Podesta asserted: “I think it's time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark on the question of government investigations of UFOs. It's time to find out what the truth really is that's out there. We ought to do it because it's right, we ought to do it because the American people, quite frankly, can handle the truth and we ought to do it because it's the law.” See: 

Later, in the New York Times bestseller Generals, Pilots and Government Officials go on the Record by former Boston Globe journalist Leslie Kean, Podesta wrote in the book’s forward:

“… it is time for government, scientists and aviation experts to work together in unravelling the questions about UFOs that have so far remained in the dark.” 

He also stated in the book’s foreword:
"I’m skeptical about many things, including the notion that government always knows best, and that the people can't be trusted with the truth. The time to pull the curtain back on this subject is long overdue. Presenting the facts, the book includes statements from only the most credible sources -- those in a position to know -- about a fascinating phenomenon, the nature of which is yet to be determined. It's time to find out what the truth really is that's out there. The American people -- and people around the world -- want to know, and they can handle the truth."
Sounds like the man is serious.

Many Unresolved Questions
Again - the question: why would such a high ranking Democrat like Podesta make such a statement just after he leaves the White House to join Hillary Clinton’s election team? 

Does he know there are UFO files hidden away - sequestered - beyond the most-sequestered about extraterrestrials? Has he seen these files? Has he discussed them with Obama, President Clinton or Hillary Clinton? Why does he appear to be so consistent in his assertions and so certain about them, while everyone else on Capitol Hill and in the White House are doing their best to ignore anything and everything about unidentified flying objects and a possible ET presence engaging the planet? 

Is it at all likely that Podesta will be pressed openly by mainstream media to expand on his litany of commentaries on UFOs? Why would he make such claims on the record leading up to his alliance with Hillary Clinton when he knows better than anyone that the Republicans will grab any perceived wayward statements like Podesta's and use them to discredit Lady Clinton? Are Democrats who are aligned with Hillary now cringing - quietly asking Hillary why her soon to be appointed advisor is talking UFO secrecy - again? 

So far - no questions are being put to Podesta publicly by US or international mainstream media; media that seems terrified to engage the UFO matter on the grand scale it portends. This collective cowardice by media reveals most journalist know not where to look for answers. 

However - specific answers to some of these questions do exist.

An Unacknowledged White House Context - The Rockefeller Initiative
Answers can be found in Podesta's role as a Principal observer as President Clinton’s Chief of Staff during what is now historically referenced as the Rockefeller Initiative - a period of time in the Clinton White House when a series of over 50 letters attempting to question and investigate the deep secrecy within the US government surrounding the UFO/ET matter. Very few if any mainstream journalists are aware of this stunning compendium of first-hand letters and memos within the White House. When viewed collectively - they conclusively implicate some of the President’s staff and his advisors in discussions about UFO/ET secrecy.

Letters were exchanged and meetings arranged between the President’s Science Advisor Dr. Jack Gibbons and billionaire philanthropist Laurance S. Rockefeller. A large portion of these letters were exchanged among dozens of others - including the office of then First Lady Hillary Clinton, the late Carl Sagan, the late Reverend Billy Graham, the former outspoken Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson on the UFO matter and a host of others from approximately 1993 through to1999. In one 1999 correspondence obtained from the Clinton Library, it named Chief of Staff John Podesta as the recipient of one controversial Memo.

Bill and Webb
If Podesta’s demands to end UFO secrecy are not enough to sway skeptical journalists - Bill Clinton himself cannot escape involvement. For the record Bill Clinton told his associate advisor Webster Hubbell to find out Who Killed John Kennedy and are UFOs real. 
Hubbell states in his book:  “Of my many regrets at that moment, I remember thinking that I hadn’t accomplished something the President had asked me to do when I [he means Clinton] was first elected. “Webb,” he had said, “if I put you at Justice, I want you to find two answers for me. One, Who killed JFK? And two, Are there UFO’s?” He was dead serious. I had looked into both, but wasn’t satisfied with the answers I was getting.”  [Webb Hubbell, "Friends in High Places," p. 282] 
It is also instructive to listen to Clinton's public decree to thousands while in Ireland in 1995 about the Roswell UFO incident. It appears to be no coincidence that this Clinton statement was made during the swirling circulation of the Rockefeller letters within the White House from 1993 to 1999 .  

Next to the Bottom Line
There exists far too much unimpeachable hard evidence, possibly probative in a court of law that would indicate there is something going on in the inner chambers of the White House on the UFO matter … and solicitor Podesta knows about it. 

Does it not seem somewhat of an irony that the days of speculation about government secrecy on the UFO/ET issue have come to an abrupt end, not at a resplendent press conference or evocative Presidential message on national television, but by a bit of social media chatter - all in one 136 character Tweet.

In a typical "news day" context Podesta’s statement can be easily shrugged-off as an isolated flash-point on the UPI wire. However, to the alert journalist the above context drops a political bombshell right in the middle of the early stages of jockeying by candidates for the Presidency. 

As they stand on watch - waiting for things to ignite - the White House and many at the Pentagon, NSA, NRO and the USAF are patently praying this bombshell remains undetonated. They’ll never be able to handle the fall-out because this is no joke - the Washington Post - famed instigator of Nixon’s impeachment and resignation - is again on the trail of this one - something bigger than they can imagine. The New York Times has weighed in too. The bombshell will surely detonate when any of the major TV news outlets like CBS 60 MinutesABC Nightline or NBC Dateline runs with this mega-story. It is sure to rip open the tender underbelly of the media and the hardened gut of the US government when these media heavy hitters - desperate for ratings and revenues - eventually decide to ask the big national security questions about UFOs. 

On another scale completely - any journalist willing to burn some witching hour crude to take the plunge into this rabbit hole could well resurrect themselves with a Pulitzer.

The Bottom Line
This folks is the next Watergate - a 'Cosmic Watergate’ and the first person they’ll want to cross-examine is lawyer John David Podesta.


Podesta’s UFO announcement:

Washington Post article by Al Kamen:

UPI (United Press International):

New York Times - Peter Baker:

Jennifer Harper - Washington Times:

The Drudge Report:

Other Media Sources:

[Ed. Note: Journalists, editors, TV and radio news program producers looking for more in-depth information, comments or interviews are invited to contact ZlandCommunications.]

John Podesta's Web of Influence

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Richard Syrett Presents: Follow the Truth2 Special Report


Sunday. April 26, 2015. 
 7:00 p.m

Regent Theatre, Oshawa. 


Richard Syrett


Call  905-721-3399


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Air Force UFO files land on Internet

Washington Post, CNN and USA Today cover the US Air Force release of UFO files

REVISED - Press Release

[ADDENDUM 2 - since this press release was distributed - the holder of the PROJECT BLUE BOOK files online, The Black Vault has been forced to remove the files from the internet do to copyright infringements claimed by the third party, ZNN supports The Black Vault's attempts to provide the public with free access to PROJECT BLUE BOOK files and will up-date readers on any appeals that may be forthcoming. 
See for details. ]

Toronto [ZNN] It had to happen sooner or later.  The UK has done it. Canada did it. France did it. So has Belgium. Has the USA capitulated?

Now - all three American media news networks are a-buzz about the declassification and release of nearly 130,000 pages of UFO files by the US Air Force onto the internet - files that were once sequestered and deemed either not existent or inaccessible to the public. This amounts to 37 cubic feet of data - excluding 94 rolls of 35mm of UFO microfilm.

What can be viewed as equally significant - the influential Washington Post, ranked the #2 newspaper in North America by 4International Media and Newspapers - has covered the release of these US Air Force files.

A senior editorial official at ZNN is quoted as stating:

"This break-through by all three major US news networks and one of the country's most influential newspapers to cover this PROJECT BLUE BOOK UFO file release - a long standing metaphor for the 'government UFO cover-up' - represents a significant step forward in the development of a unified media challenge to the US government's silence on the UFO matter.  Will this challenge flush out the US government's propensity to ignore and side-step any open discussion of the thousands if not millions of UFO reports in the US and internationally? We can only wait and see if NBC - CBS and ABC have the courage to pursue this into the chambers of Congress and onto the desk of the President of the United States or, if they too remain complicit in the cover-up." 

These UFO files were assembled during the 1950's to the late 1960s by the infamous PROJECT BLUE BOOK - suddenly shut-down by US Air Force officials when the number of UFO sightings reached epidemic proportions. 

The poorly staffed project could not keep up with or explain the massive wave and relentless presence of UFO sightings, so the Air Force decided to go underground. 

It shrugged off its investigative accountability of this phenomenon and passed along the job of amassing UFO sighting reports to unofficial private UFO organizations and an obscure university where UFO reports were poorly researched - dismissed as hoaxes and ultimately buried - until now.

Now the US media is beginning to sniff out the significance of why and how these files were sequestered since 1969 and released now, in the hope that a dump this large will be indigestible to the general public and to the media. Questions remain.

Why would the US Air Force build a huge repository of over 130,000 pages of UFO sighting reports - 37 cubic feet thick - task a small group of USAF officers with limited resources to examine UFO reports - then, with little explanation, shut down the entire division by making statements such as:

"...[N]othing has happened to indicate that the Air Force ought to resume investigating UFOs. Because of the considerable cost to the Air Force in the past, and the tight funding of Air Force needs today, there is no likelihood the Air Force will become involved with UFO investigation again."

Would a data base this large on alleged child sex offenders, a list of US terrorist cells or leaked ledgers of financial improprieties by banking CEOs go unnoticed by media in the same manner UFO files have been quashed or go unnoticed by media - all consigned to oblivion in the same sophomoric miasma of news of George Clooney's recent marriage or the dating practices of Kim Kardashian?

Is the US government relenting to pressure and on the brink of full disclosure that the planet is indeed being engaged by craft of unknown origin?

The answer to these cutting-edge questions stares one in the face to ostensibly propel an authentic step-forward in the Disclosure movement. 

Something is afoot.
[Ed.Note: It should be noted that the data base under review here in Project Blue Book - appeares not to include official correspondence among United States Air Force, FBI and CIA officials on the UFO matter. ZNN has acquired singular access to these files that are available for review by media journalists.]

Producers and researchers from ZNN are available for interviews on this issue.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

PRG's Stephen G. Bassett announces White House Petition VII

Government, Agency and Political witnesses prepared to testify under oath before Congress on Extraterrestrial related events and evidence

Media Alert
Toronto [ZNN] Stephen G. Bassett Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group is extending PRG's world-wide influence to once again challenge the White House on the ET question. This challenge is a re-assertion of actions taken by PRG over the last several weeks to test the metal of American democracy.

First - the distribution to all members of the US Congress and Senate of the entire DVD set cataloguing the proceedings during the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure on the ET question held in May of 2013 at the Washington National Press Club. 

At the week-long hearing before former members of Congress and the Senate, Bassett brought forward 40 former government, military and agency witnesses to present over 30 hours of compelling testimony about their knowledge of and involvement in specific incidents, briefings and research attesting to the reality of an extraterrestrial presence. 

Actual government documents, threats and intimidation by senior military officials towards military personnel and accounts of and interactions with the phenomenon of craft of unknown origin were brought forward each day in unrelenting waves of evidence. This evidence challenges the White House assertion that this phenomenon and the entire matter of an ET presence do not exist.   

Former Congressional and Senate members were unanimous in their call for the US government to hold open hearings and make public all files in their possession on these matters.

Second -  Now Bassett, in his most recent We the People Petition, challenges the White House to do the same: Support open congressional hearings that will allow former US military officers, government agency and political witnesses to testify under oath before a committee of the US Congress.

Many have questioned Bassett's relentless pursuit of the entire matter of the existence of UFOs and a so-called ET presence on Earth - saying it's falling on deaf ears. Others say Bassett is doing something historic and difficult but very concrete about government secrecy and intransigence. 
Those who do question Bassett's ET pursuits - particularly a timorous mainstream media and an imperious elite within the US government - know full well they are playing a fruitless political game of 'truth or dare' with Bassett - one that can only be ended by the sheer magnitude of the evidence and the force of the truth behind that evidence. 
There is no question Bassett has revealed the truth with bona fide and irrefutable witness testimony and documentation on the ET question. He has presented this truth to Congress and the Senate on a silver platter in the form of HD DVD coverage of witness testimony. With that in their hands, Bassett is now daring Congress to acknowledge what he has given to them by holding open hearings to let the truth be known to the American people.

This is why Bassett is counting on public support to sign the We the People Petition at: THE PETITION. Bassett needs 150 signatures to gain visibility of the petition on the We the People web site and 100,000 before February 6, 2015 to get a public response from the White House.

When asked what his basic message to Congress is, Bassett stated: "The message will be the same: open and review the Citizen Hearing DVD sets, meet with PRG's lobbyist to discuss the content, and hold hearings for military, agency and political witnesses to testify."

Will Bassett succeed? The determination of all who seek the truth could be the determining factor for Mr. Bassett. One can only imagine what will happen next if or when Bassett gets the 100,000 signatures. This eventuality raises three plaintive questions of a moral nature about the fate of American democracy:

  • Will the compelling desire for an open dialogue about the ET question and interspecies ethics materialize should elected officials in Congress and the Senate come to a conscious understanding of their sworn duty as servants of the people?
  • Or, will the dialectic between YES and NO continue - leaving citizens helpless in the amorphous middle-ground of uncertainty where the power of the State continues to assert its dominance over citizens' rights to know about their place in the cosmos? 
  • Will the miasma choking American 'democracy' and the futile ramblings of a gutless President be somehow resolved if the people were to react and actually decide to give Bassett his 100,000? 

ZNN supports PRG in its efforts to bring forward the truth. What are your plans?

Media Kit - Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Witness Testimony 
and White House Petition Information:
- Senior FAA Administrator testimony on UFO-747 encounter - John Callahan

- US Air Force Security Officers' extraordinary testimony on approaching and touching landed UFO craft - Part 1 - Penniston - Burroughs and Part 2 - Penniston - Borroughs


- Watch the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure HD TRAILER

- For more information go to:

Members of the Press are invited to contact Stephen G. Bassett for comment or interviews at:

Friday, December 19, 2014

New Edit of Coast to Coast AM Interview - with Victor Viggiani

New Edited Version now available
Toronto [ZNN
This remarkable and chilling event makes this particular interview an historic one for educators. Educational leadership in school boards throughout North America may now have to contend with information that appears to indicate some students in their school districts have had encounters with Extraterrestrials. 

Listen to Victor Viggiani's interview at: 
UFO Disclosure and Abductions 
[NOTE: The interview begins at approx the 40 min 44 sec mark]

Journalists and educators wishing more information about this interview and the work of Victor Viggiani at ZNN are invited to use the contact details below. Due to the very sensitive nature of this information ZNN guarantees confidentiality to all media reporters, columnists and educators who may wish to make inquiries.

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