Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Media Alert - Alien Cosmic Expo Toronto September 21-22

Discover and help disclose the truth…
Canada's largest UFO symposium. 
Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel
Saturday Sept 21 and Sunday Sept 22 
The Expo's primary focus is on discovering and disclosing the truth about our Extraterrestrial visitors, who they are, why they are here and why governments are keeping the truth from us!

Featured Speakers
The Hon. Paul Hellyer

Richard Dolan 

Paola Harris
Travis Walton
See the full speaker line-up at: Ace Speakers
ACE 2019 Special Features
  • Lunch with Travis Walton - (tickets are going fast - so purchase yours now at Lunch with Travis)
  • An alien implant will be on display then discussed by Sid Goldberg
  • Experiencer Workshop – hosted by Lesley Mitchell-Clarke and Wes Roberts
For all ticket and speaker information click on: Tickets to ACE
Journalist interested in press passes and interview opportunities before or during the Expo are asked to contact Victor Viggiani
Storming Area 51?
A Pre-Alien Cosmic Expo Event
Friday Sept 20th
Time Magazine, Forbes and the Washington Post have covered it and now it's your chance to get involved.

Join us for the "Storming Area 51 Kick-Off Party" 
at the Alien Cosmic Expo. 
Friday, Sept 20, 7-10pm at the Wayside Social Bar in the Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel
Free admission, door prizes, Area 51 Trivia Contest and live Skype updates from Rachel, NV. 
[The Alien Cosmic Expo - sponsored by MUFON Canada]
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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Global TV News Canada Interviews Victor Viggiani on UFOs

Press Release - For Immediate Distribution

Man on a mission to uncover stories and secrets of UFOs - "Contact Made..."

News Director of ZlandCommunications blows lid off NORAD UFO Encounter Document

Toronto [ZNN] News Director of ZlandCommunications Victor Viggiani’s interview with Global News correspondent Mike Drolet sets the record straight on what NORAD encounters in Canadian airspace. 

The August 30th interview aired on Global News Toronto and Global National News.

NORAD's Status and Event document marked SECRET reveals 'contact made...' with 'unknowns' at 35,000 feet.

Global News captured incisive film of the documents that have been acquired by the News Director of ZlandCommunications - Victor Viggiani. 

The six page NORAD document reveals an encounter at 35,000 feet by two scrambled NORAD jets with three 'unknowns' - as they are described in the document.  

Viggiani is clear in his assessment that the documentation of the 2001 NORAD encounter with craft of unknown origin represents unacknowledged interaction between NORAD jets and 'unknowns'.

But why is the NORAD document redacted after an LR 35 Medical Evacuation jet in the same area reported that their aircraft "... COULD NOT KEEP UP WITH THEM..."?

Watch the entire interview at: GLOBAL NEWS

Journalists wishing more details on this and other NORAD documents - including a letter to Victor Viggiani from NORAD Command in Colorado - are urged to contact him using the details below.

Monday, August 12, 2019

ZlandCommunications News Director to host ET book launch

Victor Viggiani - News Director of ZNN to moderate book launch on Alien Abductions

Press Release 
For Immediate Distribution

Toronto [ZNN] On Thursday August 15 at the Super Wonder Gallery in Toronto ZNN's Victor Viggiani will host the long-awaited launch of the book "Intersections: A True Story of Extraterrestrial Contact".

"Intersections" is co-authored by Lesley Mitchell-Clarke and Wes Roberts. It tells the incredible story of life-long experiences of alien contact endured by Wes Roberts. 
"Educator, Entrepreneur and College Professor Wes Roberts, appeared to have an ideal life that belied the fact that deeply disturbing incidents of high strangeness had been a regular part of his adult life. Wes eventually sought out the help of noted Hypnotherapist and Regressionist, Lesley Mitchell-Clarke. What would follow would be the gradual recovery of Wes’ remarkable memories, reflecting a lifetime of mind-bending extra/ultra-terrestrial encounters."
Victor Viggiani's 40 year career in the area of UFO research and ET abduction experiences has enabled him to gain deep insights into an extraordinary phenomenon that appears to also be a global occurrence - reported by many people world-wide. 

The alien abduction phenomenon is no longer shunned by academics and researchers - taking its place among accepted investigations of the paranormal. 

A report by Psychology Today's Graham C.L. Davies Ph.D. cites a 10 year research project by Professor Richard McNally of Harvard University on the alien abduction phenomenon.

In addition to the book launch there will be a screening of  “BETTY and BARNEY HILL: IN THEIR OWN WORDS”, a documentary produced by Kathleen Marden, noted UFOlogy researcher and author and also Betty Hill’s niece.  The never-before-aired on television documentary focuses on the story of the Hills’ dramatic 1961 UFO Encounter and Abduction – considered by many to be “ground zero” of the contemporary abduction phenomena. 

Join host Victor Viggiani, Wes Roberts, Lesley Mitchell-Clarke and Prometea Press publisher Ana Gonzalves as they profile one of the most misunderstood phenomena of the modern era.

Event Details:

THURSDAY, AUGUST 15th at 7:30 PM

Media Contact Information: 
To arrange a media opportunity with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, Wes Roberts or Ana Gonzalez of The Prometea Press
Please contact: 
or by phone at 1-647-993-5708

Check out the latest on the up-coming ALIEN COSMIC EXPO in Toronto. Featured speakers Travis Walton - Paul Hellyer - Paola Harris and Richard Dolan


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Research Group - How Complete is Human Perception of an ET Presence?

Press Release
For Immediate Distribution
Global Research Organization seeks clarity on the presence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Toronto, Canada [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has learned about the recent formation of a progressive research group designed to address some of the more fundamental aspects of the UFO/ET issue. 

Since its inception Glexo - the Global Exopolitics Organization - has published several controversial position papers calling for information and research to be based on verifiable evidence rather than speculation or conjecture.
Founding members – all of whom have extensive qualifications and experience in research, journalism, anthropology, law and media relations – represent countries throughout Europe, Africa, South America, North America and the Orient.
As stated in its Mission Statement, Glexo, the Global Exopolitics Organization, is a not for profit organization that is dedicated to the study, promotion and support of exopolitics in a factual, professional, reliable and scientific manner.”
Some interesting questions are raised by Glexo

  • How deep is humanity’s understanding of the many implications of the discovery and presence of extraterrestrial intelligence on Earth? 
  • How complete is humanity’s perception of this presence and how much of its complexity can we truly embrace?
Of real interest is Glexo’s political, cultural and scientific perspective about contact with off-world civilizations. 
As stated on its web site, Glexo has clearly articulated several astute challenges to the Exopolitics research community. 
One of these challenges states: 
“We need to start preparing for a post-contact world. We also will need an organized political response to the ET presence; i.e., we need to start working on exodiplomacy. All of this also entails that we are dealing with a new scientific paradigm for which we will have to develop new concepts and a new vocabulary, new scientific methodologies and experimental practices.”
Journalists seeking more information on Glexo are invited to contact ZNN or use the contact link on Glexo's web site.
For a comprehensive look at this organization, its goals, mission and position papers click on: The Global Exopolitics Organization
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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

A ZNN Editorial - Believe or Know?

Believing is a concept triggered by Faith. Knowing is a concept triggered by Reality.

In the world of fiction - believing is an expedient choice when one considers the possible or impossible or ponders the existential. In the world of reality - belief has no standing. One either knows or one does not know. 

When addressing the issue of UFOs or UAP - however one wishes to describe the phenomenon - it is not a matter of believing. Believing is a fanciful way of suspecting or supposing something is real or may be true. Like having faith - believing depends on independent personal conjecture or conviction.

My good friend and colleague, the late Dr. John Mack - during my 1996 visits with him in his Cambridge office at Harvard University told me: "The UFO phenomenon as well as the abduction phenomenon are all about knowing - not believing."

It is here that believing and knowing part ways. 

Believing is a concept engaged or triggered by faith. Knowing is a concept that is triggered by or that is engaged by reality. 

I do not believe the world is round - I know the world is round. I do not have faith that the Earth orbits the Sun - I know the Earth does so. I do not believe that I exist - I know that I exist. Sentience is not a belief - it is a matter of knowing I am sentient. 

The convergence of 'believing' vs. 'knowing' is indeed an existential exercise of the mind - how do we actually KNOW anything is real. Try 'knowing' THAT when you are in a car accident or your child dies. Knowing takes exceedingly prime precedence over believing.

A massive segment of the global population have witnessed, seen, interacted with or engaged UFO/UAP. Another similarly large segment of the human family have actively engaged UFOs/UAP and extraterrestrial beings at a level of intimacy that we who have not - can only marvel. They do not 'believe' they have interacted - they KNOW they have interacted. There is the difference.

Let another example explicate the difference.

In the Roman Catholic faith there is a concept - an article of faith - known as Transubstantiation. It is the belief that ordained priests have been given the power by Christ himself to physically change wine and water and bread into the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

No one of resonantly sound mind who is not Catholic can or could ever actually 'believe' this. However, Catholics, since the days of early Christianity, 'believe' this to be true. Do they 'know' it is true? Some of fervent belief may feel that way - however - few know with absolute and consummate certainty that Transubstantiation is in fact real.

When I hear 'do you believe in UFOs?' I cringe. UFOs are not a matter of faith - they are a cosmic reality. Can one say knowingly that UFOs are not real? The definitive answer to that is 'no'. Can they say I do not believe in UFOs - sure - but that does not prove they do not exist.

Eventually the entire argument - like anything in the realm of reality - reveals itself in data - evidence and ultimately proof.

The recent corroboration by trained military pilots and the documentation of radar specialists provides tangible evidence that the UFO/UAP phenomenon - whatever it is - is real. 

The platform of belief they are extraterrestrial is a solid bet. The platform of knowing UFOs are real is a wager of certainty. 

The platform of 'believing' they are real is a bet on Santa Claus.

Compelling Public Radio Interview of UFO Author Leslie Kean

Are We Ready to accept that UFOs are Real?

Press Release
For Immediate Distribution

Toronto [ZNN] In this compelling interview, Leslie Kean - New York Times journalist and author of UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record is interviewed by Connecticut Public Radio host Colin McEnroe on recent incidents involving UFOs and US Navy pilots and about materials that may be of unknown origin.

Ms. Kean outlines specific data indicating that government and FAA officials are failing to deal with information and incidents about which no one has answers.  

Near misses of within 100 feet involving US Navy jets and UFOs and video and radar reports are - as Ms. Kean explains, "...very suggestive of something we really, really do not understand - leaning towards something really strange."

Ms. Kean goes on to describe that this data has been collected and analyzed by the highest-level officials within the CIA and other US departments.

Listen to this interview and form your own conclusions: 

In other News 
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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Interview with the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer

Media Alert 
Historical Interview with the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer now available

Toronto [ZNN] This in-depth interview with the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer reveals some of his most dramatic insights. The interview will in all likelihood become an historical bench-mark set by one of Canada's bravest citizens.

As an advocate of the full disclosure of the UFO/ET issue the former Minister of Defence in Canada provides a clear direction for the truth to be known and told.

Journalists and other media representatives are invited to contact Victor Viggiani News Director of ZlandCommunications for more information.

See the complete video interview at: The Hon. Paul T. Hellyer
[Ed. Note: Thanks to producer and editor Rob Shimmon and MUFON CANADA]

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Breaking News - The ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork provides UFO News Resources to Journalists

ZNN Launches Radio/Podcast - The Files of the Disclosure Agency

Press Release
For Immediate Distribution
June 17, 2019

Toronto, Canada [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has provided Canada with the only news service dedicated to the compilation, world-wide distribution and analysis of news relating to the UFO phenomenon. 

No other Canadian news service has the capacity or reach to distribute and assess the global impact of this issue.

"ZNN is now expanding its reach with news and audio resources for journalists. This source of information will be unlike any other available - a one-stop repository of data."

You may have noticed recently an unexpected onslaught of mainstream media coverage of UFOs has occurred. This deluge of coverage is being  sustained at an unprecedented and rapidly increasing rate. At one time mainstream media rarely if ever covered the UFO matter - choosing to ignore or ridicule this issue. This has now changed dramatically.

CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, the Washington Post, the NY Times and the NY Post have all covered the UFO matter as never before. There are specific reasons for this radical change in media coverage.

First, the US Navy and the Pentagon have each publicly and independently articulated and acknowledged concerns that UFOs (craft of unknown origin) have entered US commercial and military airspace in an unauthorized manner. US Navy fighter pilots and radar operators are on record as stating these events occur on a daily basis

Secondly, US Navy and Pentagon officials have indicated these events could and perhaps already have affected and compromised US National Security.

It has been the position of the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork since 2009 that the matter of UFOs has in fact been discussed, analyzed, investigated, manipulated and sequestered at the highest levels of governance on the planet. Something mainstream media is just finding out now from the US Navy and the Pentagon.

Reports, witness testimony, freedom of information requests and documentation developed by the global UFO research community include ex-military officials, activists, authors, solicitors, astronauts as well as journalists are now being taken seriously by all major US mainstream news outlets. This mode of coverage is significant - but it still lacks depth. Why?

ZlandCommunications has covered news related to the UFO phenomenon for over 10 years in an in-depth manner - using its global network of experts, political and military insiders to obtain and report on verifiable news and the political and technological implications of this highly enigmatic phenomenon. 

Mainstream media has chosen - for the time being - to by-pass the highly political nature of the UFO/ET matter - whereas, ZNN provides in-depth coverage of the political, sociological, cultural and new energy issues relating to UFOs. No other news service provides this category of comprehensive news and commentary on UFOs.

Due to these unprecedented set of circumstances, ZNN’s mandate is now being expanded to assist and provide support for colleagues in news media who want to cover this issue but who may lack the resources, time and fundamental knowledge base to acquire and report insightfully on UFO news.

For this reason we encourage you to visit the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork and to contact us - as we are more than willing to share our investigative findings and resources with our valued mainstream colleagues and friends. 


  • Media Kits,
  • Lists of UFO experts,
  • Vetted government UFO documents and memos,
  • NORAD Event Status Reports and air traffic control logs,
  • The Runic Files,
  • Witness testimony (audio and written)
  • Access to former military officials who have engaged UFOs, 
  • Access to the only registered UFO lobbyist in Washington DC, 
  • Expert authors and historians on the Roswell UFO crash incident,
  • Documentation by airline pilots on encounters with UFOs,
  • Washington DC National Press Club reports and testimony on UFOs,
  • Access to a former Watergate solicitor's findings on the US Air Force Project Blue Book and requests to the Vatican on UFO related files,
  • Affidavits by nuclear launch Commanders describing ICBM missile shutdowns by UFOs at multiple nuclear installations,  
  • Access to experts serving as consultants to the History Channel’s newest programming on UFOs,
  • The White House on UFOs under President Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.

It would take any journalist weeks if not months to assemble the aforementioned resources. ZlandCommunications will serve as a one-stop-resource centre for documents, names of expert researchers and UFO stories that the mainstream media is yet to even imagine exist. 

ZNN is offering these resources to you.

Click on for more information on Victor Viggiani, News Director of the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork, UFO researcher, journalist, and radio host. This news page represents the most up-to-date UFO coverage.

All New Host for FDA

Listen to the recently launched podcast on the UFO matter. 
Episode 1 - Click on - 


For an immediate Press to Press discussion or inquiry for any interviews with Mr. Victor Viggiani, please contact directly:
Don Emilio Zinno - Production Consultant and Senior Advisor to the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork (ZNN).

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Stunning Leaked Document sets UFO Disclosure World on fire

Program Manager states "... it was technology that was not of this earth - not made by man - not of human hands."


Press Release
For Immediate Distribution

Toronto [ZNN] Historian, author and research expert Richard M. Dolan has uncovered what can only be described as the most provocative and definitive document in UFO Disclosure history. 

Many other UFO related documents point to a UFO cover-up and references to the possibility of extraterrestrial origins of UFOs. 

However no document released thus far reveals point-in-time conversations between senior government officials and corporate entities that clearly outline the possession of and experimentation with technologies obtained from recovered UFO vehicles - not of this earth. 

The document's accuracy in outlining these discussions and their numerous and extreme elements are dramatic, clear and unequivocal.

In one 2 hour conversation, officials discussed UFOs, alien bodies, the Roswell crash and US military intelligence about close encounters and foreign government encounters with UFOs. Area 51 - long considered a military locus of control of extraterrestrial technology - is mentioned in the leaked document as well as other 'associated locations'.

Document Excerpt

Rather than reviewing or analyzing the leaked document here  - civilian readers and members of the press are strongly encourage by ZNN to review Richard Dolan's video assessment of what he has received and revealed publicly for the first time. 

Mr. Dolan's assessment of this leaked document is not only expansive but its precision removes any doubt that certain US corporate entities and segments of the US military know and understand that UFOs are real and they do not originate from planet Earth.

Read the document and watch the video - then decide for yourself. 



Mr. Dolan is available for interviews by contacting him through his web site or through ZlandCommunications at

Monday, June 3, 2019

Intense Media Mainstream Coverage of UFOs Continues Unabated

Has Mainstream Media Come of Age?

A ZlandCommunications Editorial

The onslaught of mainstream media coverage of UFOs is being sustained at a rapid and apparently unprecedented rate. 

It is significant that each big corporate media outlet in the US has now reported in an in-depth manner multiple times on the UFO phenomenon. 

CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, the Washington Post, the NY Times and the NY Post have all covered the UFO matter as never before. These and a host of regional and local news programs and newspapers covering this issue is occurring virtually on a daily basis.

In Canada - CTV News and Global News are in a similar position - although their coverage is superficial and much less thorough - choosing to by-pass the many elaborate political and technological implications of the UFO issue. On CBC Radio One - The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti has delved into this matter in more depth.
What is even more significant about all of this - there is a complete lack of ridicule or overt skepticism by reporters and commentators who are now framing UFOs as a much different story.
It appears the UFO issue has become a matter of serious mainstream journalistic inquiry and focus. This has never occurred in such a consistent and responsible manner in US network news history.
There is a long list of issues that remained unspoken - considered as being taboo among mainstream media. Same-sex marriage, child abuse and transgender recognition for example were issues that lurked in the dark. In due course - because of media attention - each of these 'taboo' issues broke barriers to become historically consequential - changing the social order forever.
Are we at that point now with the UFO issue; now that the mainstream media has created a level of serious recognition of an issue that even they themselves ridiculed profusely and mercilessly for decades?

This also raises the question of media control. Again - for decades, critics and pundits reasoned that the government or other entities within corporate media would never allow civil discourse on UFOs. All coverage was rife with giggles, snide looks and even outright laughter. No longer... 

Somehow - either mainstream media has come of age or someone has unlocked the shackles once known as 'media control'. Or... perhaps mainstream media has finally caught up with the galloping and sometimes reckless thoroughbred called the internet?
Of course, there are a smattering of online news outlets doubting the serious nature of UFO phenomena. However, it is interesting that these are now in the minority - how times change!
Will the powerful impetus now being created by mainstream media about the UFO issue propel it into what Alvin Toffler called a 'Future Shock' of new awareness or, will it be subverted and dragged back into the dark caves of ignominy?
Several questions remain: Will mainstream media's new-found faculty to rationally discuss UFOs be used to temper and guide an authentic narrative about this phenomenon? 
Or, will media fall prey to the military's propensity to weaponize the UFO issue as a threat? Furthermore, what will occur when the media gets wind of the E-word... the extraterrestrial presence now engaging planet Earth. Stand-by on that one.
Here is one example of the new normal in UFO coverage. Have a look at this civil and reasoned coverage on ABC's Good Morning America May 28, 2019... it indeed tells a different story.
Your comments are invited.