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Denver to Vote on Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada, December 16, 2009 – (ZlandCommunications) If there was ever any doubt that Jeff Peckman means business, it has been dispelled by the international and national media coverage his Denver Ballot Initiative on the establishment of an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission has received over the last week.
Sufficient signatures, approaching 4000 were all that was needed to push this matter forward onto the Denver August 10th ballot and into the U.S. national media spotlight. George Noory host of Coast to Coast, boasting a million plus listeners nightly has spoken to Peckman.

Even the New York Times – traditionally averse to things Extraterrestrial - has chimed in.

The momentum surrounding Peckman’s appearance on New York’s own David Letterman show to announce his Denver Ballot Initiative on an ET Affairs Commission is building with tsunami like wave force about to hit one coast or another in the USA.

If Peckman has his way it’ll be both coasts; then coast to coast.

Peckman told ZlandCommunications, “Among the interviews I've done so far during the last week have been, MSNBC, Coast to Coast with George Noory, L.A. Times, New York Times, Denver Post, CBS Ch. 4 in Denver, Alan Colmes (radio), Thom Hartmann (radio), John Gambling (radio WOR in NYC), WGO (San Francisco radio), and next week is Mancow in the Morning (radio -Chicago).”

This deluge of contact with mainstream media has provided the Denver Ballot Initiative Extraterrestrial Affair’s coordinator with the impetus he needs to put his mission under the spotlight of national news.

Peckman went on to say, “These all have large audiences. But I've also heard that the news has been seen and heard elsewhere too such as ABC, NBC, and Fox news. Randomly turning on the TV, I heard the ballot initiative talked about by Anderson Cooper on CNN, again on CNN news at noon, and yesterday my father's friend called to say he heard about it from Rush Limbaugh.”

The cumulative impact of this kind of media attention highlights the essential mission of those advocating for full Disclosure – Earth has been and is being engaged by off-world civilizations, since 1947 and possibly earlier. This appears evident from witness testimony and government files that UFOs (craft of unknown origin) are real and that more than a few high level government officials know these facts have been sequestered for over 60 years.

Peckman feels these matters must be brought to the public’s attention. Case closed.

What remains to be seen over the next several months is how Peckman, with his local and international supporters of the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission, will influence the voters of Denver.

Will he and his campaign be able to sustain this momentum and persuade voters to mark their “X” in favour of the Denver Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission – the first ever civilian over-sight body that will manage the UFO/ET issue and its ultimate disclosure?

Concurrently, it will be of significant interest to observe how the Barack Obama administration will react as one of its key cities embarks upon widening the broadcast effect of the ET matter across the nation; one legitimized by city ordnance as a democratically constituted legislative body.

ZlandCommunications has contacted the office of U.S. Senator Mark Udall for comment – however only a polite non-committal response has been received. Apparently the ET Affairs wave has yet to wash up on the shores of Udall’s offices.

The Denver August 2010 vote is still a ways off and Peckman and his supporters have much work to do. Be assured however there won’t be much down-time in this man’s life as he raises the stakes on having the UFO/ET Disclosure wave roll across Denver Colorado.

People of Denver – you have a mission ahead – don’t drop the ball.

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