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This Sunday on the Richard Syrett Show - Toronto
Best Selling author Leslie Kean - UFOs on the Record and Denver activist Jeff Peckman

Toronto Canada September 8, 2010 - (ZNN) This week on The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett and Co-host Victor Viggiani, author and journalist Leslie Kean will discuss her new book - UFOs - Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record (Harmony books/New York) this Sunday September 12 at 11:00 pm EDT on AM 740 Zoomer Radio and streamed live HERE.

UFOs – On the Record as it has come to be known internationally, is on the New York Times Best Seller List – a circumstance that has, because of the book’s decidedly provocative examination of national security issues, undoubtedly not gone unnoticed by the White House and other military and intelligence agencies in the USA.

Essentially Ms. Kean provides compelling expert eye witness testimony, government document evidence and much more, in what amounts to the most controversial indictment of the US government's denial, lies and indifference in their public and secretive management of the UFO issue.

Ms. Kean's strategic decision to engage John Podesta - insider and former White House Chief of Staff in the Clinton administration - to write the foreword to her book is tantamount to political brilliance.

Adept chess-like maneuvers have been used by Ms. Kean to turn the American government’s own banal explanations of UFOs, endemic ineptitudes and failed political schemes back on the government to reveal the administration of the day and its intelligence bureaucracy portray UFOs as trivial and irrelevant, while in fact behind the scenes UFOs are the most provocative element in domestic, foreign, and space related matters.

Ms. Kean has courageously demonstrated that her comprehensive body of alarming research is indisputable - an historical benchmark that moves the UFO matter beyond government ridicule, incompetence and derision into the realm of classic political and scientific reality.

Her surgical use of precise language and non-speculative factual evidence is combined with irrefutable testimonial proof from military whistleblowers that the American people - and most of the western world have been duped, lied to and carefully deceived about the real and authentic existence of UFOs.

Ms. Kean also points out that UFO incidents in the USA are ignored and citizen observers pacified by bureaucrats who know little or nothing about the cases for which they are responsible.

In recent weeks Ms. Kean has been one of the most sought-after featured guests on radio and internet programs. To get a more full appreciation for Leslie Kean’s perspective towards the UFO matter visit – The Alyona Show in New York.

Also, take some time to read a review of Ms. Kean’s book by journalist Billy Cox of the Herald Tribune at De VOID.

In the second portion of the program Richard and Victor will speak with Jeff Peckman about the progress he has made in the Denver Ballot Initiative - an effort to have the citizens of Denver accept the establishment of an ET Affairs Commission within the city council.

The initiative is now on the ballot for the up-coming November elections in which citizens of Denver will be asked to accept the creation of an ET Affairs Commission.

This democratically compelling initiative if approved by the citizens of Denver, could have constitutional ramifications regarding UFO Disclosure that are fundamentally beyond the control of even the President of the United States.

Interestingly Peckman got his first big break when he appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman in June of 2008.

As stated in coverage of this innovative movement, "This November, we’ll find out if a simple majority of Denver voters believe that the Mile High City should become the first city in the United States to form a government commission devoted to the study and dissemination of information related to the extraterrestrial hypothesis." Read more:

Mr. Peckman's web site is:

Join Richard Syrett and Co-Host Victor Viggiani on Sunday September 12 at 11:00 pm EDT on AM 740 Radio and streamed live HERE
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