Tuesday, October 29, 2013

State of American Union suffering from multiple organ failure

PRG Executive Director issues dire warning for US in position paper

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Toronto [ZNN] The executive director of PRG - the Paradigm Research Group - Stephen G. Bassett has issued a powerful position paper on the drastic state of the US economy, its current multi-trillion dollar debt, the health system and the horrid state of affairs relating to NSA surveillance of global leaders.

Bassett is not the only analyst reflecting on the current symptoms of a cascade failure within the United States of America. However, one thing appears evident - Bassett foresees big trouble ahead for a whole different set of reasons than the average political pundit.

Bassett references the collapse of great empires throughout history as cyclic if not inevitable. The majesty of the invincible British Empire, the vast reach of the Roman Empire over the known world and the awesome power of the once mighty Soviet Union - all levelled into extinction or brought to normalcy on their knees.

Is the United States of America next? The frightening harbingers of collapse are all there, for everyone to see, while an affordable health care system moves out of reach for the disappearing middle class - and forever eludes the swollen ranks of the ever-suffering poor.

Bassett also states: "The recent debacle in Washington DC over the budget and debt ceiling is only one of many indicators the body politic is suffering from multiple organ failure.  Nations, empires, kingdoms - they die the same way people do. No society is perfect, no person is perfectly healthy. Both can withstand the odd dysfunction (illness).  When the illness spreads and becomes multiple organ failure the person (society) dies or is enfeebled."

Bassett continues: "A fossil fuel based energy industry has bought politicians in order to get away with monopolizing energy production, fixing prices, misrepresenting both held and potential reserves and pushing exploitation of more dangerous extraction modalities such as tar sands, shale and fracking. In other words, utilize every trick to drive the price of energy higher at the nation's expense. Meanwhile, government and corporate entities have been buying up and suppressing competing energy patents, intimidating inventors and confiscating competing technology under national security imprimatur. All this while fossil fuels are contaminating U.S. air, rivers, soils and ground water and bringing premature death to millions."

Why is Stephen G. Bassett  suggesting these devastating scenarios at this time in US history?

What hidden issue or turn of events in the global community could alter the deadly direction in which the United States is headed - ostensibly dragging the rest of the planet with it? 

To find out read the entire position paper at: http://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/Update10-29-13.htm

Review the extraordinary measures Bassett and his supporters are taking to avert a global collapse at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fChfnluGoqI 

Mr. Bassett can be reached for comment and is available for interviews at: prg@paradigmresearchgroup.org

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