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The Washington Post misrepresents the Hon. Paul Hellyer

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To date neither Max Fisher, author of the misleading article in question concerning Mr. Hellyer nor Washington Post officials have made any attempt to correct or retract the misleading information in Mr. Fisher's articleIranian news agency says the U.S. is secretly run by Nazi space aliens. Really.  Neither have any of the parties involved from the Washington Post's management  communicated with ZNN or Mr. Hellyer to resolve this most unfortunate matter. 

Toronto [ZNN] The following correspondence has been sent to the Washington Post by ZlandCommunications on behalf of the Hon. Paul Hellyer as a result of an article published on Jan 13.2014 by Max Fisher of the Washington Post's World News section. In the article Fisher relies on fallacious sources and uses inadequate fact checking to misrepresent Mr. Hellyer's position on the Extraterrestrial issue.

To: The Washington Post
The Hon. Paul T. Hellyer misrepresented by the Washington Post in World News Article 

Re: Article by Max Fisher and the Washington Post Foreign Staff - Jan 13, 2014
Iranian news agency says the U.S. is secretly run by Nazi space aliens. Really.

In consultation with the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer, former Minister of National Defence in Canada, we have been directed by Mr. Hellyer to inform Mr. Fisher and the World News Department at the Washington Post that Mr. Hellyer categorically rejects all and any statements and sources used by Mr. Fisher which in any manner serve to associate Mr. Hellyer with the following: Edward Snowden, Mr. Snowden’s documents, the NSA, the FSB (the Russian Federal Security Service), the web site and the Fars News, in his January 13, 2014 article. 

The use by Mr. Fisher of the Fars News service and the web site What Does it Mean as primary sources is indiscriminate and reflects poor journalistic judgement. 

As clearly stated by him in his article - Mr. Fisher made no attempt to contact Mr. Hellyer to confirm any of the information he obtained from the Fars News service or the web site What Does it Mean. 

In doing so and by using hyperlinks to What Does it Mean and Fars News in his article, Mr. Fisher gives credence to unsubstantiated and false accusations by Fars News that: Mr. Hellyer 'was given access to all of Snowden’s documents by Russian intelligence services and stated they were, indeed, “accurate.” ‘ 

This is a blatant and categorical falsehood. 

At no time was Mr. Hellyer ever in communication with the FSB (the Russian Federal Security Service), Fars News or What Does It Mean. For Mr. Fisher to have cited these questionable sources in his article without using fact checking procedures with the former Canadian Cabinet Minister before publication is inexcusable, irresponsible and capricious.

We insist that the Washington Post publish a full retraction as well as a public apology to Mr. Hellyer that addresses both of the following:

1. The lack of standard fact checking practices by Mr. Fisher and the Washington Post Foreign Staff; and,

2. The indiscriminate use of hyperlinked sources by the Washington Post's Max Fisher to engage, and point on-line readers to grossly inaccurate, false and highly deceptive information concerning Mr. Hellyer.

It is with regret that we make these demands, however in the interest of maintaining a positive relationship with the Washington Post, Mr. Hellyer looks forward to your response and immediate attention to resolve this matter.

Should you wish to respond personally to Mr. Hellyer, please use the contact information below. Your correspondence will be forwarded to him.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer.

Victor Viggiani M.Ed.
News Director
Toronto Ontario Canada
Contact Information:

The article in question, written by Max Fisher of the Washington Post Foreign Staff, can be found at: WPJan13.2014

An assessment of the web site Whatdoesitmean can be found at: PRG

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