Monday, April 20, 2015

Former Canadian defence secretary Paul Hellyer calls on governments to reveal UFO information

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Disclosure Canada goes across the Pond

Vancouver [ZNN] After a four city tour, Disclosure Canada has hit it big.
The UK's pre-eminent web news site THE INDEPENDENT has proved a unique perspective in its coverage of the Calgary Disclosure event on Saturday April 18.

Their coverage by writer Kashmira Gander begins:
"A former Canadian defence minister, who has accused world powers of concealing the presence of aliens on earth, is calling on the government to release what he believes is hidden information about UFOs.
Paul Hellyer, who served as Canada’s defence minister in the Sixties, was among speakers who urged the government to publicly disclose any such documents, during an event at the University of Calgary on Saturday.
Delivering the keynote speech during the Disclosure Canada Tour at the institution, Mr Hellyer told a 400-strong crowd that “much of the media won’t touch it [the documents]”, CTV Calgary reported."
ZlandCommunications has discovered an unknown photo of a man - many of whom consider the greatest Canadian statesman. See why below. 

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