Thursday, June 18, 2015

Encyclical by Pope Francis I warns of destruction of Earth's ecosystem

Explosive intervention by the Pontiff set to transform climate change debate
Press Release
Toronto [ZNN] Pope Francis has put world leaders on notice about the environment. As well, he speaks to all humanity in his encyclical about the profound environmental problems we face. Pope Francis makes it clear that unlike previous encyclicals, this one is directed to everyone, regardless of religion.

The Pontiff wrote in his encyclical Laudato Si - Care for Our Common Home“Faced with the global deterioration of the environment, I want to address every person who inhabits this planet. In this encyclical, I especially propose to enter into discussion with everyone regarding our common home.”  

Pope Francis will be visiting the UN and US Congress to deliver addresses to these bodies in September 2015 on the matter of the environment - as well as global debt.

Thus far the Conservative government in Ottawa - known for its international foot-dragging on the environment - has yet to issue any statement on the Pope’s encyclical. 

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ZNN will continue its coverage of this historic event as more reaction and information comes forward.

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