Sunday, June 28, 2015

UFOs caught on NASA Space Camera

Then NASA Censors its High Definition Earth View Experiment Feed

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Toronto [ZNN] NASA appears to have been compromised by its own technology - being forced to shut-down and censor its own video feed again this week after three unidentified craft appeared to ascend through clouds and into space. The anomalous images are clearly visible - however what they are, is open to speculation.

Space camera technology known as High Definition Earth View Experiment is designed to carry out surveillance on the Earth and in space for the Americans.

For the second time in 2015, the NASA camera has caught strange unidentified objects on its HD video - then within moments after these objects appear, NASA shut-down its feed accompanied by a message that the agency was either changing cameras or there were technical issues. This also occurred in January of 2015.

The latest event involving NASA's High Definition Earth View Experiment, as reported on June 25, 2015 by the UK's Huffington Post, followed this same pattern of video censorship by NASA operators. Similar incidents also occurred in June and August of 2014 according to the UK Mirror, TECH TIMES and Catholic On-Line as well as a number of other on-line publications.

While a growing number of on-line news feeds continue to expose these real-time events, mainstream media remains unresponsive to these occurrences. Journalists and editors at the mainstream media level are evidently being blocked by corporate media ownership, upper management and CIA officials in their efforts to expose this category of government censorship.

NASA's obvious censorship tactics are in stark contrast and run counter to its unconvincing statements on transparency as a publicly funded agency. Readers can also view government documents obtained by ZNN proving the CIA employs similar strategies to influence and manipulate the media in these matters. See Taus Memo Flying Saucers Item 3 and Task Force Report page 7 Section A Media A - Current Program.

Despite proclamations of openness, NASA clearly takes its marching orders from the Central Intelligence Agency. NASA's propensity to turn off their cameras whenever anomalous images show up ensures, as stated in the CIA memo above, that "... no indication of interest [in these matters] reach the press or the public...] 

If these anomalous objects are indeed explainable in scientific or prosaic terms, then these incidents must be part of an open public discussion - not censored. Apparently this is not within the parameters of NASA's definition of transparency. NASA relentlessly perseverates on secrecy while maintaining covert operational practices that limit and otherwise prohibit public discussion about the nature of these objects.

To this end, lack of responsiveness is the first stage in NASA's denial and silence scheme - a gambit that wagers that it will all just blow over in a few days. This kind of subterfuge has proven very effective in the past - and as long as journalists continue to be repressed in their desire to engage this issue - corporate media will have its way.

Read the most recent reports and view the current video on this recent occurrence at:
HUFF POST UK or The Sunday Express.

Contact NASA to voice your concern about their tactics at: CONTACT NASA

Journalists in the mainstream media are invited to contact ZNN about these and related occurrences - complete confidentiality is guaranteed.


  1. Great article ZNN. After running this video through my digital analysis it appears the anomalies are original to the composition of the video and not post edited. As to what they could be, that is the real question. Thank you for having the courage to cover this news.


    1. Hi JM - Thanks for this. We have a few more of these videos that indicate they are original to the composition. We do not have the equipment to do digital analysis. If you feel comfortable contacting us - we would be more than pleased to share several samples we feel are in need of analysis. As you know, most of what is on the internet is questionable. We can be reached at -

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