Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager talk about UFOs

Will Podesta ‘trump' Donald Trump?

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Toronto [ZNNJohn Podesta, Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential election campaign manager and former special advisor to Barack Obama is on the record about government secrecy on UFOs.

Podesta, a solicitor and CEO of the Centre for American Progress appears publicly oblivious to his UFO profile - one that dates back to 2002. But a look at Podesta's history reveals this cunning strategist may be laying the ground-work for playing a card not even Donald Trump can play.

Podesta addressed the UFO issue at a Washington Press Club press conference sponsored by the Sci-Fi Channel in 2002. He also wrote the foreword in a New York Times Bestseller on UFOs. Then, just after resigning as Barack Obama’s special advisor in 2014 Podesta made the following stunning statement in a tweet read by thousands: "Finally, my biggest failure: Once again not securing the disclosure of the UFO files.” 

Meanwhile Democrats and Clinton’s biggest opponent Donald Trump seem to be ignoring Podesta's UFO statementsThey are also choosing to ignore Hillary Clinton’s latest statements on UFOs during her visit to the Conway Daily Sun in preparation for the New Hampshire Primary. In the Conway Sun article Hillary Clinton was quoted saying about Podesta, "He has made me personally pledge we are going to get the information out.” 

Despite this personal pledge by Hillary to address secrecy issues related to UFOs, no mainstream media outlet has ever raised any questions about the UFO leanings of Podesta or Hillary. Nor have Podesta or Hillary been taken to task by their opponents during televised debates about why they would go on record to articulate their well-informed views about government secrecy on UFOs.

Questions remain. 

  • Why did Hillary Clinton select a well-known and published advocate against UFO secrecy as her presidential campaign director? 
  • Is Podesta - President Bill Clinton's former White House Chief of Staff - now attempting to inject the UFO issue into Hillary Clinton's campaign through the back door? 
  • Is he hoping that one of the major news outlets drums up the courage to place it on the election radar screen? 
  • Are Republicans wondering why Podesta appears to be sabotaging Clinton's Presidential aspirations with talk of UFOs?  

Or, is this all an obscure tactic by Podesta for reasons only he knows?

If Hillary and Bill Clinton’s involvement in the dozens of White House letters concerning UFO secrecy in what is known as the Rockefeller Initiative can remain concealed, then Podesta’s and Hillary’s talk of UFOs will probably go unnoticed. 

However, if these letters ever do see the light of day in Washington media and across the US, there is no predicting how Podesta’s strategy may work to Hillary’s advantage, or disadvantage during the election campaign and ostensibly into a Presidency.

"It would take only one forward thinking established news agency and one or two bold journalists to pounce on the White House UFO letters to produce a train wreck of immeasurable political proportions. The Presidential election campaign of 2016 would be derailed in a way no one would ever suspect - including Donald Trump."

As it stands now, Trump has made headlines as well as many allies and foe by alienating everyone including Pope Francis - while talk by Podesta and Clinton about aliens and UFOs has fallen on deaf ears. 

But do not count Podesta out just yet. He is widely recognized in DC as a brilliant strategist - one who remains out of the limelight but gets what he wants.

All of this - just mere coincidence or, do two of Washington’s elite of the elite know something we don’t? 

It will take something very, very big to switch the spotlight away from a ‘Presidential' looking Trump and back onto Hillary - when or if she gets the Democratic nomination. The White House UFO letters and everything Podesta clearly knows about UFO secrecy may be the switch needed. 

The big question now seems to be: Is Podesta’s ultimate strategy to hold back until just the right time - perhaps after Hillary wins the Democratic presidential nomination - then, play the UFO card and out-trump Trump?

Many observers who have followed Podesta since his White House days feel he cannot keep the UFO card in his back pocket for too much longer - this just might be the right time.

To quote John Lennon: “Strange Days - Indeed”

Podesta’s statements on the UFO matter:
- Address at the Washington Press Club 
- A foreword to the book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record (2010) by former Boston Globe reporter Leslie Kean, Mr. Podesta writes, "The American people -- and people around the world -- want to know and they can handle the truth. UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record represents a pivotal step in that direction, laying the groundwork for a new way forward.
Podesta’s Tweet - "Finally, my biggest failure: Once again not securing the disclosure of the UFO files.” 
More on the Rockefeller Initiative letters.
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