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Media Coverage Momentum Building around First Canadian National Inquiry into UFOs

Hillary Clinton’s Public Statements on disclosing UFO files on the Brantford Agenda
Press Release

Toronto [ZNN] Momentum is building around the First Canadian National Inquiry into UFOs. In addition to up-coming radio program interviews by the Hearing’s experts in May and June, a growing number of media outlets are showing interest in the event. 

In two interviews thus far with CBC writers, Hearing Adjudicator Victor Viggiani has outlined the purpose and scope of the inquiry this June 25 in Brantford Ontario. The Toronto Sun’s article on the Canadian National UFO inquiry is an indication how mainstream media is building.

Media writers have asked specific questions not only about the dramatic testimony that will be given by Hearing expert the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer and six other international research experts - they have also shown extreme interest in the Hillary Clinton pronouncements about disclosing UFO files when she is elected. 

To date over 12 media outlets have written about both Hillary Clinton and John Podesta’s efforts to engage the UFO/ET issue in the current Primary races and eventually the Presidential election campaign.  Hillary Clinton’s appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show sparked national interest.

Hillary Clinton’s statements will be expanded upon in Brantford this June by key Hearing witness Washington DC registered lobbyist Stephen Bassett, Executive director of the Paradigm Research Group. 

Grant Cameron, the Canadian UFO researcher who unearthed the Rockefeller Letters from the Clinton Library will also give his perspective on Secretary Clinton’s UFO connections. The vast number of letters he found were initiated by Laurance S. Rockefeller to The White House between 1993 and 1996.

It is non-trivial that the Clinton White House Chief of Staff - John Podesta and then First Lady Hillary Clinton were witness to the letters moving across the desks of Dr. Jack Gibbons Science Advisor to the President, lawyer for Mr. Rockefeller Mr. Henry Diamond, President Clinton, Carl Sagan, the Rev. Billy Graham and other Principals.

The wide scope of the testimony to be given in Brantford Ontario on June 25 will not only expose what the governments of Canada, the US and the UK know about the UFO/ET matter and how it is related to an ET presence here on Earth - the testimony will also bring a broader context to how Clinton and Podesta are making the release of UFO files an election issue.

The timing of the First Canadian National Inquiry into UFOs is well positioned and could very well have a significant impact during the lead-up to the US Presidential election.

Journalists wishing to be on the select panel of journalists who will question the witnesses are invited to contact Victor Viggiani (416) 801-8056 or Bob Mitchell at (416) 807-2922. Two positions remain available. 

Journalists are also invited to be part of the Press Gallery. Please contact Jo-Anne Eadie for press passes with your name, city and the media outlet you represent. 

For specific details about the Hearing - its logistics, location and schedule see: Calling All Journalists

NOTE: All major television networks, newspapers and radio outlets will be given access to the Hearing for camera positions, interviews with witnesses and journalists on the questioning panel, press conferences and Hearing Adjudicators Mr. Bob Mitchell and Victor Viggiani. 

Media television networks that wish to be guaranteed PRIORITY ACCESS camera positions are invited to contact Victor Viggiani (416) 801-8056 or Bob Mitchell at (416) 807-2922.


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