Monday, August 8, 2016

Canada’s First National Public Hearing on UFO’s HD Video now available

Canada’s First National Public Hearing on UFO’s 

HD Video and Trailer

UPDATE: Regrettably the videos in question are no longer available. For further information please contact ZNN at

The HD video of the 
Canadian National Inquiry into UFOs 
held on Saturday June 25, 2016
in Brantford Ontario Canada 
is now available to the public.

 Featuring the testimony of 
The Hon. Paul T. Hellyer 
Stanton Friedman
Stephen Bassett
Grant Cameron
Richard Dolan
Travis Walton
Nick Pope

Moderated by
Canadian Broadcaster
Richard Syrett

Filmed and Edited by

A Production of
The Alien Cosmic Expo
Copyright 2016

The video can be downloaded at: CNIUFOs
Watch the Trailer HERE

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