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An opportunity like none - ever...

Since the results of the last presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump - the Paradigm Research Group (PRG) in Washington DC is campaigning to have the public Tweet the next debate moderator to ask Hillary Clinton about her involvement in the UFO/ET issue. 

The Clintons and John Podesta have all made public statements about their views on this issue - Hillary Clinton and Podesta have explicitly said they want UFO files made public.

Why is this important? There are several reasons.

This is a real opportunity to utilize the interactive power of social media - in this case Twitter - to create a momentous moment on US national television during the next Presidential debate. 

We are all aware that Facebook - Twitter - the US national media as well as most other mainstream news outlets are flawed in the way in which each 'filters and frames the news diet'.  However, they all have one thing in common... they are still pervasive and persuasively effective tools to be used to raise an issue of immense import. 

When Mr. Chris Wallace, the next debate moderator from FOX News and other subsequent moderators come to the realization after receiving hundreds of Tweets - that asking Secretary Clinton about the ET issue and her campaign manager John Podesta's constant and public commitment to the ET matter - it will set off a fire-storm like no other news in media history.

This could well be the dynamic wedge that cracks the glass-ceiling allowing the ET matter to become an ACTUALIZED presidential campaign issue. 

The issue is not whether she will or will not address the ET/UFO files when elected. At this point this does not matter.

The issue is - from 1993 to 1996 her husband President Bill Clinton and Hillary - as First Lady - along with Laurence S. Rockefeller and a phalanx of other political figures - journalists and other noted public figures were engaged in the largest letter and memo exchange in White House history concerning the UFO/ET matter. 

Solicitor and former Obama advisor - John Podesta who now serves as Clinton's current campaign chair - undoubtedly witnessed this as Bill Clinton's White House Chief of Staff... this has never been talked about publicly. [The Rockefeller Initiative]

Irrespective of whether this type of questioning (issue raising) will affect her candidacy in a positive or negative way or whether or not it will give Trump another dart to throw at Clinton - it does not matter. 

If the ET question is raised on the most watched television program in presidential debate history - the deed will be done - the die is cast - an event will have happened that cannot be changed

In the last debate well over 80 million people tuned in to see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off, setting a new record in the sixty year history of televised presidential debates. 

Imagine for one moment 80 million people hearing and watching Hillary Clinton respond to a question - or a series of questions - on the UFO/ET matter. Regardless of what she says - more than 80 million people will become aware that this is an issue. No other opportunity - short of Obama going on national TV - would have the capacity to create such a maelstrom of news. 

If successful, the public and political age of the UFO/ET matter will have arrived - not just on US TV but on the international stage and in the consciousness of millions - an event will have happened that cannot be changed

Thus - irrespective of anyone's views on Clinton or Trump or the media - we have a responsibility to use every method at our disposal to inaugurate a national and global discussion on the most important single issue facing humanity. 

We all swim in an ocean of possibilities - grasping the right possibility at the right time and bringing it to the surface is an act of courage.

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Use Twitter to contact Mr. Chris Wallace or any other mechanism at your disposal. @FoxNewsSunday

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