Thursday, October 20, 2016

Prime Time Media Fails Again – Reflections and Necessary Evils

A ZNN Editorial
Disappointing – but no real big surprise that debate moderator Chris Wallace did not broach the Clinton/Podesta perspective on the question of government secrecy on the ET issue during the last presidential debate.

Following the cowardly and pubescent lead of each and every other media anchor, Wallace dared not do it – as MSM (MainStreamMedia) did its due diligence as the cohort for the UFO cover-up. 

Yet we move on. Don’t fear the red and the blue pill.

It is in their nature for media to avoid the ET disclosure matter on a national scale. Regional coverage far out ranks prime time mainstream media coverage. Thus, the issue remains under the Glass Ceiling. 

The presidential debate was one of the last large scale media opportunities for the ET matter to surface – but not the final one.

The American electorate continues to be befuddled by the choices put before them by the US constitution – a sociopathic maniac versus a congenital liar. Yes you ask – which one is which? Evil often comes with a smile and a frown.

What comes next and what remains to be done?

The first priority is to ensure that the Podesta Wikileaks e-mails continue to be advanced in the media – regional, national and international. 

Ensuring journalist are aware of and are willing to ask questions about why Podesta's name figures so prominently in these leaked documents remains a prime opportunity for serious disclosure advocates.

Both USA Today and the Wall Street Journal – ranked one and two in US circulation – have both addressed the Podesta Wikileaks emails in prominent articles on October 10 and 12. Will others follow?

Reporters Maeve McDermott ( and Byron Tau ( were authors of articles describing the Podesta e-mail leaks. These perspectives cannot be dismissed.

Jennifer Harper at the Washington Times also covered this matter on Oct 19 – the day of the debate at: 

These reporters and others must be validated and encouraged to continue writing about, investigating and exposing the Wikileaks e-mails and the role Podesta plays in openly discussing these matters for three key reasons:

1. Julian Assuange's Wikileaks, despite his now troubled presence in Ecuador – he remains an international repositor of data that has and will continue to be feared by governments. Reporters need to understand that virtually every other form of government or institutional secrecy element has been exposed by Wikileaks and in turn reported by mainstream media.

2. Wikileaks has now opened the UFO/ET conversation internationally by exposing e-mails to and from John Podesta discussing UFO disclosure with the likes of the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell, celebrity musician Tom Delonge and other insiders. [NOTE: this has all been carefully articulated by Grant Cameron (Canada) and Rebecca Hardcastle (USA)]

3. The third reason reporters need to be encouraged to continue exposing the implications of UFO Wikileaks e-mails is that for the first time in American history a woman, who has publicly avowed her convictions on the UFO/ET issue – is poised to be the next President of the United States. It is clear that mainstream media publishers, owners, editors and reporters still do not get this… yet.

Finally - John Podesta has engaged this matter for tactical reasons. In my opinion – once his strategic goal of getting Hillary into the Oval Office is accomplished, all the spade work he has accomplished since his first declaration on the UFO matter in 2002 at the Washington National Press Club – he will be positioned to be the most influential White House insider to craft how the ET presence will be framed for and presented to the American people and the world.

[Caveat: Those who have heard me speak on radio about this matter understand that I have absolutely no affection what-so-ever for the Clintons. Below the veneer they are just as despicable as Donald Trump in many ways. However, at this point in history and if you are an American voter – she is required. 

Abstention or a vote for Trump is a vote for manufactured sociopathic insanity. 

A vote for Hillary is a vote for 'normal insanity' a commodity that has become infused into and is likely to remain in American politics for the foreseeable future. 

Like it or not Hillary is both the red and blue pill – a necessary evil. 

John Podesta walks a tight-rope over the abyss of the demise of America. It is a dangerous but necessary high-wire act. Never before has the US been faced with choosing between two forms of madness. 

Citizens of the US - as a Canadian I do not envy your choices.


USA Today 

Victor Viggiani M. Ed.
News Director
Toronto Canada

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