Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Paradigm Research Group Plans Major Disclosure Announcement

Will a last minute effort by a Washington DC Lobbyist bring about ET Disclosure?

A ZlandCommunications Commentary:

It appears there will be a major press release this week - maybe tomorrow about PRG's action plan to create an impetus to force ET Disclosure in the 66 days before the new administration takes office. 

Steve Bassett the Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group has told ZNN of an impending announcement that may well affect the disclosure of the ET issue.
This may involve the possibility of an announcement by the Clintons and John Podesta - Hillary Clinton's campaign chair - about the ET reality. It may also involve internal Pentagon communication with celebrity Tom DeLonge concerning the UFO/ET matter. Or both.
The most incisive way Podesta and the Clintons can strategically and retroactively 'win a lost election' is to do what they said they'd do - formally and publicly address disclosure issues of real substance. When this kind of announcement hits the press - it will force the new administration to deal with the resulting media frenzy and the ET question - whether they like it or not. 
If the Clintons and Podesta come out in full force about the ET issue - post election - it will throw a massive wrench into the transition plan of the new administration. 
It will be wise to wait and see how PRG frames this initiative. Once the parameters are clear - it will be imperative that every thinking human being who has any understanding of the ET issue at all - engage themselves to have the Clintons and Podesta do what they should have done before Nov 8. Call a press conference at the National Press Club in DC and formally acknowledge the ET presence. 
Hillary Clinton is now simply a US citizen and is entitled to use her now expired political capital to her advantage. People will listen. Especially the media. 
Hillary Clinton at this juncture has nothing to lose and everything to gain - Trump will have the issue dropped in his lap with nowhere to turn if she were to announce anything related to the ET presence or the possible existence of secret UFO files. 

At this point this is the only strategy left for the disclosure movement in the US - the only way to set the new administration in total disarray - having to confront the ET reality. This kind of announcement from the Clintons and Podesta will completely blind-side Trump like he's never been blind-sided before.

If Podesta and the Clinton's want to make their mark in American history - without Hillary as President - then they must act and act now. If the Clintons and Podesta do not do this now or even sometime after Jan 1, 2017 - they were never serious about it to begin with... and that angers many people who took Podesta's history of rhetoric about UFO secrecy seriously - it will mean HE was not serious.
Then again - this could all be a matter of a last grasp at withering straws... Some might say, "We've heard this before for too long now." Maybe so - but stranger things have happened... after all - who won the election - against all odds? The chaos that reigns in American politics right now could yield any set of extraordinary circumstances.
This is a matter of integrity, honour and truth - something the election campaign and the new administration lack in abundance.
Perhaps it is time for the much maligned Hillary Clinton and her husband to do what is right and not politically expedient or manipulative - tell the truth. The Clintons - must come out now on the ET issue and win their own election - the Disclosure way.
ZlandCommunications is following this issue very closely and will distribute news as soon as it is available.


  1. I hope it happens, it would eclipse the draconian nightmare facing us with Trump's election.

  2. Sounds promising, and one can see how political motivations can benefit the movement on this occasion.