Sunday, December 17, 2017

US Department of Defence releases official video of UFO Encounter

Is US Government Silence on UAP Becoming an Audible Whisper?
Press Release for Immediate Distribution


Toronto Canada [ZNN] Something extraordinary appears to be occurring from and within the US Department of Defence (DoD).
The US DoD has officially released how two F/A-18 jets captured extraordinary video footage of an anomalous craft (UFO) performing arcane maneuvers and exhibiting speeds of Mach 5 with no sonic boom.
This GOVERNMENT AUTHENTICATED footage has piqued the interest of mainstream media because of the authenticity of language used by the DoD - namely 'CHAIN OF CUSTODY' and 'OFFICIAL DECLASSIFICATION'.
It is significant that the Washington Post has covered this event.…/90bcb7cc-e2b2-11e7-8679-a9… 
NY Times coverage:

Probably the most important aspect of this release and the coverage is that it appears the US DoD has itself authenticated the video taken by pilots of F/A 18 jets at or near 25,000 ft.
F/A-18 pilots - confused by what they were seeing - can be heard scrambling to describe what they were witnessing in the first video.


Clearly there will be more on this and other venues covering the event as time unfolds - with many questions being asked.

The news director of ZlandCommunications will be providing video coverage and commentary. Stay tuned for this unique video coverage by ZNN.

Press wishing further details are invited to contact Victor Viggiani News Director of the ZlandCommunications NewsNet.

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