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Watergate and Pentagon Papers Lawyer to address UFO/ET Issue

The Architects of the New Paradigm Conference presents - Living in a Post Disclosure World – Humanity Awakens to the ET Presence - June 30, 2018 in Vancouver Canada.
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Toronto [ZNN] On Saturday June 30th a conference like no other will be held in Vancouver British Columbia. For the first time at a major conference in Canada an American constitutional lawyer will address the UFO/ET matter. 

Ordinarily, this kind of conference enlists experts from the field of ufology and other wide-ranging domains in the paranormal. It appears however this conference has taken a 90-degree turn – one different and radically distinct from other symposia or conference gatherings anywhere in the world.

In addition to UFO experts, authors and researchers - The Architects of the New Paradigm Conference will feature a former Watergate and Pentagon Papers Harvard lawyer to make the case that not only do UFOs exist, but, the planet is in fact being engaged by off-world civilizations.

The Architects of the New Paradigm (ANP) fully realize this is an extraordinary locus of belief – nonetheless and in view of the evidence - ANP has chosen solicitor attorney Daniel P. Sheehan as their advocate. Mr. Sheehan recently authored a book – ‘The People’s Advocate' - a chronicle of Mr. Sheehan’s legal history as a public interest lawyer.

Daniel P. Sheehan JD
As a constitutional trial attorney Mr. Sheehan has learned about why and how the American government has kept secret and sequestered documents and testimony originating from the highest levels of governance in the US about the reality of unidentified flying objects and their off-world origins. There has never been, and in all likelihood will never be, an opportunity like this for the Canadian media to cover such prescient testimony and evidentiary proof of an ET presence than Mr. Sheehan’s assessment of the ET factor.

The question becomes: Why have the coordinators of the Architects of the New Paradigm chosen to enlist the counsel of a Harvard trained lawyer - Daniel P. Sheehan - to make the case that UFOs and the entities that pilot these craft represent an existential reality beyond human comprehension?

There are five distinct reasons why this revolutionary decision by the Architects of the New Paradigm is so crucial in shaping and asserting human destiny:
  • As a solicitor Mr. Sheehan has served as chief counsel in numerous historically significant cases such as the Nixon Pentagon Papers, The Iran-Contra Affair, Karen Silkwood and the Three Mile Island Nuclear Disaster.
  • Mr. Sheehan also served as Special Counsel to the law firm of famed criminal defense attorney F. Lee Bailey during that firm's representation of Watergate Burglary wiretapping specialist James McCord - the man who "blew the whistle" on Richard Nixon and his infamous "Plumbers Unit" that led directly to the resignation of Richard Nixon as President.
  • Marcia Smith, former Director of the Library of Congress’ Science and Technology Division of the Congressional Research Service under President Jimmy Carter, tasked Mr. Sheehan to look into the government’s UFO files. In his investigation Sheehan learned that President-elect Jimmy Carter was denied access to the government's UFO files by then Director of the CIA George H.W. Bush Senior. Subsequently Sheehan’s investigation lead him to review classified government documents and photographs of UFOs held within the Library of Congress in Washington DC. [Watch a brief account of Mr. Sheehan's investigation - HERE]

As recorded in many of his lectures, Mr. Sheehan’s intimate knowledge of the US Constitution and his level of investigative provenance is only a small portion of what he will be presenting at the Architects of the New Paradigm conference June 30th in Vancouver BC. 

Never before have the issues, documents and testimony surrounding the UFO matter been presented in a legal and fiduciary context to the Canadian people and their media. Based alone on the right of citizens to know what governments have sequestered, Mr. Sheehan is on record as being determined to reveal the truth behind the UFO cover-up. [Watch Mr. Sheehan's summary statement at the  Disclosure Hearings at the National Press Club in Washington DC about the need to reveal the UFO reality - HERE]

The coordinators of the Architects of the New Paradigm invite and offer to journalists, television and radio media interviews with Mr. Sheehan in advance of his revelatory lecture this June in Vancouver. Mr. Sheehan's Bio and CV.

Requests for a private pre-conference interview with Mr. Sheehan should be forwarded to: Mr. Jordan Pease - ANP Event Coordinator -

[Press note: to ensure priority access - Vancouver and surrounding area journalists and news outlets wishing to obtain press passes, camera positions, one-on-one interviews and full access to the conference should register in advance with the Event Coordinator. Toronto media seeking information may contact Victor Viggiani News Director of the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork using the contact details below.]

Review all conference details regarding speakers, schedules and registration at: ANP

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