Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Nuclear Events on Mars!


Pentagon gives go-ahead to US Physicist to publish data on Nuclear Events on Mars 

Evidence to be presented at American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space 2016

Press Release for Immediate Distribution

Toronto [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has learned that Dr. John E. Brandenburg, PhD (Morningstar Applied Physics, LLC) has stunned the world by introducing specific scientific data that the planet Mars has - in the very distant past - experienced two devastating thermo-nuclear events.

"We have evidence on Mars of two big nuclear explosions at two sites and if you look at the map, those sites are directly upwind of Cydonia Mensae and Galaxias Chaos — meaning they were targeted on those areas.” 
- John E. Brandenburg, Ph.D., Morningstar Applied Physics

As far back as 2014 several news outlets covered Brandenburg's incredible findings - however it is now re-surfacing in a revolutionary and dramatic fashion. Why now? 

Brandenburg announced he submitted his findings to the US Defense Department and, after a six month examination of the data, The Pentagon has given its imprimatur not only for Brandenburg to publish his findings but to present them at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space 2016 conference to be held in Long Beach, CA this coming September 13 to 16.

Excerpt from Conference Agenda Sept 15, 2016

This remarkable and unprecedented series of events is explained articulately in an article by Richard O'Connor MD. Dr. O'Connor's article also contains a wealth of resource URLS on Brandenburg's work.

Excerpts are available below for ZNN's readers and journalists to begin their own examination of this history-making news. An unnerving ten minute interview with Dr. Brandenburg by EARTHFILES' Linda Moulton Howe is also available below. Listen to a two minute edited version HERE.

"Dr. John E. Brandenburg, PhD (Morningstar Applied Physics, LLC) has been invited to present a research paper at the upcoming American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space 2016 conference to be held in Long Beach, CA September 13-16, 2016. The information Brandenburg will be presenting, if his hypothesis is proven correct, is stunning. Dr. Brandenburg claims his research indicates that planet Mars was, in its remote past, subjected to 2 very powerful atmospheric nuclear blasts that were intentionally carried out and appear to have been an over-the-top, deliberate attempt to sterilize Mars of all life.”

"What makes this story even more interesting is Brandenburg’s claim that he presented his data and his conclusions to the Pentagon and, after 6 months of waiting, received a “go-ahead-and-publish” notification from the Department of Defense.”

It appears Dr. Brandenburg has irrefutable evidence in support of an Earth-like Mars in the past and nuclear data revealing ‘weapon-signature’ isotopes showing two massive nuclear “airbursts” in the Northern regions of Mars. 

Review Dr. O'Connor's complete article and research items:

Review Dr. John Brandenburg's Data:


In discussion with leading researcher Linda Moulton Howe ZlandCommunications has been given permission to distribute her recent shocking interview with Dr. Brandenburg.

Visit here - EARTHFILES - to listen to Ms. Moulton Howe's jaw-dropping ten minute interview of Dr. Brandenburg. [Files and photos from EARTHFILES - Linda Moulton Howe with thanks] 

ZlandCommunications will be commenting further on this matter.


  1. Very interesting. Thank you. What may have happened and when? There also was a somewhat recent Mars Plume picture taken. It might or might not have to do with the possible atomic blast issue but it is also interesting. Was it a meteorite or another thing altogether? I'd like to also know more about the remote possibility of a naturally ocurring explosion. But this report by Dr. Brandenburg is very special for more serious-minded to at least dare consider more possibilities with less of a dismissal factor as well lifting the implicit ban among taboo-weary scientists against daring to think in fact more scientifically and freely about possibilities. Yes, it should be shared and further studied. Thanks again.

  2. The claim is from a reputed scientist and now publication of the data is approved by Pentagon. NASA, ESA, ISRO and other scientific organizations should be able to comment on this and give the world a more realistic and acceptable information the status of MARS from the point of view of the claim made here.

    1. Any comment by these agencies will solidify the notion/thesis that investigating this phenomenon will result in NASA admitting that off-world civilizations were either on Mars or were part of the demise of a Martian civilization in the very distant past.