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Press Release 


Global Organization: The International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER) Hits a Major Milestone

TORONTO November 29, 2022 [ZNN]

One year and six months ago ICER, a not-for-profit organization comprised of scientists, academics and leading UFO/UAP researchers from 30 countries on 5 continents launched a bold initiative to recognize that non-human intelligences are interacting with humanity in a number of complex forms - so states ICER’s Vice President Mr. Gary Heseltine.




Are we alone in the cosmos?


Based on more than 75 years of research, ICER is challenging the international community to acknowledge that the UFO/UAP phenomenon is real; it acts with intelligence and is likely to be extraterrestrial/non-human in origin.

So much so that ICER’s Executive Officials are planning a pathway to approach the United Nations on this highly controversial matter.


“ICER acknowledges that Contact and interaction between humans and extraterrestrial/non-human intelligences (NHIs) on a global scale, is a reality.

ICER accepts that human interactions with extraterrestrial/NHIs may occur in a number of complex forms, thus ICER is aware therefore are many claims as to the definition of what Contact is, and this requires further research.

Given the profound future implications for humanity, ICER pledges to assist in raising public awareness of the Contact experience worldwide.

International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research

  • What is ICER attempting to accomplish?
  • Who are the key players? 
  • What is the pattern of issues that form ICER’s conceptual and data driven frame work?
  • What historical events have sparked this global organization to establish an international and what some consider - a provocative dialogue about UAP and Extraterrestrial entities?

Media Kit


Project Titan - ICER

Paolo Guizzardi, ICER Italy
Project creator and manager



L/R Paolo Guizzardi - San Marino Official - Gary Heseltine  - Roberto Pinotti

Watch the 2 minute ICER 

International Promotional Video: 






International Representatives










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Roberto Pinotti (San Marino) ICER President - robertopinotti44@gmail.com

Gary Heseltine (UK), ICER Vice-President Tel: 0044 7970 364368

Donald Schmitt (USA), US Continental Director Tel: 001 262 628 0668

ICER Contact page- https://icer.network/contact/   Websitehttps://ICER.network


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Monday, November 14, 2022

 Watergate Lawyer Challenges U.S. Military Intelligence on Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon -

As Canadian MPs struggle to comprehend UAP 

News Alert

Toronto [ZNN] While Canadian Members of Parliament Larry Maguire, Raquel Dancho, Kerry-Lynn Findlay and Matthew Green struggle to comprehend the political realities of the UAP phenomenon, former Watergate solicitor and UFO truth advocate Daniel P. Sheehan is challenging the highest levels of U.S. political, military, and intelligence agencies concerning their feigned ignorance on the Pentagon’s recent revelations about UAP phenomenon.

Is the same thing happening in Canada?

Sheehan asks,“Who is really in charge…?”of the UAP issue.

Daniel P. Sheehan

Watch Daniel Sheehan’s two minute account.  


Canadian MP’s deep interest in UAP - HERE 

Pentagon Revelations New York Times - Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program

Coverage by CTV’s Daniel Otis


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August 20, 2022
Where have we been? 
Where are we now? 
What Next?

A ZlandCommunications Editorial

The title of this editorial suggests an array of possibilities and questions 
none of which are totally answerable - 
however it is necessary that they be posed.
“Curiosity and irreverence go together. To the questioner, nothing is sacred." 

Since its inception in 2010, the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork continues to provide a journalistic perspective related to the evolving movement and process of UAP/ET Disclosure. 

This perspective is different. 

It serves to capture not only a Canadian journalistic point-of-view but one that attempts to engage a wider, more global sociological narrative that is contrastive to the mainstream news diet of: 
  • Cyclical geo-political war, 
  • On-going international strife,
  • The corporate film industry's dominant need to demonize the Extraterrestrial Presence now engaging the planet, and,
  • A stridently divisive American mainstream news ideology that reports on - but is non-responsive to the demise of the US Constitution. 
These caustic news cycles dominate our consciousness. While sucking the oxygen out of the room occupied by responsible journalism and common sense, many in the general public flail among the poisonous weeds cultivated by the likes of Alex Jones, Donald tRump, Vladimir Putin and others of severely diminished mental capacity. The resulting news vacuum serves to subvert if not entirely annihilate any meaningful narrative related to the evolving movement and process of UAP/ET disclosure. 

This continues to be a problem.

Historically, since the mid 1950's the international UAP/UFO research community has been immersed in both the revelatory and the ridiculous. The knowledgeable reader will know what is being referred to here - so we won't dwell on it.
To journalists who continue to turn a blind eye to the far-reaching implications of the UAP issue, try contacting Ralph Blumenthal, Leslie Kean or Helene Cooper to find out why the NY Times chose to dismantle the wall of UAP government secrecy.
It is well worth noting that the editorial practices if not the editorial policies of the New York Times have been significantly rebooted to embrace the exposure of government secrecy. How much deeper this reboot goes remains to be seen.
To the uninitiated and indolent who choose to remain oblivious to this matter - regrettably, and despite our best efforts - you simply have not been paying attention. 

Beginning in 2017 the New York Times article penned by Ralph Blumenthal, Leslie Kean and Helene Cooper, the dam of government UAP obfuscation is now officially under demolition. 
This category of jarring and journalistic activism by these demolition artists includes and foreshadowed: 
  • US Navy pilot UAP revelations, 
  • Their videos, 
  • Uncloaked US Pentagon UAP  investigative programs, 
  • New offices of investigative programs, 
  • CBS 60 Minutes UAP coverage, 
  • The National Authorization Act UAP content, 
  • US and Brazilian UAP Hearings. 
Nothing of this revelatory nature or impact has ever occurred before... and - it appears more is coming.

We however are remiss if we dwell on these alone. New questions need to be asked - new planetary directions need to be pursued.


“Towards what horizon is the UAP disclosure process headed?”
What new DNA genetic material is imbedded in this issue that will codify advancements in civil and natural law to allow the human family to penetrate and understand what UAP researchers and government purveyors of secrecy have known for decades?

Will this new genetic material permit the human family to conclude that this matter is their issue?

[Just another way of saying - 
this matter does not belong to any government?]
What doddery language needs to be eliminated from the UAP/ET vocabulary and replaced by a new lexicon - one that re-shapes archaic scientific, political and sociological ontologies?

Might an emerging and vigorously
 independent film industry displace a fear-driven Hollywood motion picture machine bent on fabricating an aggressive alien agenda?

Finally - who will be the gatekeepers to permit these possibilities to occur?

As with most complex ideological modes of reasoning, a whirlwind of knee-jerk or transitory answers are rarely sufficient in responding to such deliberately challenging questions.

Yet good news is ahead. A world-renowned physicist has much to say about a new landing-spot for ways to discuss and understand the UAP/ET presence.

Readers are encouraged to explore the landscape of a new narrative - a new lexicon of revised modes of reasoning with his thesis published recently in the Journal of Cosmology Vol. 29:


Harold E. Puthoff Ph.D.

[Ed. Note: as many have come to realize after reading it, this thesis is complex. It challenges the status quo, engages new ways of thinking and above all - cracks the glass ceiling of scientific and political intransigence that denies advanced ideas at the very edge of common terrestrial reasoning.]




Monday, July 11, 2022

Luis Elizondo's 'UNPUBLISHED VIDEO' to Brazilian Senate Hearing on UAP



B R E A K I N G  N E W S

Press Release - For Immediate Distribution

Toronto [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has obtained a video clip featuring an 'unpublished' message to the members of the Brazilian Senate UAP Hearing Committee of June 24, 2022.

ZNN considers this video as authentic and highly relevant - whether or not it was sent to or has been seen by the members of the Brazilian Senate UAP Hearing Committee. More information on this matter will be announced when appropriate.

Luis Elizondo
Elizondo's address is pointed, thoughtful and resoundingly clear in its intention: Brazil, on its own, must bring the UAP issue to the immediate forefront of the international community. 

Mr. Elizondo also made it clear that the UAP matter is not a one nation matter. 

In other words - the United States of America must not be allowed to control or commandeer the UAP matter - by portraying it as a threat.

It is also clear that in Mr. Elizondo's 27 minute impassioned address to the Brazilian UAP Hearing Committee, he spoke as a citizen of the planet Earth and not just as a former US intelligence officer.


Unexpectedly, Mr. Elizondo made reference to the government of San Marino

For those unfamiliar with the San Marino initiative, it is important to note that Mr. Elizondo has been in communication with ICER officials (the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Researchand supports its work as ICER seeks the cooperation of the San Marino government to bring the UAP issue before an international body like the United Nations.

[Ed. Note - At this time it is not known why Mr. Elizondo would take precious time during an address to the Brazilian Hearing on UAP to mention San Marino.]


  • The US military has encountered phenomenon that far exceed American aircraft capabilities.
  • The phenomenon is able to gain unauthorized access to US air space. This access has been verified by the US military.
  • The phenomenon has stymied the most sophisticated US air craft and detection devices.
  • The phenomenon has a specific and ongoing interest in US nuclear technologies.
  • The US government has recently held a hearing on the UAP phenomenon and is likely to hold more.


1. UFOs are real.

2. UFOs represent a real technology.

3. UFOs are considered a national interest of the United States.


Watch and listen to the Elizondo address: HERE          __________________________________________________


VICTOR VIGGIANI - News Director 

ZlandCommunications | Toronto  | Canada

Office 416-801-8056 | zland@sympatico.ca



Saturday, June 25, 2022


Brazilian Senate UAP Hearing Transcript and video available
Press Release 

Toronto [ZNN] The Brazilian Senate made history on Friday June 24, 2022 by holding a hearing on the existence of unidentified aerial phenomenon. The hearing was scheduled to coincide with WORLD UFO DAY.

Senator Eduardo Giãro opened the Senate Session by stating, "It is too pretentious to think we are alone in God's universe." 

With that auspicious statement from one of Brazil's highest ranking Senators, a total of nine speakers gave witness testimony concerning the history of UAP in Brazil and in other countries.

Two of the featured witnesses were Gary Heseltine, Vice President of ICER - the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research and Captain Robert Salas (USAF Ret.).

Gary Hesletine
"I have already examined the best evidence in the world, and as Vice President of the International Coalition, I have already said publicly, as I did last year, that we must prepare for this new paradigm shift. We are on the eve of a great moment of contact. Recognize it!" Mr. Heseltine went on to tell ZNN, "
Senator Girãu was a superb host to the speakers. He took us to his office and showed us around the building prior to the session. I think we all felt privileged to be taking part in an official Senate Hearing. I hope our collective lectures have an impact.”


Robert Salas
In conversation with Captain Salas following his powerful testimony, Salas told ZNN's News Director Victor Viggiani, "
My impression of Senator Eduardo Girãu is that he is even more committed to going forward with more disclosures. He would like to see other countries follow the lead set by Brazil and will do what he can to encourage them to do so. I think the momentum created by this hearing favours more nations taking similar initiatives."
. . . . .
An Editorial Comment
The significance and future impact of what Brazil has accomplished will only be measured by how other G20 countries will follow suit in efforts to stiffen the international resolve of other world governments to first, recognize the existence of the UAP phenomenon and, to subsequently frame how contact with off-world civilizations might occur.

Two factors remain to be resolved in how the human family comes to understand the presence of craft of unknown origin and the beings who pilot them: 
  • A continuance of the out-dated Militaristic Threat scenario so prevalent in the rhetoric of the American military - intelligence and industrial complex, or
  • A new mode of ethical reasoning based on continued international research and the formulation of global diplomatic strategies to seek ways to directly engage the multiplicity of off-world civilizations who appear to be engaging us.
In this light, what Brazil has accomplished is much more than simply holding a hearing on UAP.
Brazil has opened a portal. This portal may well become an international access point or a link to other unacknowledged ways of understanding the UAP phenomenon at a cognitive level - unfettered by threats of the unknown.

Complete or ostensibly unmitigated action by the entire global community must be taken to frame this issue in one way and one way only - as the next step in our evolution as a species.

Quite simply - when all is said and done - there is no other way to view this issue among the human family and for the fate of our planet.

For once, let's get this right.
. . . . .

The hearing is captured in full by TV Senado.
1.09M subscribers 

The Brazilian Manuscript

The entire hearing manuscript is available
CREDIT Thanks to Robert Fleischer of ICER Network.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

ICER Vice President to testify at Brazilian Senate UAP Hearing

Gary Heseltine VP of the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research to testify in person before the Brazilian Senate on UAP

Press Release

For Immediate Distribution

ICER VP Gary Heseltine
Rome Italy - [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has learned through firsthand sources that Gary Heseltine, the Vice President of the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research, will testify in person on June 24, 2022 before the Brazilian Senate Hearing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon and the global implications of UAP. 

Unlike the American UAP Congressional Hearing that appears to be restricting its investigation to US UAP data, Brazil’s Senate has embarked on a bold effort to not only better understand the UAP phenomenon, but to come to grips with the huge compendium of international data and its impact on the entire global community. 

Heseltine also intends to address for the Brazilian Senate Hearing the comprehensive compendium of international data that ICER has already amassed. 

In discussions ZNN has had with Mr. Heseltine it is clear he intends to: 

  • Reinforce the notion that these incursions by craft of unknown origin are of grave global concern and,   
  • Suggest that UAP must be examined from that perspective by the highest levels of international governance on the planet and not simply by one country.
  • Prepare and present ICER's research findings on UAP to the United Nations as sponsored by the government of San Marino.

In another conversation with ZNN’s news director - Victor Viggiani - Heseltine made a point of emphatically stating that: 

  • The UAP phenomenon is one that continues to perplex American military officials and, 
  • The UAP phenomenon can only be understood through a scientific assessment of specific data on an international scale. 

Mr. Heseltine went on to say:

“I am honoured to be invited to testify before the Brazilian Senate on June 24th about the global aspects of the UFO/UAP issue. With the recent legislative developments in the United States, all countries should acknowledge and cooperate on the UAP subject and realize that it is imperative that the phenomenon needs to be addressed as a one world human race issue.”


Note - Mr. Heseltine joins Captain Robert L. Salas (USAF Ret.) who will also testify before the Brazilian Senate concerning the shutdown of multiple ICBM missiles by craft of unknown origin at Malmstrom AFB in Montana in 1967.


Profile of Gary Heseltine: 

As a former Royal Air Force Police Officer and Home Office Detective Constable in the UK, Mr. Heseltine transitioned his investigative skills into the field of UFO investigation. Heseltine is no stranger to testifying on UAP - he spoke at the 2013 Citizen Hearing at the Washington DC National Press Club before former US Congressional leaders on behalf of police officers worldwide who have experienced UAP encounters. 

Full profile - https://icer.network/2021/10/18/gary-heseltine-vice-president/

To interview Mr. Heseltine contact him at: heseltinegary@hotmail.com

ICER web site with position statements, press releases, ICER's UN San Marino Initiative PROJECT TITAN and more, go to: https://icer.network

WATCH THE BRAZILIAN HEARINGS LIVE ON JUNE 24, 2022: https://www.youtube.com/c/tvsenado