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Canadian Member of Parliament Engages the UAP Issue

Former Pentagon officials briefed Canadian MPs on UFOs, MP and researcher say

Press Release - For Immediate Distribution

MP Larry Maguire
Toronto [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has learned that CTV News - Canada's largest television network has gone full-on to cover the Washington DC Congressional UAP Hearing that took place yesterday Tuesday May 17, 2022. Front and centre on this coverage here in Canada is Canadian MP Larry Maguire.


As promised in ZNN's last press release - here is ZlandCommunications' commentary and action plan for continued coverage of this critical issue.


Member of Parliament from Brandon Manitoba Canada - Mr. Larry Maguire weighed in during a comprehensive interview with CTV News about the Washington UAP Hearing and the role that Canada must take in pursuing what is occurring in the U.S. 

The big takeaway here is that Canadian mainstream media is finally taking this issue seriously - no ridicule or dismissive commentary. As readers will see below, the Canadian and US mainstream media are now fully engaged.

Five far-reaching and unacknowledged 

questions remain to be articulated:

  • Will the mainstream media hover over this matter only to dismiss it the next day?
  • Will the mainstream media sustain their collective interest to imbed the global relevance of the UAP issue into the national psyche of the North American public and indeed - the rest of the international community?
  • Will the mainstream media eventually pick-up on the global implications of identifying UAPs as a reality that will expose what arcane technologies are being utilized to propel these craft to speeds and flight maneuvers utterly unattainable by even the most sophisticated aircraft within any terrestrial military arsenal?
  • If discovered - what effect will these new forms of energy and propulsion have on the fossil fuel industry's strangle-hold on the global economy, the environment and... your pocket book?
  • Will U.S. Pentagon officials and Andre Carson - Chair of the UAP Congressional Hearing - continue to skirt the issue of the possible off-world origin of the unknown craft under discussion?  

CTV's Daniel Otis

ZlandCommunications would be remiss in not acknowledging the sustained coverage and tireless journalism of CTV's Daniel Otis on this issue. Investigative journalists who remain reluctant to cover this matter will be left behind at the dock as the good-ship UAP Disclosure embarks to tell the planet about the reality of unidentified aerial phenomenon. 

Readers are encourage to: 

Contact Canadian Member of Parliament Larry Maguire to offer their support at:

Contact Canadian MP - Kerry-Lynne National Defence Critic: 

- Contact CTV News and others Canadian News outlets to encourage continued coverage:

- CTV News - @CTVNews

- Daniel Otis - @dsotis


- Global

Review the media reports below to become educated about this unprecedented news: 

CTV National News -

MP Larry Maguire's Interview on CTV News

CBS Coverage

NBC Coverage

Australian News Coverage

US ABC News Coverage

CBC Canada



It is the hope of ZNNewsNet that the relentless work on the UAP matter by the late Hon. Paul T. Hellyer - former Minister of National Defence - a legacy that began in 2005 at the University of Toronto's Convocation Hall - will be sustained by Mr. Maguire's efforts to bring forward the UAP issue to Canadians.

Watch Mr. Hellyer's historical 2005 address at University of Toronto 

The Hon. Paul T. Hellyer

This Press Release will be updated as required.


Journalist and Media are invited to contact 

Victor Viggiani - ZNN News Director for interview opportunities. 

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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Congressional UAP Hearing Now Available

Watch History in the Making

Toronto [ZNN] 

The long-awaited UAP Hearing occurred today, 

Tuesday May 16, at 9am EST. 

ZlandCommunications is preparing an assessment but is posting the YOU TUBE coverage for the press and the public. (1:26:00)

Committee Chair Andre Carson

Go to:

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

House Panel will hold first Public Hearings on UFOs in over 50 Years

 Two Pentagon Officials due to Testify at a Hearing 
about UFOs Next Week or...
How to Reassemble a Clay Pidgeon


ZlandCommunications [ZNN] In 1966 former President Gerald Ford made a ground-breaking statement about UFOs. He said, “I believe the American people are entitled to a more thorough explanation than has been given them by the Air Force to date.”

Soon after, Ford, then the House Republican minority leader from Michigan, organized a hearing in response to reports of UFOs by over 40 people, including 12 policemen. The Air Force explained them away as “swamp gas.” Mr. Ford shot back calling the report by the US Air Force “flippant.”

Was this President Ford's way of launching a projectile of hope for the American people to find out what these bizarre craft really were and where they were from? Or, was it all just the beginning of a flock of clay pigeons launched into orbit by the keepers of the secret to be mis-identified and blasted out of the sky into smithereens?   

Since then, the US government and military agencies have played hide and seek with the truth - taking every opportunity to dismiss, ridicule and out-right lie about the existence of the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects; something they knew was as real then as it is now. 

Some 50 years later the cat and mouse game continues with the announcement of public hearings on UAP. The US government and Pentagon seem to have come to their collective senses - admitting the phenomenon is real and yes - even renaming the circumstance of UFOs to UAP - Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. A blockbuster admission but has anything really changed?

Do not be hoodwinked by this new shell-game reframed as "transparency". 

Readers will notice when reviewing the reports by the New York Times, CNN, VICE and others below - the veil of secrecy has been drawn back - about an inch. The language used by those in the US Congress who are spearheading the hearings may sound revelatory in the pursuit of transparency. 

The reality? The curtain remains stubbornly stuck as the Pentagon's secret keepers rearrange the furniture in their house of cards before members of the US Congress. 

If anyone who has been around this 75 year fiasco of secrecy and lies perpetrated by the United States government feels - by calling two Pentagon witnesses to testify that the air-of-secrecy will be cleared - think again. We won't all go home to count our new Extraterrestrial currency or more confidently stand on the roof tops asking ET to call home.

Ronald S. Moultrie
"Witnesses Ronald S. Moultrie, under secretary of defense for intelligence and security, and Scott W. Bray, deputy director of naval intelligence will - undoubtedly - under oath - dodge and sidestep questions to maneuver the pieces of furniture around to re-create the old
 lies into new furnishings of deception, misdirection and yes - more lies. Moultriand Bray and others in the inner sanctum of intelligence have no real problem keeping secrets - it's the people they tell the lies to that have the problem." 
Scott W. Bray

Many who have followed ZNN for the last twelve years might figure that the Canadian office of ZlandCommunications would be turning back-flips now that 'hearings are here'. 

Well - it ain't so. 

The file folders are still neatly on the desk; the computer keyboard is quiet with no major banging onto Twitter or any other excuses for 'news' and... the telephone used for our interviews is still in its cradle.

Readers do need to read the mainstream coverage below - that we must insist upon - remain informed. But read the coverage without raising your hopes. 


We repeat... for those of us who have been around the 75 year yo-yo UFO fiasco of secrecy and lies by the US government have long since realized our hopes have been raised dozens of times - only to be shot down like a clay pigeon. Leaving us to scramble to reclaim and re-assemble fragments of the remaining pieces only to see them for what they really are - just chunks of prevarication and mendacity.

That said, we at ZNN really hope we are wrong...

ABC (Video grab)

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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Canadian defence minister was briefed on UFOs ahead of U.S. intel report


Why was former Canadian Minister of Defence Harjit Sajjan Briefed before U.S. UAP Report was released? A CTV report.

Toronto - [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has learned that former Liberal Minister of Defence Harjit Sajjan received a briefing prior to the release of the UAP report by the U.S. Office of the Director on National Intelligence. The briefing on UAP for Sajjan was recommended by George Young, Chief of Staff in the Office of the Minister of Defence. As revealed on May 6, 2022 by Daniel Otis of CTV News, the Conservative Party of Canada appears to be leading the charge to make the investigation of UAP more transparent.

Initially, Otis unearthed a video of Conservative MP Larry Maguire's intense questioning of the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources John Hannaford about UAP over-flights of several Canadian nuclear energy facilities. The Deputy Minister denied any knowledge of these UAP over-flights. 

ZNN contacted the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited's Vice-President of Communications and Public Affairs - Mr. Jason Cameron by telephone to determine if the AECL has had reports of UAP over-flying its nuclear facilities. Mr. Cameron was unaware of any reports but indicated he would look into the matter and get back to ZNN. To date no response has yet been received by ZNN from Mr. Cameron.


Now a new wrinkle has emerged in this 
unfolding series of events. 
A Canadian Minister of Defence was briefed by Canadian Ministry of Defence staff before the actual release of the June 25, 2021 Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena that originated from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence - Director Avril Haines - in direct response to a directive from 
chaired by Senators Mark Warner and Marco Rubio.

The CTV report by Daniel Otis goes on to state:
“Ahead of the release of a much-anticipated U.S. intelligence report on aerial phenomena, former Canadian defence minister Harjit Sajjan received a briefing on UFOs. Documents obtained by reveal the June 2021 briefing followed a flurry of mainstream media coverage about a then-upcoming report on U.S. military sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena or UAP, the term American officials use for what are more commonly known as unidentified flying objects and UFOs.

The CTV report continues, “Conservative Opposition defence critic Kerry-Lynne Findlay believes Ottawa should be paying more attention to American developments, which recently included a bipartisan U.S. senate initiative to establish a new UAP research office.”

MP Larry Maguire demands answers
The two issues ZlandCommunications would like to see resolved are: 

  • Are there now distinct and on-the-record factions within the Canadian government pushing for more transparency into Canada's long and very complicated history of UFO investigation - with MPs Larry Macguire and Kerry-Lynne Findlay appearing to lead the charge? Finally - a major Canadian media outlet - CTV News - is taking this matter seriously - where are the other Canadian news outlets?

Dramatic AIA (FOIA) documents are included.

This report will be updated as events transpire.

[Ed. Note: ZlandCommunications has been covering these issues since 2010 - with no support from Canadian mainstream media. ZNN therefore is grateful to reporter Daniel Otis and CTV's initiative and its consistent and on-going coverage of this historical issue. ZNN must also acknowledge Mr. Dave Scott of Spaced Out Radio and Richard Syrett for their contributions and unrelenting determination to address UAP issues.]

ZNN has always stated: 
"UFOs are real - the government knows it - and now - so do you."
Read more from ZNN: 


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Wednesday, March 2, 2022


Manitoba Member of Parliament questions Deputy Minister about unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) flying over Canadian nuclear facilities

B r e a k i n g N e w s

APRIL 30, 2022 @ 4:36 pm EST

Canadian MP Larry Maguire issues letter to 
Deputy Minister John Hannaford 
about information on incursions by unknown craft 
over Canadian nuclear facilities 
- adding specific details from the text of the  
US National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

Maguire's Letter - Highlights
- Maguire briefed by former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo
- Maguire seeks more transparency on UAP investigation
- Atomic Energy of Canada Limited encouraged
to communicate with US counter-part. 
- Senator Mark Warner Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has been Cc'd on Maguire's letter.
Documents and further news from the 
office of MP Maguire will be posted 
as they are made available to ZNN. 
MP Maguire’s Letter to Deputy Minister 
John Hannaford
 [Thanks extended to Daniel Otis of CTV News]

Email your support to Canadian MP LARRY MAGUIRE.



[ZNN] ZlandCommunications has just learned that during a high-level committee meeting in Ottawa Canada on Wednesday March 2, 2022, Canadian Member of
Parliament Larry Maguire, Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Natural Resources posed several pointed questions to John F.G. Hannaford, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Canada about reports of "flying objects" over Canadian nuclear facilities.

MP Maguire asked the Deputy Minister Hannaford if he was aware of the recent passage of legislation concerning Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon over American nuclear military installations. The Deputy Minister replied he was unaware of the US legislation.

Vice-Chair Maguire replied that he would send the Deputy Minister the information regarding UAP flying over US nuclear facilities as contained in the Fiscal Year 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

Part of the American legislation states that "UAPs pose a significant challenge to our [U.S.] national security, appearing in sensitive U.S. airspace and around military personnel." 

Maguire then asked Deputy Minister Hannaford if he has received reports of UAP flying over Canadian nuclear facilities. Hannaford replied he has not received such reports. 

MP Larry Maguire

MP Maguire then asked if "violations in and around nuclear facilities [were] publicly disclosed." Deputy Minister Hannaford was unable to answer Maguire's question.

Deputy Minister Hannaford did however pass the question on to Mollie Johnson, Assistant Deputy Minister who was also unable to answer Maguire's question. Johnson then indicated to Vice-Chair Maguire that she would look into the issue and get back to the committee.

Maguire went on to ask Deputy Minister Hannaford if his office would be open to communicating with US nuclear authorities as to how these authorities are managing the issue of UAP over American nuclear installations. Hannaford responded that he would take the matter "under advisement".

A ground-breaking statement by a respected Canadian authority on the UAP issue has just been issued: 

“Larry Maguire’s initiative now brings Canada to the fore in guiding the scientific study on UAP. I look forward to seeing the Canadian government’s response and actions.” Paul Kingsbury, Professor of Geography, Simon Fraser University and SCU Board Member.

[Ed Note: It should be noted that the nuclear facilities in question are non-military in nature. Canada has 19 Candu nuclear reactors which contribute to Canada's electricity needs. For many years Canada has been a leader in nuclear research and technology, exporting reactor systems developed in Canada as well as a high proportion of the world supply of radioisotopes used in medical diagnosis and cancer therapy.]

ZlandCommunications will continue to monitor this story as more information is obtained. 

*COMMITTEE VIDEO (2 min 53 sec)

The entire revealing video conversation among MP Larry Maguire, Deputy Minister Hannaford and his Assistant Deputy Minister Mollie Johnson can be viewed at: Standing Committee on Natural Resources March 2, 2022 


ZNN would like to acknowledge Dave Scott host of SPACED OUT RADIO in British Columbia Canada and journalist Daniel Otis - Toronto as sources for this breaking news. 


Sunday, February 27, 2022

ZNN Petitions The Hague International Court of Justice Against Putin

 International Court of Justice

Peace Palace
Carnegieplein 2
2517 KJ The Hague
The Netherlands
Telephone : +31 70 302 23 23

Memorandum to:
Court Officials - International Court of Justice - The Hague
February 27, 2022

Pursuant to your jurisdictional statement:
"The International Court of Justice acts as a world court. The Court’s jurisdiction is twofold: it decides, in accordance with international law, disputes of a legal nature that are submitted to it by States (jurisdiction in contentious cases); and it gives advisory opinions on legal questions at the request of the organs of the United Nations, specialized agencies or one related organization authorized to make such a request (advisory jurisdiction).

As a specialized agency, we request that you provide us with an advisory opinion on the legal question relating to the necessary processes and jurisdictional procedures that are available to a UN member state or agency to file formal charges against Russian President Vladimir Putin with war crimes.

We also request and would expect that this petition will be expedited given the grave state of military operations - a de facto war - perpetrated on the sovereign state of the Ukraine by the Russian Federation under its President, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin that have:
  • Caused the deaths of innocent children,
  • Caused the death of Ukrainian citizens,
  • Caused the destruction of vital energy and food supply chains,
  • Violated international law, 
  • Caused attacks on hospitals,
  • Violated the internationally recognized domestic borders of the Ukraine, and finally, 
  • Threatened the international social, environmental and geo-political order by recklessly putting its nuclear assets on high alert;
We inform the court that the undersigned is an intermediary for one of the States entitled to appear before the Court

Information - documentation and any relevant requirements pursuant to this legal initiative should be sent to the intermediary shown below.

International Court of Justice Press Release
We support the jurisdictional proceedings as submitted to the court on February 26, 2022 by the Ukraine against the Russian Federation.

Ukraine’s Application to ICJ

We also request provisional information on funding that is available to petitioners as described in the document - Secretary-General’s Trust Fund to Assist States

We eagerly look forward to your prompt response to our petition.

Victor Domenic Viggiani
International Intermediary
Toronto Canada