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B R E A K I N G  N E W S !

Press Release for Immediate Distribution



[ED. NOTE] ZNN can report this press release which focuses on Mr. Hellyer's open letter to Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, has been read globally 760 times since its posting on December 22, 2019.

332 Canadian reads and 302 US reads. 
The balance of 126 reads are from Russia, India, the UK, Denmark and Australia. 

Toronto [ZNN] The Hon. Paul T. Hellyer - former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada has some bombshell advice for the current Prime Minister of Canada.

In his letter - entitled Four Lost Years - Hellyer outlines Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's failures in economic policies that have created more debt, contradictory policies on Climate Change, oil production and geo-engineering. 

Hellyer also addresses the issue of  Zero Point Energy (ZPE) - technologies that many quantum physicists believe have the real potential of eliminating fossil fuels while creating new jobs.

In his forward looking and decisively relentless admonishments of the Liberal government's dismal record, Hellyer cleverly wields his sage wisdom as a councillor - challenging Trudeau to think out-of-the-box.  [Ed. Note: Mr. Hellyer is the longest serving member of the Privy Council - appointed in 1957 by then PM Louis St. Laurent.]

As a father might reprimand his son, Hellyer upbraids the young Trudeau over ignoring geo-engineering (Chemtrails):

"One of the four major issues I asked you to look into four years ago was chemtrails. But like all of the other major problems, you ignored it completely. The reason you have been able to get away with a crime of such magnitude is because the vast majority of voters are totally unaware."

Hellyer goes on to cite Justin Trudeau's own father, former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau:

The late and Rt. Hon, Pierre Elliot Trudeau
"Your father’s political motto was A Just Society. But, we have never achieved it due to a financial system of constant austerity due to an insane financial system, where all new money is created as debt. In my final one-on-one luncheon with your father.... he accepted the policy of government created money after I showed him the results of economic projections by Informetrica Ltd."

Hellyer outlines how the Justin Trudeau has missed the mark on major issues while also putting forward authentic remedies and viable policies - such as the use of Zero Point Energy technologies and creative economic strategies.

Why is this letter so imposing and a must read for all Canadians?

Quite simple really... Paul Hellyer will remain in Canadian political history as the best Prime Minister we never had.

Read Paul Hellyer's Open Letter to PM Justin Trudeau: HERE

Review Mr. Hellyer's books: HERE
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ZNN Seeks Input on Pentagon AATIP Reversal

Confusion Reigns about Validity of Pentagon Reversal on purpose of AATIP

Contribute to the Survey
Toronto [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has made several inquiries about Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough’s announcement that the AATIP program had nothing to do with UAP investigation and that Luis Elizondo had no 'assigned role' in the program.

These statements appear to be seriously questioned by expert observers. In fact, the originator of the story - Black Vault renowned researcher John Greenewald - offered several reasons why the Pentagon may have altered their public position.

Essentially the recent reversal may suggest such things as internal disagreement within the Pentagon about how AATIP is being portrayed publicly or lower level officials speaking out without permission. The entire matter also casts doubt on the report by Helene Cooper, Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean of the NY TIMES in December 2017.

Either way - over the span of two years the Pentagon remained silent - allowing the original story to percolate among dozens of media outlets embedding itself into the international news cycle and transform the global Disclosure process. The Pentagon's apparent reversal has changed that transformation. Why and for what political purposes?

ZNN wants your input on this matter.

Feel free to respond to or comment on the statements below. Your comments and general results will be reviewed and published on ZNN BLOG.


1. The Pentagon spokesperson’s revised statement represents a consensus view within the Pentagon about the mandate of AATIP and I accept its revisions.

2. The spokesperson’s revised public statements about AATIP represents a division among factions within the Pentagon as to how Disclosure is being managed.

3. The initial revelations by the Pentagon, as covered by the NY TIMES in December 2017, was a ruse designed to discredit the Disclosure process, TTSA, Luis Elizondo, the media, Senator Harry Reid and the late Senators Ted Stevens and Daniel K. Inouye.


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ET News Cycle Bursting at the Seams

ET Disclosure News Hits New Heights
Press Release
For Immediate Distribution
[Updated Monday December at 9:15 ET]

Toronto [ZNN] So much and so often might be the best way to describe how the recent cascade of news is redefining how UAP/ET Disclosure is unfolding in the public domain.

In both Canada and the USA the onslaught of UAP news demonstrates that the intensity and progression of the Disclosure movement is entering a new critical phase of information. ZNN suggests that to any knowledgeable observer or even the curious neophyte, the rapid-fire information at hand frames a new vision for the exigent need to demand answers about the Extraterrestrial presence.

Below is a summary of news items that by themselves may appear to be mutually exclusive. However a closer look points to a pattern of revelations about how governments, former military officials, filmmakers and disclosure advocates are providing and adding to the differentiated levels of evidence about the ET reality. 

The sheer volume of UFO mainstream news is likely to produce a wave of public sentiment - what are these UFOs all about and why isn't the media all over this on a more consistent basis?

The news items below clearly frame a cogent acknowledgement about why the UFO/ET matter is not only a matrix of evidence but an expanding locus of ideologies that may well become a consensus reality very soon.

This element is indeed remarkable - not because of the apparent content of the announcement but because it represents a duplicitous measure by US military and intelligence agencies to back-track on earlier measured and authentic announcements by the US Pentagon in December of 2017 about a US government funded UFO investigation program.

The US Pentagon's initial announcement of the existence of AATIP, the Advance Aerial Threat Identification Program has now been 'corrected' by the Pentagon as reported by John Greenewald Jr. of Black Vault.  Susan Gough - spokesperson for the Pentagon told Mr. Greenewald, "Neither the AATIP or AAWASP were UAP related." 

Is this Pentagon reversal an attempt to to unring the bell?

ZlandCommunications reserves comment on this matter other than to say that sources familiar with Pentagon policy and practices have told ZNN that there are in fact factions within the US Pentagon who are totally committed to allowing information about UAP investigations to be leaked to the public. Have these factions, as a result of Ms. Gough's announcement, been undermined? Or has the fissure in the wall of secrecy reported by ZNN earlier simply received a less than permanent face lift - sketching reasons for observers to doubt the reversal’s internal authenticity? This is how US government and military duplicity operates.

Readers are urged to review Mr. Greenewald's report HERE.

In a lengthy discussion with David Scott - host of SPACED OUT RADIO - ZNN was informed that a journalist was contacted by an aide to a Canadian Member of Parliament who sought information about UFOs (UAP). 

The conversation between Mr. Scott and ZNN revolved around a specific request about UFOs by a Canadian Parliamentarian's aide. Later, on the SPACED OUT RADIO blog, Mr. Scott wrote: 

"Recently on Spaced Out Radio, writer and researcher for VICE and Popular Mechanics, MJ Banais made a short quip during our interview, stating he had conversations with a person within the Canadian government asking about UFOs."

Read David Scott's remarkable account of this unprecedented move by a Canadian MP HERE. Journalists are invited to contact Mr. Scott using the contact information on the above web site.

Long-time Disclosure advocate and former ranking USAF officer who was present at Malmstrom Air Force Base when a UFO disabled up to a dozen ICBM nuclear missiles has stepped forward to bring news to Congress about the UFO reality. Salas' determination is summed up on his web site:

"Because of the lies, deception, ineptitude and corruption of the current administration we will have a lot of work to do to recover our standing in the world, to rebuild confidence in our government and to strengthen our Democracy."

Review Captain Salas' run for Congress HERE.

Washington DC lobbyist Stephen Bassett Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group has a few things to say about the ET reality and he wants the US Congress to take the news seriously. 

Bassett told MOTHERBOARD journalist MJ  Banais, "It's not about UFOs. The term is a product of government propaganda in service to the truth embargo and no longer of value, it's about extraterrestrials and the Disclosure process.” 

Read MOTHERBOARD's MJ Banais account and view a video of Stephen Bassett HERE.

You can be excused for missing Season 1 of the provocative series PROJECT BLUE BOOK that chronicles the work of Dr. J. Allen Hynek as he exposed the US government's cover-up of UFOs - but you will not want to miss Season 2.

The HISTORY CHANNEL'S upcoming new drama series 'Project Blue Book' is based on the true, top-secret investigations into Unidentified Flying Objects and related phenomena conducted by the United States Air Force from 1952 to 1969. 

Watch the trailer HERE.

As is the practice of ZNN - journalists are invited to contact ZlandCommunications News Director Victor Viggiani for details about this press release or general issues related to the ET/UAP Disclosure movement using the contact information below.  

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UPDATE - THE NOV 24 CONSPIRACY SHOW on Zoomer Radio AM 740 Toronto

Media Alert
For those who were unable to listen to this week's radio program and who may wish to listen to it - a WE TRANSFER download link of both Hours One and Two is available until Dec 1, 2019. After that date it will be deleted.

Get the November 24, 2019 interview with physicist Dr. Paul LaViolette by host Richard Syrett and guest host Victor Viggiani HERE

Toronto [ZNN] RICHARD SYRETT and guest host VICTOR VIGGIANI News Director of the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork speak with physicist Dr. Paul LaViolette about UFO PROPULSION SYSTEMS, Zero Point Energy and other strange mysteries in the Cosmos.

JOIN US - This Sunday November 24 at 11pm ET.

Show details:

Listen Live on the net this Sunday at 11pm ET on Zoomer Radio:


US government 'forces NASA to cut ISS feed when UFOs appear.'

Read the details at:

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

US government 'forces NASA to cut ISS feed when UFOs appear.'

Stephen Bassett of UFO disclosure group PRG believes NASA is the "victim" of government laws

Press Release
For Immediate Distribution

CancĂșn Mexico [ZNN] According to a report by the UK's DAILY STAR, NASA's LIVE FEEDS from space are being controlled by the US government. This situation, as described by Stephen Bassett Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group in Washington DC, requires NASA to obey US laws surrounding National Security.

Bassett states, “They [NASA] have been in a really tough spot and I feel for them... so, if they are turning off the video cameras because something is flying by the space station it is not NASA being the bad guy."

Throughout years of activism as the only registered lobbyist in Washington DC on the UAP matter, Bassett has sought the acknowledgement by the US government of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the planet. 

Bassett feels NASA is in a difficult position, "... [W]hat the government did, what congress did, was to put a clause in the Space Act... that says anything which involves national security, deemed to be national security matters, that NASA encounters will be completely turned over and deferred to the Department of Defence and NASA will say and do nothing."

Combined with the recent revelations and videos about UAP released by the US Navy that vividly describe their pilots' multiple interactions with UAP, the news about NASA being hand-cuffed by a clause in the congressional SPACE ACT is really no surprise - just another widening of the fissures in the government's wall of secrecy that surrounds the UAP matter. 

It does however remain disturbing that the US mainstream media continues to maintain its unwillingness to publicly unmask the overwhelming and verified data pointing to the reality of the UAP phenomenon. Could their reluctance be caused by similar national security restrictions or pressure? 

If so, it stands to reason that both NASA and the mainstream media - at the behest of factions within the US government - truncate information and news about craft of unknown origin.

The Daily Star article concludes: "Stephen (Bassett) thinks NASA staff would throw parties if the existence of aliens was publicly revealed and which would prompt a gold-rush for space research. He also said: “Obviously, ending the truth embargo of disclosure will be a massive boom for NASA, oh my God."

ZNN concurs with this assessment and awaits the continued current unfolding of the disclosure process.


Journalists are invited to contact Stephen Bassett at -

PRG web site: HERE

[Ed. Note: ZNN News Director Victor Viggiani is on assignment in Mexico until November 19th]

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Geo-Politics and the Resurrection of Idiocy


After reviewing several North American media and journalistic analyses that attempt to explain how the current geo-political state of affairs has evolved, it remains clear few of these assessments authentically grasp history and current global lunacy.

By providing pithy sound bites, overly edited newsprint columns and a daily carousel of nonsense, the vast majority of most mainstream media have become successful at dumbing-down critical thinking among the general public.  

While this dearth of critical analysis in assessing the current  state of geo-politics avoids nuanced approaches to complex global problems, intense and cogent scrutiny of global issues has given way to crowning moments of tweet-infested idiocy. The doubling of characters from 140 to 280 suggests this idiocy has become twice as toxic rather than solution oriented.

In its attempt to compete with on-line madness, mainstream media has capitulated - abdicating its role as the guardian of authentic social discourse and political advocacy.

The Fourth Estate, once  a piercing force in its capacity to advocate and frame political issues - has lost its grip as an invaluable part of the political system - no longer able to wield significant social and political influence - choosing rather the imperative of economic survival over intellectual acuity and discernment.

While the Fourth Estate's capacity to identify ideological and political inconsistencies as well as out-right lies has morphed into a left-wing - right-wing battle ground - it has left the truth in the obscure middle ground of ambiguity.  

The remnants of this ambiguity are at the very core of bias, bigotry, intransigence and conflict. These frailties in the quality of news and information reveal the marginalization of intellectual thought and self-reflection.

Only in an examination of these frailties can we understand ourselves and the circumstances of our existence. Only by acting upon these frailties can we ever imagine or expect authentic change for our species.

Without an alert Fourth Estate, authentic change is becoming a myth rather than a human imperative. 

While the imminent nature of global destruction, catastrophic environmental degradation and socio-political atrophy have never been more prevalent, we find ourselves in a position as a species ill-equipped to deal with even the simplest of problems. Arguing over whether or not our house is ablaze - we gaze spellbound at the flames. 911 is just a number.  

What has precipitated this demise of rational discourse and the inability to focus on our survival as a species? 

Look no further than the void created by the United States of America and its toxic fumes of decay. The past history of this once grand nation and the convergence of its repugnant present tell a story the Fourth Estate has ignored and long forgotten. 

Expounding upon symptoms rather than solutions reveals a  deteriorating level of journalism. Superficial analysis among reams of on-line advertisements and seemingly endless television commercials is a new normal - fearful of describing how a geo-political void has evolved without anyone even noticing.


As will be describe below - moves by the United States to re-assert its dominance were in response to and intimately linked to the perceived notion that a void in influence and global superiority was created by the Soviet 'collapse' in the latter part of the 20th century. American attempts to fill this void were opportunistic, manipulative and yes... successful. 

In today's context, that evolution has morphed somewhat into what may be described as the "New Russian Phenomenon" - one that not only seeks to rival US dominance but overthrow it - without a shot being fired.

There is little doubt that the US saw an opportunity to assert its dominance in the absence of the former Soviet foe as the 20th century came to a close. It was easy. The effects of this opportunism is the air we breathe today.

This set of developments - to assert global dominance - has intrinsic historical roots and consequences that have sublimated into a lack of social, ethical and political standards never before witnessed in the North American democratic narrative. The social scientist Emile Durkheim labeled this phenomenon anomie. 

To be certain, these roots are home-grown as are the consequences that currently strangle the very rights, freedoms and constitutional governance of a democracy. These are the values the so-called Founding Fathers insisted upon and for which they fought so vigorously and without hesitation.

Although one cannot dismiss the presence or influence of Russian/Soviet ideology entirely - what we are witnessing today has less to do with the former Soviet Union or its clone - Russia and more to do with how the United States sought ways to dominate during the void cause by the collapse of the USSR. 

An argument can be made that this relentless and opportunistic search for power and dominance is precisely why and how the US finds itself in its current precarious state of chaos. 

Moreover, how and why the grave repercussions befalling geo-politics foretells danger and global instability is a narrative few in the media wish to engage lest they hit a political or corporate nerve. [Ed Note: The corporatization of global stability is indeed an issue germane to the resurrection of idiocy - however this specific argument must be set aside for another time.]

From where did these roots originate and how have they managed to create fissures in the foundations of a US Constitution designed to avoid such chaos?
"The effects of this opportunism is the air we breathe today."
The answers to this question can be explained by two fundamental factors. One is politically motivated by a military imperative and the other a social toxicity based on power, ignorance, persuasion, greed and yes human stupidity.

That the unrecognized chemistry of these two factors perform as toxic contagions in the current virulent cocktail of geo-politics and social discourse is a clear indication of the media's indolence to address them.

While the analysis of these factors are contextual as well as historical, they serve as catalysts for a discourse that could very well lead to modes of reasoning that suggest further examination and attainable solutions. In other words - the spontaneity of human intellectual acuity is only of benefit with appropriate motivation, hindsight and foresight.

FACTOR ONE - A Fallacious Military and Political Imperative

In the not too distant past and since the dawn of PNAC (The Project for the New American Century) the US established itself as the global armed-guard of the planet. Their goal - according to the PNAC - was to transform America, the self-described world superpower into a planetary empire by force of arms after the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

To quote Patrick E. Tyler of the NY Times - 'U.S. STRATEGY PLAN CALLS FOR INSURING NO RIVALS DEVELOP'. This policy - as does its successor - the Foreign Policy Initiative, co-founded by Wm. Kristol and Robert Kagan - continue to ensure a cyclical war economy that has devastated the homelands of other countries while preserving the sanctity of the US homeland by implicitly mandating war be only carried out abroad. 

There is no quantifiable measure of which I am aware that calculates the human, social and economic damage engendered by this US domestic and foreign policy. The repercussions of these strategies which spawn a cyclical war economy have become and will continue to be a human extinction behaviour from which we may never recover - all in the total and abject absence of any coherent plan to seek peace among the human family. 

Moral and ethical modes of reasoning concerning the implementation of a global peace plan - although well within the capabilities of the United States - are moribund among the hawks and... quite possibly even the doves - many of whom are supported, influenced or controlled by the military industrial complex, the NRA and global corporate factions.  

FACTOR TWO - Extinction Behaviours and Toxic Indolence

The newly established scorn for and mockery of logic and rational discourse in the current American socio-political context is also responsible for what may be described as the RESURRECTION OF IDIOCY. This is a relatively new human extinction behaviour soon to become a pandemic if the current child in the White House is re-elected in 2020. 

The evidence of this disease - a toxic blend of ignorance and power - is more than apparent. It "defines a pervasive malaise fostered by the mass media, triumphalist religious fundamentalism, mediocre public education, a dearth of fair-minded public intellectuals on the right and the left, and, above all, a lazy and credulous public." Susan Jacoby - The Age of American Unreason. 

This toxic blend is currently rooted in the political indecisiveness and corruption of a White House administration gone wrong - one that holds distain for the rule of law, diminishes NATO and permits a directionless foreign policy agenda, siding with foreign dictators, decimating trade agreements, moral and racial atrocities, stomping on the US Constitution... we must stop there for now for fear of further agitating the sensibilities of the reader who may be attempting to deal with the totality of this irrationality in a rational way.


This adherence to cyclical war is second only to globalism's corporate rape of the environment as evidenced by the plastic's that are crowding out the water from our rivers, streams and oceans as well as a fossil fuel industry that stuffs oil down the throat of anything that moves. 
"Whispers are but a shadow of reality - 
dare we listen?"
The time limit for active peace diplomacy and the reparation of the environment is fast approaching - even faster considering the political will appears to be non-existent or part of any global agenda of which I am aware. 

Another compounding factor must be recognized - one that seriously compromises an essential move towards a global peace plan. This manifests itself as the perceived notion by a growing proportion of the American public that global peace and a sustainable environment are simply incompatible and unnecessary for human survival. The controllers see any move towards peace as a threat to US political interests and continued dominance. 

This is the air we breathe today. It may be wise to avoid a deep breath.

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This Week on the Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett

Grant Cameron Reveals innermost files of the late Stanton T. Friedman 
Media Alert 

Toronto [ZNN] Join host Richard Syrett and guest-host Victor Viggiani this Sunday October 20th at 12 midnight ET as they interview Canadian researcher Grant Cameron.

Stanton T. Friedman
 Grant has taken on the gargantuan challenge of over-seeing the five decades long accumulation of files by Canadian UFO researcher the late Stanton T. Friedman.

Grant Cameron's knowledgeable and always spirited accounts of the UFO scene will amaze and astound... join us this Sunday at 12 mid-night ET.

Listen live on the net at: ZOOMER RADIO

On your radio dial: AM 740

Visit Stanton's web site at:
Stanton accepts Lifetime Achievement Award at 2018 Toronto ACE Symposium - watch: HERE

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What is The ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork?

The ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork brings clarity and an uncompromising commitment to the Truth about UFO Disclosure

Media Alert

What is the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork?
ZlandCommunications is the only Canadian news service that covers government and military involvement in the UFO matter. The political, technological and social implications of this issue are intense, far-reaching and international in scope.

What facts demonstrate government involvement in UFOs?
Some 9500 UFO files exist at LIBRARY and ARCHIVES CANADA that demonstrate the UFO matter has been discussed, analyzed and sequestered at the highest levels of governance in Canada as well as in the United States and internationally. The US Navy has declared UFOs are real but have yet to make conclusions on their origin.

How does ZlandCommunications clarify the issues surrounding UFOs?
ZlandCommunications has access to top-level Canadian, American and International sources on the UFO matter. This resource network includes NORAD Command, former officials at the UK Ministry of Defense, documentation and testimony by pilots and former government officials including a Canadian Minister of Defense.

How is ZlandCommunications ahead of the media news curve?
Few mainstream media outlets in Canada wish to deal with or has access to firsthand data, documents and insider testimony that prove, not suggest, nor hints at, but proves - the Canadian government has worked in concert with the US to obfuscate the reality of UFOs. These claims are both verifiable and easily accessible.

What technological issues are being kept from the public?
It has been shown craft known as UFOs or UAP (Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon) utilize a form of anti-gravitic propulsion enabling them to travel at or beyond light speed. The American government is aware of this fact and is experimenting with anti-gravitics. The US is withholding this technology – technology that will eliminate the need for fossil fuels. Presidents since the 1950s have been briefed on UFOs.

How does ZlandCommunications communicate news about the political and technological implications of the UFO phenomenon?
ZlandCommunications distributes press releases, editorials, podcasts and live radio and television interviews on all aspects of the UFO phenomenon. The public and the media are in dire need of and deserve credible, authentic and verifiable information. ZlandCommunications analyzes and clarifies the issues around UFO Disclosure as no other media outlet can.

The Last WordZlandCommunications wishes to emphasize we are not in competition with mainstream media or journalists. The goal of ZlandCommunications is to work with media to support our most valuable asset - the freedom and responsibility of the press to investigate and report the truth about UFOs. 

Our uncompromising commitment to UFO Disclosure.

The Canadian Context: Review a sample of A ZNN story about UFOs and the Canadian media: HERE

For further clarification or questions - contact the News Director at ZNN: | Cell (416) 801-8056

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A ZlandCommunications Report

Nick Pope on UFO sightings, the Navy and Pentagon | New York Post
Toronto [ZNN] Fulcrums - as a literary tool - are a strange but useful device in balancing crap from reality. 
Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shockproof, crap detector.” 
It is difficult to discern what 'news' about UAP/UFOs actually enlighten and educate - versus the speculative and mundane crap that attempts to capture our interest about this truly enigmatic phenomenon and its many tendrils.

As ZNN has stated many times before - little of consequence is helpful regarding Disclosure when it emanates from less-than-qualified sources dedicated to the dissemination of crap whether knowingly or unknowingly. 
Have a close listen to this discussion and decide which side of the fulcrum this interview falls to either cheapen or propel disclosure.  
There may be other interviews that are similarly germane and to the point - this we feel - is surely one of them. 
Put on your CRAP DETECTOR... and have a listen. 
Listen - HERE 
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