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New FDA Episode - Now Available!

Episode #3 March 1, 2021

Daniel P. Sheehan 

The )ET Presence and the Human Family 

with Daniel P. Sheehan and 

FDA Host Victor Viggiani

President and co-founder of the Romero Institute

(30 min)  


Episode #2 February 1, 2021

ZNN News Director Interviews 

Steve Bassett (PRG Exec. Dir.) On Disclosure (57min)


Episode #1 January 9, 2021

Producer Don Emilio Zinno and Host Victor Viggiani discuss the purpose and direction of the Files of the Disclosure Agency. (50min)


FDA Trailer January 20, 2021

This trailer is a brief but uncompromising introduction to the issues and format of the Files of the Disclosure Agency. FDA's goal is to inform and educate new-comers to the UAP/ET issue. FDA will challenge the novice listener and journalists to understand and be open to the biggest story in human history. (6 min)


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Future episodes of the Files of the Disclosure Agency will be posted here for easy access.

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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Unyielding News Compilation - UPDATE

Breaking UAP News Hits All-Time High

Media Alert

UPDATE FEBRUARY 25, 2021 NOTE: As mentioned in the first  rendering of this Media Alert, the rapidity and timing of multiple UAP reports are on the increase. We have added the most recent UAP incident.

- [ZNN] An all-time high has been achieved in the number and quality of news items reported about the phenomenon known as unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) - their technology, military encounters and the possibility of their off-world origins.
The rapidity and timing of multiple UAP assessment reports are consequential and certainly not coincidental. 

While becoming evident that US government agencies such as the Pentagon and the US Navy are no longer holding back specific revelations, the long-held notion of TOP SECRET is fading fast.

In addition Chris Mellon former Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense for Intelligence - confirms unclassified reports on UAP could be headed for a Senate Committee. 

Even a former Director of the CIA has come forward with his position that we may be dealing with other life-forms - a postulate neither uttered nor anticipated by even the most progressive American state official.

Below for the reader's benefit is a brief compilation of what ZlandCommunications has recently learned on this front.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Harvard Scientist Breaks the ET Bonds of Earthly Belief

 Astronomer Avi Loeb Says Aliens Have Visited, and He’s Not Kidding (Scientific American)

Media Alert

Harvard's Avi Loeb - Getty Image
Toronto [ZNN] Breaking through the chatter about Extraterrestrials is difficult at the best of times. But a Harvard University professor explains his revolutionary hypothesis—and calls out what he sees as a crisis in science.

Can this professor become the needed wedge to bring the discussion of an Extraterrestrial presence to the forefront in science and the mainstream media? 

Is he following in the censured footsteps of the late Harvard professor Dr. John E. Mack - Head of Psychiatry? 

Avi Loeb may be unaware of Dr. Mack's Pulitzer Prize status and his books on the alien abduction phenomenon - Loeb has perhaps naively entered the ET realm by questioning and challenging everyone to consider the ET hypothesis. Mack did it and look where it got him.

The dismissiveness of the media and those associated with the skeptic's morass surrounding UFOs have had their day - only because it's easy to sling the mud of blind criticism rather than delving into the evidence.

Loeb, as a scientist has taken the risk to embrace the evidence of Extraterrestrials and artfully duck the mud that has been thrown his way.
Loeb's book "Extraterrestrial - the First Signs of Life Beyond Earth" has raised the ire of critics, brighten the day for ET advocates and made colleagues look the other way when he jogs by them on his morning regime with birds, ducks and the fresh air of his thoughts on this matter. 

"My message is that something is wrong with the scientific community today in terms of its health. Too many scientists are now mostly motivated by ego, by getting honors and awards, by showing their colleagues how smart they are. They treat science as a monologue about themselves rather than a dialogue with nature. They build echo chambers using students and postdocs who repeat their mantras so that their voice will be louder and their image will be promoted."

Although Loeb's work does not yet address the serious political implications of the UFO cover-up as some describe it - nor does it address what is currently transpiring in the SELECT SENATE COMMITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE on the UAP matter - if taken as rebuttal to governmental close mindedness and denial - Loeb's work has engaged the scientific community in the off-world reflection - we are not alone in the cosmos and never have been.

There is every reason to believe Avi Loeb is onto something as an academic - brave - trend-breaking - audacious - yes. ZNN's only critique? The ET reality bell has already been rung seven decades ago and he is only hearing it now.

For whom the bell...? Never mind.

To review the Scientific American article go to: Loeb

To review Loeb's book go to: Loeb's book


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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The New Frontier Network - Interviews Luis Elizondo

International Correspondents launch A New Era of Podcasts

Press Release

THE NEW FRONTIER NETWORK RELEASES REVEALING INTERVIEW WITH LUIS ELIZONDO - former head of The US Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program - AATIP



As of December 28 at 5:45 am ET, the interview with Mr. Elizondo has thus far received 4,198 views on YouTube.

Toronto [ZNN] Following featured interviews on FOX NEWS and CBS Las Vegas and press coverage on CNN and in the New York Times, The New Frontier Network (NFN) engages Mr. Luis Elizondo in a revealing and personal conversation.

Correspondents from five international jurisdictions have joined forces to present a new and innovative podcast format - The New Frontier Network. NFN is devoted to uncovering issues and facts related to evidence that craft of unknown origin have presented themselves as tangible entities in Earth airspace. 

These craft have been described as UFOs (unidentified flying objects). They have more recently been referred to by American government Navy officials as UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon).

Luis Elizondo

"You have to arm the leadership with the necessary information to make well informed decisions." Luis Elizondo on Disclosure.

Mr. Elizondo headed AATIP - the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program at the Pentagon. This was an initiative secured and promoted by US Senator Harry Reid of Nevada. It studied anomalous craft of unknown origin.

Watch the interview with Mr. Luis Elizondo here:


Watch an NFN trailer at:

Watch the NFN Episode with Steve Bassett at:

Visit NFN on Instagram at:


Journalists, podcast, radio and television program co-ordinators and newsprint media outlets are invited to contact ZlandCommunications News Director for more details on matters relating to the national security and political implications of the UAP issue. See contact details below. 


Friday, November 20, 2020

This Week on the Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett

Media Program Alert

Richard Syrett and guest host Victor Viggiani interview Whitley Strieber

Update - 


Toronto [ZNN] Join host Richard Syrett and guest host Victor Viggiani  this Sunday November 22 at 11pm EDT when they interview author and researcher Whitley Strieber. 

Whitley Strieber's research on the ET abduction phenomenon has lead him into diverse areas of inquiry that have made him a globally recognized expert.

The interview will be live to air on AM740 Zoomer Radio. Click on Listen Live.

Whitley's web site:

The Conspiracy Show web site:

Join us and be amazed...



Thursday, November 19, 2020

US Select Senate Intelligence Committee directs Department of National Intelligence to report on Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon

Senator Marco Rubio's reference to UAP catches observers off-guard

Press Release

Toronto [ZNN] In an unprecedented legislative attempt to respond to growing pressure within the US Senate, Senator Marco Rubio Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has broken with tradition by directing the Department of National Intelligence (DNI) to report on unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) in its annuaINTELLIGENCE AUTHORIZATION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021. Stemming from Pentagon briefings on UAP/UFOs with Senators, they want to know more.

The terminology - unidentified aerial phenomenon - has never before been used in modern-day Senate committee annual fiscal reports. This has caught many political observers off-guard. The term unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) replaces the acronym UFO - unidentified flying objects - in official circles.
  • In the AUTHORIZATION ACT SECTION designated as -‘Advanced Aerial Threats', the SELECT SENATE COMMITTEE states, [it] "...supports the efforts of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force at the Office of Naval Intelligenceto standardize collection and reporting on unidentified aerial phenomenon, any links they have to adversarial foreign governments, and the threat they pose to U.S. military assets and installations.”
  • The Committee also stated, “… the Committee remains concerned that there is no unified, comprehensive process within the Federal Government for collecting and analyzing intelligence on unidentified aerial phenomena, despite the potential threat.”
The 'requirement to report' also indicates the SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE must receive a report within 180 days of the date of enactment of the Act on unidentified aerial phenomena(UAP) from the Department of National Intelligence.

It is unclear why the chair of the powerful SELECT SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE, Senator Marco Rubio, decided to inject a segment on UAP into the generally staid annual FISCAL YEAR ACT. However, in an interview, Senator Rubio made his feelings more than clear, “We have things flying over our military bases and places where we are conducting military exercises - we don’t know what it is and it isn’t ours…” [Listen to his interview below**]

The background on this legislative move by Chairman Rubio demonstrates he is not the first to seek answers about the matter of UFOs.
  • Former Senate Majority Harry Reid along with two other senior Senators raised the same issue. Reid and his colleagues Senators Inouye and Stevens were successful in obtaining $22 million of Senate funding for a UFO investigation program within the Pentagon.
  • The program designated AATIPAdvanced Aerial Threat Investigation Program - ran from 2007 to 2012. 
  • The program was headed by Luis Elizondoa former intelligence officer.
  • It is worthy of note that Rubio would insert into the 2021 AUTHORIZATION ACT language identical to the 2007 Pentagon program’s term - "ADVANCED AERIAL THREATS".
According to UAP Washington lobbyist, Steven Bassett* Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group- this move by the SELECT SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE is an effort to establish Congressional or Senate hearings on the UAP issue. Bassett predicts there will be government hearings - perhaps as early as the spring of 2021. In his comments Bassett re-asserts what former Presidents Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta were up to when their respective administrations tried to delve into the UAP matter as far back as 1981 and into the mid 1990’s.

As stated in the legislation, Rubio warns, “...the Committee finds that the information sharing and coordination across the Intelligence Community has been inconsistent, and this issue has lacked attention from senior leaders.” 

It appears Senator Rubio and his Co-Chair Senator Mark Warner want answers. Will the Department of National Intelligence comply, or will Rubio's Committee have to find another way to pry loose what US intelligence and military agencies are guarding so closely about UAP? 

ZNN contends that - implicit in this Senate Committee’s legislative directive to the DNI - Senator Rubio appears to be tactfully and strategically engaging the hypothesis that these craft known as unidentified aerial phenomenon may not originate from the planet Earth. If these tactics work for Senator Rubio, the Extraterrestrial hypothesis may well have entered a new era in US politics.

Media Resources
The relevant section on Senator Rubio’s UAP directive can be found at: SENATE ACT SECTION


Mr. Bassett can be reached at:

Senator Rubio can be contacted at: 
284 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-3041


Tuesday, November 3, 2020

A Huge Piece of UFO History


What does history tell us about the future of UFO Disclosure? 

Media Alert

Toronto [ZNN] In the early years of how UFOs were covered and discussed among the massive community of researchers and pundits, UFO UPDATES,  an email open forum moderated by the late Errol Bruce-Knapp, served as the bell-weather of information. Quite frankly there was little else that people could depend on to see or develop a personal or global perspective on the UFO matter. 

Errol Bruce-Knapp
Looking at the UFO UPDATES ARCHIVE and Errol's radio program STRANGE DAYS... INDEED tells us the UFO issue was viewed very differently from how it is engaged today. So much has changed... indeed. If one reviews the email contributions on UFO UPDATES one can clearly see how attitudinal perspectives have altered.

For the uninitiated, it may make little difference; but for the more UFO savvy - things have moved significantly. This alteration in attitudes and interpretation of facts reveals an important vector in how the public perception of UFOs has become imbedded in popular culture and - the media. 
  • How and why has this become so differentiated from how the UFO matter has evolved today? 
  • What might have been the perspectives of the UFO UPDATES forum contributors been then if the US NAVY had revealed the TICK-TACK videos? 
  • Did UFO observers and pundits wear blinders back then or were they simply dealing with the facts and opinions they had at the time?
We'll never really know.

One thing is very clear - UFO UPDATES - a truly Canadian phenomenon - in its primal vision and provision of opportunities for UFO pundits to express their renderings on the UFO matter - the future and our present perspectives are in pretty good shape because of one man... Errol Bruce-Knapp. 

Have a look at some of what UFO UPDATES was all about then and feel free to contrast it with how we perceive it all today. 

IN OTHER NEWS - the Paradigm Research Group re-asserts news on Disclosure:

Friday, October 23, 2020


International correspondent clarifies the UFO issue.

Media Alert

Toronto [ZNN] A current wave of clarity has been established by a filmmaker and an international intellectual about UFOs or UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon). 

This wave or perhaps more accurately described as a stream of consciousness - signals that this category of cutting-edge journalistic influence is attempting to awaken humanity. 

This stream of consciousness by an enlightened new generation of journalists will be crucial to the engagement of a new strata of understanding among millennials as well as a traditional generation who have always considered the UAP issue interesting but of little consequence in their lives. This is about to change.

During the last four weeks, filmmaker James Fox has stunned the UAP community and the general public with his blockbuster film THE PHENOMENON - a must watch.


Now, international commentator Come Carpentier de Gourdon has ignited a parallel and powerful discourse about the state of UAP events: new and surprising government initiatives that appear to be laying the ground work for some form of government acknowledgement or disclosure.

This literary corollary to the Fox film by Carpentier de Gourdon comes to the fore just in time by adding impetus to the thesis put forward by James Fox in his film about why governments are becoming more openly attentive to the UAP matter and whether or not craft of off-world origin and their alleged occupants have anything whatsoever to do with or interest in the human family. 

Answers to these questions may soon become more apparent - so stay tuned for the next wave of consciousness because the consequences of an ET presence will have an other-worldly provenance we have yet to fathom.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Media and Program Alert

Filmmaker of The Phenomenon - James Fox joins Richard Syrett and guest host Victor Viggiani



Monday Oct 26, 2020 

The one hour interview with James Fox on his film The Phenomenon is now available

Click - HERE

Get news and endorsements about this film: HERE

[NOTE: Originally James was slatted to join us for 2 hours, 

however due to travel plans the interview was one hour.]


Toronto [ZNN] Join Host Richard Syrett and guest host Victor Viggiani along with filmmaker James Fox this Sunday Oct 25, 2020 as they discuss his new film THE PHENOMENON.

James Fox's creations include OUT OF THE BLUE (2003), I KNOW WHAT I SAW (2009) - each of which explore the UFO phenomenon and expose the deep secrecy and political implications of this perplexing global issue. The Phenomenon goes farther and deeper than ever before.


Reviews of this major film have become silver bullets - rising fast internationally as well as in North America.

THE CUT - "...this film has something for everyone with any level of knowledge about UFO history."

THE GUARDIAN International Edition - "This film leaps from the confirmed existence of the government program to an earnest, at times breathless consideration of the existence of extraterrestrial encounters."


Watch the trailer - HERE

More details about the film: HERE

Program Details:

Date: Sunday Oct 25, 2020

Time: 11pm to 1am ET

Listen live on the internet on ZOOMER Radio AM740 Toronto

The Conspiracy Show web site: HERE


Journalists wishing to know more about this film or to interview James Fox are invited to contact Victor Viggiani - News Director at The ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork using the ZNN contact details below.


Dr. John Mack - In Memoriam

The Man and the Legacy Remembered 


For those familiar with the late Harvard psychiatrist and alien abduction author Dr. John E. Mack it is not difficult to reach back in our memories to replay one of his lectures or interviews. His clarity of mind and wealth of knowledge verge on the unimaginable and visionary at the same time.   

John had a way of making the phenomenon of 'alien abductions’ penetrate the realm of the real without imposing cultural bias or psychiatric restrictions on a new frontier of knowing. He made it make sense. Both he and his good friend Budd Hopkins were pioneers on this new frontier.

For those not familiar with Dr. Mack's work - what follows may enlighten or disturb - either way it may prove instructive to the open mind.

John Mack was killed in a horrifying car accident as he walked along a road late at night in England after a lecture he had given. The details of this 'accident' were crushing and after16 years - still too raw in my mind to write about - so I'll let that be for now and re-live the tears I shed late that night at another time. 

The tragic news was sent to me by a close mutual friend... it said: 'Victor - he's gone..." and it went on from there - describing the sorrow and the deplorable needlessness of his death.

My history with John has many adventures and are unspoiled in reminiscence. 

In 1996 I visited John in his Harvard office over three memorable days to discuss the abduction phenomenon. I also had the honour and pleasure of interviewing John on the popular Toronto UFO radio program STRANGE DAYS... INDEED. 

Still - after 16 years since his passing, Dr. Mack's understandings of this bizarre phenomenon live on. These understandings - to this day - form the foundation around which current global researchers and writers present the 'alien abduction' phenomenon. John redefined the term ‘abductee’ - removing the negative connotation with a more heuristic term, ‘Experiencer’. In doing so Dr. Mack opened new doors.

  • Is the ET experience part of the material world or does it originate from a different place?
  • How do Experiencers describe the encounters they have; their bodies and vibrational energy and moving through solid objects?
  • Why has the psychiatric community not embraced this phenomenon?   

Captured here for you are Dr. Mack's responses to these and other questions in this nine minute segment of the hour long interview I did with Dr. Mack on Strange Days... Indeed.

Listen to the interview: HERE

Questions and reactions to this interview and other thoughts about Dr. John Mack may be directed to the comment section on this web site or to

Victor Viggiani M.Ed.

ZNN News Director