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A Disclosure Mandate -
ZlandCommunications News Network Fills a Void

What is going on in our skies that we’re not being told about and who is demanding answers? 

The surge in converging lines of evidence with respect to:

  • Declassified government documents,
  • Escalating pilot and radar reports,
  • Testimony by former high ranking military and intelligence officers, and
  • Double-digit percentage increases in citizen reports of UFOs
- indicates a world-wide phenomenon is occurring.

However, this surge of interest and the concern it engenders has been side-stepped by the very institution that should be demanding answers: The MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

It appears no other news agency is willing or capable of negotiating the world-wide distribution of this geo-political news. ZlandCommunications is therefore in the process of broadening and intensifying its mandate and coverage of the UFO/ET phenomenon into international news venues.

While providing a wide-ranging flow of the complex and highly politicized evidence and communication to world-wide news agencies on the UFO/ET issue, this sustained effort will focus on factual components of the issue as well as a current and historical analysis of this subject matter.

ZlandCommunications’ mission is to bring this evidentiary news to the larger world media stage. The mandate: To provide influential news agencies with a contextual understanding of the geo-political relevance and the necessity of a full scale public examination of government secrecy that has, to date, restricted any journalistic discussion or political analysis of this growing world-wide phenomenon.

A New Worldview Emerges as G8 Countries Release their X-Files
The traditional worldview of a lonely planet inhabited by homosapiens is being disrupted and assertively challenged by a new generation of researcher-scientists... and, their political impact is becoming mercurial. A new worldview is emerging, one that declares - 'We are not alone in a universe teeming with life.

This once speculative field of study is now the fastest growing de facto political issue facing the planet. The pressure exerted by this burgeoning generation of professional academics, scientists, activists and writers has resulted in an event that has never happened before - governments giving way, in some quarters - to speak the truth.

This has become evident with the recent moves by a number of G8 countries, led by the UK, France and Canada and other jurisdictions like Brazil, Denmark and soon New Zealand, who have released well over 20,000 once very secret government UFO X-files into the public domain.

This significant occurrence towards a politically measured form of international Disclosure should neither be underestimated nor considered inconsequential. A full public acknowledgement and engagement by media and elected government officials of the UFO/ET matter and the secrecy surrounding it, still remains the key missing piece of a large and complex puzzle.

Although many in the media and government may see these G8 releases of UFO files as a reduction in government secrecy – this may not be quite the case - only one piece of the larger puzzle. The political and national security implications and the high levels of secrecy implicit in these file releases by international government and military officials continue to receive absolutely no investigative coverage by mainstream media in North America or internationally. When this piece of the puzzle is forged, the entire picture will become more complete.

Some journalists and news agencies are beginning to see this lack of coverage by mainstream media as a function of media control or an ambivalent reluctance to deal with the fact that thousands upon thousands of G8 government X-files are now public and little, if anything, is being said about it. Mainstream media's opportunity to break the biggest story in human history appears to have been left at the doorstep, while the world-wide network of researchers on the UFO/ET matter has seized the threshold of opportunity.

As part of this research network, ZlandCommunications has comprehensive access to the players and the evidentiary documentation required to unequivocally demonstrate this issue reaches inside and beyond the White House, into the Pentagon, NATO, NASA, the United Nations and other international governmental agencies.

Many unanswered questions remain. Luckily, an increasing number of inquisitive and politically astute journalists are in fact beginning to wonder - What is going on in our skies that we’re not being told about and where do I go to get answers?

ZlandCommunications might be the place to start.

What is Actually Occurring?
It is the position of ZlandCommunications that countries that have released their UFO files are coalescing to bring to light not merely the large number of international UFO reports, but to initiate an international dialogue leading to a full investigation of government secrecy and concealment lead by the United States of America on all matters related to UFOs and their origin. Major media has yet to grasp this nuance.

These countries have broken ranks with the American policy of control, domination and sequestration of all matters relating to government UFO secrecy. This will soon relinquish the American strangle-hold on the UFO matter allowing more and more journalists to ignore the ridicule, derision and in some cases intimidation associated with responsible coverage of this matter. They will soon engage it fully, become much more probative and far less tolerant of the stock-government-answers to the UFO question.

Many mainstream news organizations not only continue to dismiss the serious national security and geo-political implications of the UFO phenomenon, these organizations also remain unwilling to raise two fundamental questions:

a) Why have these files been kept secret for over 60 years? and
b) Why has the United States government not joined other G8 countries in releasing their UFO files despite the call by the Barack Obama administration for more transparency in government?

A New Editorial Vision
Many in the UFO research community find it puzzling how familiar issues such as alleged political fraud, climate change, financial impropriety, military torture, inappropriate behaviour by politicians, celebrities and athletic icons and terrorism – even with dubious documentation – continue to receive the all out attention of the media.

Yet, despite the massive national security implications, no thorough 21st century public examination of government secrecy surrounding the vast vault of legitimate documentation on the UFO/ET question has ever been conducted by any major news organization. National security information of this weight, under ordinary circumstances would receive immediate attention by all news outlets. A new editorial vision of news is required.

It is the position of ZlandCommunications that this resistance is about to change dramatically as the result of more and more countries coming forward to break ranks with the US policy of silence and government secrecy on the UFO question as it becomes a story that simply will not go away.

ZlandCommunications is committed to bringing a new vision and greater traction to this heightened echelon of global news.  It will be a level of journalism that provides major news agencies, radio, television, internet and print news outlets as well as the people of the planet the opportunity to see the facts for what they are - not through the shadowy lens of secrecy and silence.

What is the rationale behind this vision? The secrecy and silence surrounding this issue and the outright rejection of any type of open discourse on the international political and media stage about the origin of these craft and the entities piloting them is not only unreasonable and undemocratic - it is unethical and deceitful.

Therefore, ZlandCommunications calls upon all international news agencies to review and re-assess their editorial policies and positions on the coverage of UFO matters based on the foregoing information and the following noteworthy points:

a) On what reasonable grounds have severe levels of secrecy been kept in place both currently and historically to require UFO files to have been hidden for so long in the first place? (NOTE: Severe fines and court marshal provisions existed in the Canada-US CIRVIS agreement JANAP 146E when military personnel discuss this issue publicly. Also see: CIA-SI Memo on Press Restrictions- Item #3
b) Why has there been staunch, historical and unrelenting government secrecy and silence surrounding this issue for over six decades if the government position is that UFOs do not exist or they are weather balloons, weather anomalies, the planet Venus, meteors or mis-identifications? This is hardly a strong basis for top level secrecy classifications of files for 60 years. Finally and of great import,
c) Constitutionally, democratic governments have always been given the right to keep secrets, however they have never been given the right to lie to their citizens.

The White House Connection
Finally for your consideration it may be worth pursuing what is considered by many to be the most significant government-insider statement on government secrecy in the modern era. Based on this public statement alone, although much more testimony exists, a fundamentally penetrating press investigation could begin tomorrow.

John Podesta – former White House Chief of Staff from 1998 to 2001 and later the Co-Chair of the Barack Obama White House Transition Team stated the following in 2002 at the National Press Club in Washington DC:

"I think it's time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark on the question of government investigations of UFOs. It's time to find out what the truth really is that's out there. We ought to do it because it's right, we ought to do it because the American people, quite frankly, can handle the truth and we ought to do it because it's the law.” See Washington National Press Club statement video at: [Source]
[Addendum - The Rockefeller ET Initiative
It is essential to add to this White House Connection the exchange of 53 letters among President Clinton's staff, Dr. Jack Gibbons the President's Science Advisor and other principles with billionaire philanthropist Laurance S. Rockefeller who, during the period 1993 and 1996, sought the President's co-operation in the release of information about the Extraterrestrial presence. ZlandCommunications can provide interested parties with the first-hand research sources on this matter.]

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