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BBC News follows the UK’s new release of UFO files
But government UFO Secrecy still unresolved

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, February 18, 2010 – (ZNN) Despite an earlier announcement that the UK would be closing its Ministry of Defence UFO Bureau, the UK government has chosen to release another huge batch of UFO files. The BBC – in its report today indicates that “The eight released files are part of almost 200 files set to be made available over the next four years.”

The release of these files appears to be part of a world-wide ‘soft-disclosure’ process involving other governments like France, Brazil, Denmark, Canada and soon New Zealand – each of whom have released thousands of UFO related files. But is this enough?

Several questions remain unanswered. A global network of UFO experts will continue to ask whether or not these craft represent radar-trackings of unauthorized intrusions into sovereign airspace by craft from an unknown foreign or domestic military or corporate entity.

Do these craft represent a display of new and exotic terrestrial technology? Are these new exotic technologies a mere modern day smoke-screen to explain away authentic off-world craft?

Moreover, why is this course of action a 4 year and unnecessarily protracted process?

Even larger questions loom.

The release of UFO files is, by all accounts an interesting public media diversion – revealing that people are actually seeing odd craft in the sky that defy description. Judging by the thousands of UFO files released this has been occurring for decades.

However - the seemingly impregnable wall of government secrecy about the origin of these craft remains in place and is actually a fallow yet exceedingly fertile journalistic landscape that just may seed the biggest story in history.

During an interview today a spokesperson from Exopolitics Canada, a leading Canadian investigative body on UFO Disclosure put it this way to ZlandCommunications:

“Irrespective of this massive dump of UFO files into the public domain by the UK and the interesting coverage by the BBC, no one in the media or government is taking any assertive steps to assess what levels of secrecy have been in place to require these files to have been hidden for so long in the first place. Most of these files are over 50 years old.

The real issue here is not the UFO question – the real issue is why has government secrecy on the UFO matter not been assessed and investigated more thoroughly by the BBC or any other news agency.

Quite frankly, unless the world-wide mainstream media takes its head out of the sand on the matter of UFO secrecy and the fundamental nature of democracy – it won’t matter how many UFO files are released.
It is all very puzzling. Are these international releases of UFO files an attempt to mollify or appease interest in UFO secrecy or to generate a world-wide ground swell of demands to end the secrecy?”

The UK files will be available online free for one month for public examination.

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