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Watergate-Pentagon Papers lawyer to reveal contents of secret US Congressional Library UFO files at Canadian conference

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Toronto [ZNN] The ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork has learned that a Toronto based group has managed to obtain the legal services of US Watergate-Pentagon Papers lawyer, Daniel P. Sheehan in an effort to promote their cause to convince the general public and media that not only are UFOs real but information about the existence of UFOs has been sequestered by the US government for over 65 years. 

According to ZNN sources, this would mark the first time in history an American solicitor, trained at the Harvard Law School in Constitutional law, will officially address the issue of government secrecy and the UFO issue on Canadian soil.

In this remarkable and unprecedented Canadian news development, the Toronto group has informed ZNN that not only will unassailable evidence be presented at their up-coming conference, attesting to the reality of unidentified flying objects, but that Sheehan was granted permission to see classified US government documents that have been sequestered from the public and media by the US government. 

In the context of this extraordinary news, ZNN contacted Mr. Sheehan today. He informed ZNN that he has every intention of revealing the contents of these classified UFO files, his experiences with the Vatican and much more at the conference.

Sheehan also revealed to ZNN that he was granted permission by Marcia Smith, chief analyst at the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress in Washington DC to access classified UFO information in the US government’s infamous PROJECT BLUE BOOK files - all housed in the Library of Congress in DC.

In a shocking statement Sheehan said, “She [Marcia Smith] gave me a particular date and time and told me that I should go over to the new building at the Library of Congress. [T]his building had not even been opened yet. There were no people in it. She told me they are going to bring the files down to the new building…” 
Sheehan has indicated that he will be revealing what he saw when he reviewed these PROJECT BLUE BOOK files during the up-coming conference that runs this coming weekend from August 28 to August 31 in Schomberg Ontario, just north of Toronto.
According to Canadian researcher Grant Cameron from Winnipeg Manitoba, as part of this contact with Marcia Smith of the Congressional Research Service, Sheehan was asked to use his position inside the Jesuit community to obtain the UFO documents held in the Vatican Library

Sheehan made an approach to his contact at the Vatican. Sheehan recalled, “She [Marcia Smith] called and asked me if as Legal Counsel for the Jesuit Headquarters whether I could get access for the Library of Congress from the Vatican library. The Vatican library has a fairly large section concerning the issue of extraterrestrial intelligence, and UFOs. I undertook to contact the Jesuit who actually runs the Vatican library, and much to my shock, they said we couldn’t have access to it... I related this to Marcia Smith.” [Source: Presidential UFO]

ZNN’s examination of Daniel Sheehan’s international reputation reveals impressive and striking credentials, from Watergate to the Iran Contra Scandal.

Sheehan served as General Counsel for the New York Times arguing the case in favour of the full release of The Pentagon Papers Case in 1971. As well, Sheehan was involved as counsel in The Watergate Burglary Case in 1973 while in the offices of internationally renowned lawyer F. Lee Bailey

In addition, Sheehan served as the chief Attorney on The Karen Silkwood Case in 1976, which additionally revealed the CIA's Israeli Desk had been smuggling 98% bomb-grade plutonium to the State of Israel and to Iran.

See Sheehan's Provocative Testimony at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in May of 2013 in which he discusses the Pentagon Papers and the UFO issue. Sheehan’s Bio

Joining Daniel Sheehan at this conference will be Stephen G. Bassett Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG) Washington DC and Canadian researcher Grant Cameron - Presidential UFO.

Bassett is considered the world’s leading activist pressuring the United States government into acknowledging the information and documentation in their possession that indicates the planet is indeed being engaged by extraterrestrials. Bassett co-ordinated the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure on the question of extraterrestrial contact.

Cameron is recognized as the foremost authority on UFOs and The American Presidency.

ZNN reached the event co-ordinator Laurie Rosenfield of the Toronto group UFOContact at her home in North York - a suburb of Toronto. In a brief interview with Rosenfield, she assessed the significance of this ‘first-of-its-kind’ conference and the impact it will have; “In addition to proving corroborated evidence of the presence of UFOs, this event­ will explore how the government has managed to keep this information out of the consciousness of the general public - thus depriving us our right to know we are not alone in the cosmos.” 

Rosenfield went on to say, “Whoever these beings are and wherever they are from, we owe it to ourselves to confirm their existence and the government’s role in keeping the truth from us. We cannot let the government take this out of the hands of the people.” 

[Ed. Note: Precisely why this Toronto group has enlisted the services of a former Watergate-Pentagon Papers lawyer to promote Extraterrestrial contact and to reveal information about a government cover-up of this matter, is uncertain at this time. However, there is sufficient reason to believe that a legal precedence may develop to remove this matter from the grip of government control and place the matter in the hands of the people where it belongs - according to conference organizers.] 

The conference is open to the public and members of the press.

Full details about attendance at this conference are available at:
Location: Cedar Glen 13300 Concession 11, Schomberg, ON L0G 1T0, Canada 

Members of the press are invited to contact Laurie Rosenfield at: or or ZNN, using the contact details below to arrange coverage of this event or to interview speakers.
[With files from Presidential UFO]
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