Friday, December 19, 2014

New Edit of Coast to Coast AM Interview - with Victor Viggiani

New Edited Version now available
Toronto [ZNN
This remarkable and chilling event makes this particular interview an historic one for educators. Educational leadership in school boards throughout North America may now have to contend with information that appears to indicate some students in their school districts have had encounters with Extraterrestrials. 

Listen to Victor Viggiani's interview at: 
UFO Disclosure and Abductions 
[NOTE: The interview begins at approx the 40 min 44 sec mark]

Journalists and educators wishing more information about this interview and the work of Victor Viggiani at ZNN are invited to use the contact details below. Due to the very sensitive nature of this information ZNN guarantees confidentiality to all media reporters, columnists and educators who may wish to make inquiries.

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  1. Please see information about the abduction of children by aliens from space on The site features over 150 drawings made by children about their experiences, an adult's drawings of the aliens she encountered, and information linking the epidemic of autism to the abduction of children by aliens from space.

  2. Appreciate the link Michael, TYVM.

    Impressive coverage and overall aesthetic, ZNN.