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UFO Evidence Ignored - Edgar Mitchell and Paul Hellyer Co-sign Critique to NASA and Library of Congress

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Toronto [ZNN] Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell and the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer former Canadian Minister of Defence, along with Adjunct Professor Bill Wickersham and ZNN news director Victor Viggiani have co-signed an Open Letter critique to the NASA/Library of Congress Symposium on Astrophysics on ET life and its convenor and host - Dr. Steven Dick. The symposium was held in Washington DC at the Library of Congress Sept 18 - 19, 2014.

The symposium attempted to explore how we might prepare for the discovery of ET life, but failed to adequately address the widely available and unacknowledged evidence that verifies the planet is already being engaged by off-world civilizations. 

A quote from the introduction of the group's open letter states: 
"The signatories to this response feel it is most critical... to thoroughly recognize the deleterious political management of human history by elements of national and international governance which have appropriated unabridged jurisdiction over the truth concerning the existence of off-world civilizations."
An Open Letter to Dr. Steven Dick Host - Convenor
NASA/Library of Congress Astrobiology Symposium 

A Response to ‘Preparing for Discovery - NASA/Library of Congress Astrobiology Symposium September 18-19 2014.  

“In the symposium’s panel discussion moderated by Derek Malone France, several ideologically challenging notions were raised by yourself and Robin Lovin that we found both profound yet which proved to be inadequate in addressing the vast spectrum of knowledge currently available on this matter.

The entire topography of the symposium is laden – in an unarticulated manner with the thesis of interspecies ethics – yet for whatever reason no authentic attempt was made to allow for a full exploration of this concept, which must inexorably include the UFO phenomenon, and the possible existence of an ET presence.

 Despite the current body of available evidence… it remains self-evident that the UFO/ET matter has become culturally, politically and theologically inscribed and accepted as a norm by a vast percentage of North Americans and within the international community. Consequently, the exclusion of the UFO/ET matter became obvious by its very absence at the symposium.”

“Even though the government – on all counts remains silent and pokerfaced on this matter – there are courageous individuals of rank and influence who demand a level of truth from the very governments they faithfully once served.

This list includes such dignitaries as NASA Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, former Governor of Arizona Fife Symington, former FAA Senior administrator John Callahan, the late former NASA astronaut Dr. Brian O’Leary, the late NASA astronaut Col. Gordon Cooper, former UK Chief of Defence Staff Admiral Lord Hill-Norton, former White House Chief of Staff under President Clinton attorney John Podesta and a host of other professionals. The specific testimony of these individuals is only one measure of the public record on this matter.

 Why would the oral testimony of such notables be ignored and not figure into any authentic attempt to get at all information that would illuminate all facets of this enigmatic component of human existence?

 This question calls into doubt the primary premise of the symposium’s ability and mandate to illuminate the ET matter – especially when entities such as SETI – a previously government funded investigative front is used as a focal point of examination while other evidence is ignored. This is truly regrettable but – one must suppose – politically expedient. Unfortunately, in our opinion, the gaping hole left by the absence of this category of evidence calls into question any findings or conclusions of the symposium – scientific – religious or otherwise."

"Conclusion: The discovery, presence and public revelation of sentient Extraterrestrial life and the vehicles that appear to manifest this presence is the greatest story in the history of humanity. All of the available documentation indisputably suggests the government of the United States, is in fact, withholding this information from its citizens and the citizens of the world.”

Read the entire Open Letter at: 
NASA/Library of Congress Symposium

Find the Astrobiology Symposium Web site: HERE

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  1. This is a very serious and well-thought letter that should circulate widely, especially in the academic community now begining to warm up to the exopolitical, legal, scientific and theological issues of finding an extraterrestrial presence through conventional means. Serious forms of evidence admissible in an objective court abound. Degrees of serious, objective scientific evidence exist even if it contradicts paradigms and the willingness of most scientists to carefully look into it. While I respect the endeavors of conventional SETI efforts and Astrobiology in general (it will still discover on its own right many many important things unknown by the more credible individuals in UFO/ET community), the wide range of evidence that we are already being "visited" by various kinds of advanced sentient beings would mean that they operate under a science that is not easily detectable under the traditional SETI-Astrobiology efforts. It may sound preposterous and seem to question the foundations of modern science and rationality and for this reason (in a competitive academic environment vying for financial resources) most scientists don't want to lose credibility and stay away from it. But the issue is of paramount importance for all individuals on Earth and for our awareness and understanding as a more unified emergent world civilization. It can only be delayed and ignored to our loss. We can't necessarily expect that intelligences able to "arrive" (or "materialize by relocate their information field?) to our environs follow the level of science we known limiting macroscopic objects to the speed of light. Science and our understanding of foundational rational metaphysical premises (including the use of logic) would receive an enormous boost if academicians would be willing to look at the ET visitation evidence seriously. I also deem that Humanity would start a process of growth toward understanding its participation in the Cosmos in a more integrated (less irresponsibly destructive) holographic manner. Officially evaluating the best evidence, and publicly discovering and admitting an extraterrestrial intelligence presence operating under deeper, more inclusive and coherent principles is in my view a fundamentally necessary "keystone" for humanity to more intelligently grow up beyond self-destructive, anachronical tribalism.