Friday, October 31, 2014

Boeing Releases Death Ray Laser Weapon

Anti-Gravitic Technology next?
Press Release - For Immediate Distribution

 Toronto [ZNN] Many have guessed this laser technology was possible and that it has existed for years. 

This announcement by Boeing confirms these suspicions and perhaps more. 

The questions raised by this recent public release by Boeing are ostensibly far more devastating than the new technology itself. 

- What else does Boeing have that remains under wraps? 
- Has this technology been used before in global conflicts without acknowledgement or over-sight by the US government? 
- Is this 911 weaponry released as a ’new defence system’? 
- Was it obtained through back-engineered ET sources? 
- Does this represent new technologies for ‘new wars’ to come?
- Who is the next enemy?

More here than meets the eye…

View this Boeing promotional video to watch the weapon in action: 

Ed. Note: ZlandCommunications has been involved in investigations and research with international researchers in the area of new technologies for nearly 20 years. Because this laser technology has been common knowledge for many years - ZlandCommunications is now confident in predicting that a private military corporation like Boeing - in co-operation with the military industrial complex as well as unacknowledged black budget operations - will soon release to the public - news of ANTI-GRAVITIC PROPULSION TECHNOLOGIES. 

These anti-gravitic propulsion technologies will displace and render obsolete the conventional principles of flight (thrust - drag - lift and weight). Sources close to ZlandCommunications indicate these anti-gravitic propulsion technologies will allow craft of any size, any weight or configuration to move at immeasurable speeds and perform immediate right-angle turns and reversals of flight paths, all accomplished by the cancellation of gravity - with no displacement of air, no G-force harm to occupants or any dependence on the conventional principles of flight, thrust - drag - lift and weight. 

To back-up these claims ZNN cites one statement from the on-line journal - DEFENSE AVIATION - with references to the book “Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion” by Paul A. LaViolette 
"Rumors circulating among aviation industry personnel close to the project allege that the [Boeing] B-2 does use antigravity technology. A similar claim was made in the 1970s by Marion Williams, a former CIA officer who had worked at the highly classified Area 51 facility, where the B-2 was test flown. Just before he died of cancer, Williams confided… that design principles from crashed alien antigravity spacecraft were being utilized in the stealth bomber.” 
Furthermore, ZNN anticipates that the release of news about anti-gravitic propulsion technology will be couched solely in military weapon’s terminology. No mention will be made of the complete and necessary transition away from fossil fuels by the aviation industry and the use of these anti-gravitic technologies for peaceful purposes. 

To the more attentive observer - this behaviour of gradual-release on the part of the US government and its independent contractors reveals an historical and sophisticated strategy of 'leaking-out’ so-called dramatic discoveries that have in fact been in the experimental and operational stages for one or two decades or more.

Is the general public the victim of a clever and orchestrated control of information of new technologies by government or is this simply the natural and plausible evolution of scientific knowledge?

Is there any way to tell the difference?    

Journalists interested in more information are invited to contact ZNN.

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