Friday, March 27, 2015

Canadian News Wire distributes Disclosure Canada Press Release

Letter to Canadian Defence Minister Jason Kenney and National Security issues around NORAD CF-18's chasing 'craft of unknown origin' highlighted


Press Release
For Immediate Distribution

Toronto [ZNN] One of Canada’s largest news outlets has sent a DISCLOSURE CANADA press release nation-wide and into the United States.

According to one source within DISCLOSURE CANADA - "This nation-wide coverage is the first of its kind by a private Canadian advocacy group. We hope to encourage the Minister and the Canadian Federal government to publicly address the serious national security issues surrounding documented military encounters with 'craft of unknown origin' engaging in intelligently controlled unauthorized incursions into Canadian air space. We feel Canadians have a right to know about this. The policy and aviation safety implications of this are staggering. We know commercial airline pilots report these craft up to and above 30,000 feet, performing unheard of manoeuvres, but pilots are directed not to speak publicly about their observations. No one else is talking about this - so we feel we have an obligation to inform Canadians."

The press release indicates NORAD Commander Admiral Bill Gortney, USN, in a document sent by NORAD to a representative of DISCLOSURE CANADA, stated there exists a five-year average of 1800 reports and 75 intercepts of what is referred to as 'UNKNOWN TRACKS' or 'Tracks of Interest'. 

Canadian officials have never before acknowledged this.

The CNW press release also outlines the letter sent by DISCLOSURE CANADA to The Hon. Jason Kenney, Minister of National Defence in Canada concerning ATI documents about NORAD CF-18 jets chasing 'craft of unknown origin' at 35,000 feet in 2001.

Upon further independent investigation, ZNN has learned DISCLOSURE CANADA may be in possession of a sensitive document indicating NORAD CF-18’s not only chased “unknowns” but made contact with them at 35,000 feet. On page 4 the six page NORAD ATC flight log obtained by ZNN it states: “01/09/12 - 12:13:13 Time to targets for CF-18s is 90 secs…wm" followed by - "01/09/12 - 12:13:54  YYQ CF-18s have contact at 35000 feet wm"
Disclosure Canada, as a public advocacy group focusing on the urgency of this national security issue is therefore conducting a series of nationwide events with expert researchers to explain to Canadians issues related to the classified and declassified documentation concerning 'craft of unknown origin'.  
Review the entire CNW Release at: CNW

Review the preliminary ZNN Press Release and official documents at: ZNN News Blog

All documentation is available to journalists upon request.

Radio, television and newsprint media across Canada are invited to attend one or more of the events in Montreal - Toronto - Calgary or Vancouver.

[CONFIDENTIALITY COMMITMENT - any MP or journalists who wishes to communicate with DISCLOSURE CANADA or ZNN on these matters will be guaranteed privacy and complete access to the files and documents attesting to the validity of the claims in this release.] 

Review the Four City Tour agenda at: DC TOUR

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