Saturday, April 4, 2015

Disclosure Tour Montreal Huge Success

Two hundred attend historical Montreal Symposium - Toronto Next
Press Release for Immediate Distribution

Toronto [ZNN] Chris Russak and David Whitehead - co-founders of the entity, Modern Knowledge, and the Disclosure Canada Tour report the first stop on their cross-country tour was an overwhelming success.
David Whitehead told ZNN, "We were blown away by Montreal - not only by the great turn-out but by the level of engagement by our Montreal audience. We made history today. Our event speakers - the Hon. Paul Hellyer, Stephen G. Bassett, Richard M. Dolan and Victor Viggiani provided earth-shattering news about the need for and new status of UFO/ET Disclosure in Canada - open acknowledgement by government of an ET presence."
It appears that in addition to presenting Disclosure information - tour organizers are demanding direct action from government officials on this matter.
Co-cordinator Chris Russak stated: "We've begun the Disclosure movement in Canada by asking each person in the audience to send our prepared letter to the Minister of Defence and to their own member of Parliament demanding answers to questions about Canada's involvement in keeping this information from us. We want MPs to know NORAD and their own high-level Canadian government officials have been tracking and discussing UFOs for decades. We're going to expand this discussion in Toronto and let the wave roll into Calgary and Vancouver in the coming weeks."
The success of the tour at Montreal's Concordia University augers well for the Saturday April 11 event at the University of Toronto where a similar line-up of speakers will address a Toronto audience on UFO/ET Disclosure. Russak and Whitehead are expecting a sell-out at UofT's  Medical Sciences Building.


Ticket information and other details about the Toronto Event:

Letter to Minister Kenney:

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