Thursday, October 1, 2015

Chair of Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign talks about aliens

John Podesta raises the ET issue - yet again!

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Toronto [ZNN] How many more times must John Podesta - chair of the Hillary Clinton Presidential election campaign and former special advisor to Barack Obama - mention the ET issue before the Washington and international press picks up on what this man is really doing?

The question is - What is this man doing...?

Podesta's most recent Tweet directs actress Lena Dunham to ask Hillary about aliens. This is the fourth time Podesta has raised the ET matter in a public forum since 2002.

Is Podesta - President Bill Clinton's White House Chief of Staff - attempting to inject the ET issue into Clinton's campaign through the back door - hoping that one of the major news outlets drums up the courage to place it on the election radar - once and for all? Dare they?

Are Republicans wondering why Podesta appears to be sabotaging Clinton's Presidential aspirations as a tin-foil hat candidate with talk of ETs?

Are Democrats doubting Podesta's political savvy and sanity by using aliens and Hillary's name in the same sentence?

One would think this is political suicide. To solicitor and CEO John Podesta - apparently not.

These people may be arrogant, self-serving and hungry political animals but - they are not stupid. There has to be a reason why Podesta is willing to risk Clinton's Presidential election hopes on placing the ET matter in a public forum.

The seemingly incongruous strategy now being cognizantly employed by Podesta and Clinton could very well be aimed at ending the UFO/ET truth embargo by ramming the ET issue into the middle of the Presidential campaign - while everyone else stands on the sidelines muttering, "This can't be..."

Stephen G. Bassett
Exec. Director Paradigm Research Group

Check out Podesta's Tweet and the assessment of it by ET Disclosure advocate Stephen Bassett of PRG. HERE

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