Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Most Bizarre UFO Sighting - Fukushima Japan 2011

ZlandCommunications is inaugurating a new feature - INSIDE UFOs. INSIDE UFOs will profile incidents involving the phenomenon of UFOs that are of interest to the public.

ZlandCommunications rarely posts images or video reports of craft of unknown origin. However after significant analysis, the video in this particular report is being put forward for consideration.

The available background information indicates that this footage of multiple anomalous objects occurred over the nuclear power plant near Fukushima Japan in March of 2011.

Irrespective of any prevailing opinions about the phenomenon of UFOs, this particular video and concurrent examples from the same region in Japan just one month later serve to highlight the authenticity of this event and similar events that occurred after the Fukushima nuclear accident.

To date no government or intelligence agency have chosen to comment on this event - despite the obvious national security implications inherent in this type of incursion into controlled airspace around a nuclear energy installation.

The attention of the viewer is directed not necessarily to the 'lights/craft' themselves, but to the nature of their movement which appears to indicate intelligent control in addition to flight characteristics foreign to most if not all conventional aircraft.

The following URL is another sample from the same region in April of the same year.


Readers are also reminded of frequent incursions of craft of unknown origin over Intercontinental Ballistic Missile sites in North America and the U.K.

[Ed. Note: While ZNN cannot always verify the authenticity of this and similar images, some of the images and available footage do bear scrutiny. Until government and media officials decide to provide the necessary explanation and coverage of this category of information ZlandCommunications will provide explicit coverage in a responsible manner that challenges government and media to come forward to report on this matter of prescient and public concern.]

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Triangles in Space and over land.

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