Monday, December 21, 2015


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A Global What's Trending Year in Review 2015 

A unique news pundit that will spike 
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Toronto [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has learned Canadian broadcast journalist Richard Syrett is offering a review of trending 2015 news headlines. Everything from why Conrad Black is obsessed by iconoclast Donald Trump to why western media has turned a blind eye to the beheading of Christians.  In a world where news is politicized then watered down for public consumption, Richard Syrett brings reality to the news and the news to reality.  

Book Richard Syrett for a Year Ender "What's Trending 2015"  that will leave your audience stunned with his attention to detail! Richard Syrett's audience trusts his opinion on national and world issues with his ability to streamline complicated news events and make them relevant.

Richard has appeared on: William Shatner's Weird or What?, Canada AM, CBC News Network Connect with Mark Kelley, The Arena with Michael Coren, Humble and Fred Sirius XM, The Happy Gang Zoomer Radio, Animal Planet USA and Discovery Channel USA.
  • Why is Conrad Black smitten with Donald Trump?  And why should we care?
  • Why The Paris Climate Change Agreement Has Nothing to do with Reducing C02 and Everything to do with Control and the Transfer of Wealth?
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