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Hillary Clinton confirms she WILL release secret UFO files if she's elected US president - UK Daily Mirror

UK News Media Explodes with more news on Hillary and UFO files

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Toronto [ZNN] The latest UK Daily Mirror piece by Jonathon Dillon on Hillary Clinton joins the parade of some fifteen other articles by six major news publications describing how the leading Democratic candidate has grabbed the headlines by publicly stating she will examine and release US government files on UFOs.

This all began in Conway New Hampshire in late December 2015 when Ms. Clinton told reporter Daymond Steer of the Conway Daily Sun she would investigate US UFO files. When referring to her campaign chairman John Podesta Ms. Clinton said to Daymond Steer, "He has made me personally pledge we are going to get the information out."

The news of Ms. Clinton’s intentions to expose government UFO files has now entered a new phase. The question is not - will she or will she not be able to reveal these top secret files? The larger question needs to be asked - why is she raising this issue at this time in the press and on American national television?

Stephen Bassett                           PRG
On this matter Stephen Bassett - Executive Director of PRG - The Paradigm Research Group - is quoted as saying: “The only circumstance under which a leading presidential candidate, her president husband and their common advisor would repeatedly speak to the ET issue during a campaign is when their collective brain [trust] is fully aware the ET presence is fact. This simple exercise in logical deduction confirms why a media tsunami the height of the Washington Monument is heading toward the truth embargo's beach."

Under normal circumstances any political figure who would address the UFO/ET issue would be inserting the last nail in their own coffin - as was the case with Dennis Kucinich in 2007. Not this woman. Today Ms. Clinton is advancing this issue with no reservations whatsoever. Some say the impetus to move forward so boldly resides with her campaign chairman - solicitor John Podesta.

Podesta has been an advisor to both President Obama and former President Bill Clinton. In fact - he has made his conspiratorial leanings towards UFOs very clear. The day following his departure as a trusted Obama advisor, Podesta tweeted, “Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files. #thetruthisstilloutthere cc: @NYTimesDowd.” Podesta’s earlier statement on October 22, 2002 regarding government UFO secrecy at the Washington National Press Club was unequivocal.

Hillary and Laurance S. Rockefeller
Because of his time as Chief of Staff in the Clinton White House, Podesta is also fully aware of the ROCKEFELLAR LETTERS - dozens of letters concerning UFO secrecy circulated among Clinton White House Staff advisors and other political and international figures such as the late Carl Sagan, the late Billy Graham and others - and yes, including then First Lady Hillary Clinton. 

These letters are not on the radar of most mainstream news media - yet. However, Podesta appears driven to have this issue and the ROCKEFELLER LETTERS become even more controversial and incendiary as the election campaign unfolds. He himself has been on CBS TV news stating “...I've convinced her that we need an effort to declassify as much as we can so people can have their legitimate questions answered.”

When the entire curious mosaic of this Clinton/Podesta political prod into the UFO matter is examined, even the most seasoned journalists who have no stake in this matter now, will be compelled to recognize four things:

First - this is all a clever and well-orchestrated strategic plan on the part of the MsClinton/Podesta/MrClinton triumvirate. Jimmy Kimmel one day - 60 Minutes the next.

Second - Donald Trump’s irrational raves and Bernie Sanders’ desperation will eventually draw them into this conversation.

Third - the converging lines of evidence in this case are irrefutable - a third rail of American politics has entered the train station. Anyone not willing to get on the train had better get off the tracks - all of them.

Fourth - journalists and editors reading this press release will soon be forced to admit: “I’m going to have to cover this sooner or later…” If managed editorially with a deft pen, one of the more brave among this group could be up for a Pulitzer.

Read the UK MIRROR’S coverage: HERE

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