Sunday, April 10, 2016

WASHINGTON POST - CNN - USA TODAY heat up discussion about UFOs on statements made by Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta

Press Release Breaking News - UPDATE

Toronto [ZNN] It is now becoming a daily surfacing.

Since the publication of an earlier ZNN press release on March 28, 2016, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, has made yet another foray into mainstream media on the UFO matter. This time in an interview on CNN with Jake Tapper. 

This CNN interview represents Podesta's 5th public assertion on the UFO/ET matter. 

In addition - on April 8 at 12:11pm USA TODAY America's 1# newspaper by circulation published a follow-up article by Heidi M Przybyla on the Tapper CNN interview. Now The Washington Post April 8 - article by Philip Bump has surfaced explaining Podesta's long-time interest in UFOs.

Podesta, as campaign chairman for the leading Democratic presidential candidate, is gradually ramping up a larger and larger discourse on the UFO/ET matter. This is unprecedented.  

READ the USA TODAY ARTICLE April 8, 2016
WATCH the CNN INTERVIEW April 7, 2016

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