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Will the final days of an Obama Presidency or Clinton nerve unearth the alien unthinkable?

In many circles the Clintons and their campaign solicitor John Podesta JD are being thought of as gallant but vanquished political warriors in retreat – to lick their wounds with virtually no hope of political resurrection. In more skeptical circles, the Clintons are regarded as vile reprobates, guilty of unspeakable moral aberrations.
In a waning Presidency, Barack Obama is preparing his final speech to the American people on Tuesday January 10, 2017. For the average citizen expectations will be of the bargain basement variety – no real change – no real hope.
For some in the UFO/ET research community the expectations will be somewhat higher in anticipation of Obama's announcement to declare the planet has been engaged by off-world civilizations, while behind the scenes the White House and military and intelligence agencies will be announcing more in the coming days.
A faint hope – but those in the global Disclosure movement still wait with baited breath as they always do when this kind of opportunity presents itself.
As things fade to black and the confusion begins – it might be best to examine other possibilities – among them the once un-imagined chain of events – the election and crowning of a sociopath as US President.
A Fitting Way to say Goodbye
Given this context another larger possibility emerges. The Clinton's and their strategist-solicitor John Podesta are still capable of altering history if they choose to make noise about the UFO/ET issue. 
On the heels of a botched election, and an increasingly unstable international atmosphere might the Clintons want the last word?
In the current geo-political climate the US and Russia are butting heads over ambassadors. Nuances of a thermo-nuclear exchange are being relaunched while impending terrorist assaults silently brew just about anywhere. 

If one adds to this malignant mix the coronation of a sociopath as President - it becomes apparent planet Earth is not a very nice place to be right now.
In this dangerous and seriously rogue geo-political milieux, the moral aberrations and the political devastation surrounding Hillary Clinton and John Podesta's strategic election miscalculations have become inconsequential – if not irrelevant.
Kind of makes one yearn for the more simple days of Watergate and Monica's semen stained blue dress.
UFO/ET Disclosure may even be the perfect diversion for an election-weary and perplexed American citizenry eager for closure and something truly different from tiresome celebrity adulation and a president-elect who takes pride in defaming himself and everyone else within range of his grating voice. 
Some suggest the Clintons and Podesta have lost all credibility and the political capital they once flaunted with skill and wild abandon – not really.
Irrespective of the lost election and the caustic baggage this once powerful political juggernaut carried, it appears the Clintons and Podesta still possess an arsenal containing one last shot at delivering a broadside towards the incoming president – a penetrating salvo in the form of a global message unlike any other that could shape human history forever... "UFOs are real – the government knows it – why don't you?"
A fitting way to say goodbye.
This cadre of three lost souls may – notwithstanding their soiled baggage – be able to wrench the spotlight from a bombastic court jester who they feel may have robbed the title 'president-elect' from them in a dysfunctional political electoral system – even though the bombast-elect used similar forms of misdirection, falsehoods, back-tracking and outright lies to secure the White House throne.
They know this soon-to-be king not only has no clothes – he's missing vital body parts that enable him to tell the truth.
Spoil the Party?
Podesta and the Clintons would be fools not to realize they could easily disembowel the new White House freak show with one press conference that will present an ET Disclosure message just before inauguration day.
The resulting earthquake of news concerning how Extraterrestrials have engaged the planet would rock the bible out of the hand of the Chief Justice as he administers the Oath of Office to the Republican Party's new guy.
With that – serious and real questions of intent and content remain:
- Do the Clintons and Podesta have the documentation necessary to set fire to a disclosure inferno that will be the first political wildfire of 2017?
- Will the Clintons rise to the occasion to create the moment of ET Disclosure or will they capitulate – as they did during the Presidential election campaign and remain perplexingly silent about the biggest story in human history?
- Will the American people be able to discern the truth when one of these weasels decides to stand up and tell the truth about an ET presence? Weasels are like that – clever, but they never really tell you the truth – just what they want you to hear.
In the aftermath of an unpredictable election crusade – one rampant with unmitigated stealth and an irreverent dearth of ideology there might be one more surprise in store for a pummelled and stunned electorate.
Even though the American electorate has proven itself to be individually fairly sharp but collectively dumb as a bag of hammers, its only recourse – if Podesta and the Clintons decide to tell their ET story – is to listen carefully to their message and put whatever documentation is presented to the test.
The reluctance for some in the UFO/ET research community to accept this possibility is understandable; yet the Clintons and their vagabond barrister clearly have an inside political command of the ET issue.
Let's focus on the message for a moment and not the messengers.
Where might the Evidence begin?
No matter what anyone may think about the Clintons and Podesta – they possess insider information about how the American government has denied its citizens to their right to know answers to questions that remain in the dark about UFO secrecy, highly advanced off-world civilizations and how these entities are engaging humans.
No one who has spent any time investigating or researching this matter can take issue with that reality.
Whatever crimes or elicit exploits the Clintons and Podesta may have engaged in, the fact remains these elite and once deified Washington DC figure-heads have the capacity to unearth documentation considered by many as the doorway to Disclosure - The Rockefeller Initiative.
This smouldering portal inspired by billionaire philanthropist Laurance S. Rockefeller to initiate a disclosure dialogue within the White House between 1993 and 1996 sought out President Bill Clinton to remove needless levels of government secrecy and to reveal the truth about an ET presence.
The revelation of this generally unknown series of intimate letters uncovered by Canadian researcher Grant Cameron – is but one press conference away from being exposed should Podesta and the Clintons elect to alter history and the future. 

Such renowned dignitaries as the Reverend Billy Graham, esteemed scientist Carl Sagan and yes, First Lady Hillary R. Clinton all figured prominently in these letters.
The evidence only begins here but despite its authenticity this evidence and what it eludes to, the mainstream media still refuses to pay attention to a White House initiative about UFO secrecy. 

There is no way to accurately assess what the Clintons may have been privy to during their respective tenures as President and Secretary of State about operative government secrecy and the authenticity of the UFO/ET issue. UFO researchers have often recounted how Presidents are indeed briefed on the UFO/ET matter but are never told the entire story.
One can only assume that because of these kinds of experiences and their well-known personal interest in the UFO matter – both Hillary and Bill Clinton possess a sufficiently firm foundation upon which to build a case against UFO secrecy with the expert guidance of solicitor John Podesta.
Podesta – The Come Back Kid?
Many expect the Clintons and Podesta – now common citizens – to simply fade away into political oblivion. This would be the rational assumption following a lost election. 
However – when it comes to the strange brew mixed by a cunning lawyer, a shrewd one-time Secretary of State and a former US President – this assumption might be a miscalculation.
Podesta has made a career out of his uncanny capacity to reach back and resurrect a Clinton mis-step to turn it into a brazen success story. This appears to be Podesta's specialty. Who says he couldn't do this again?

"Resurrection from the election graveyard of political ignominy to effectively influence the course of human history – without being President - in turn, laying waste a clown Presidency... beware of one who can reach out of the grave."
Although most recognize the moral standards of the likes of Podesta and the Clintons and most all who wade in the Washington swamp rate one notch above or below Richard Nixon – it must be also recognized Podesta and the Clintons have indeed been an integral part of the initial stages of the Disclosure movement in Washington.
The hundreds of letters, faxes and memos that comprise the Rockefeller Initiative is devastating evidence attesting to the US government's attempts to keep information about an ET presence from US citizens and the rest of the global community.
This evidence stands on its own. This evidence cannot be minimized or discredited – despite Clinton election failures and other moral transgressions. Podesta himself is on record demanding more government transparency on the UFO issue.
A good solicitor never raises questions without already knowing the answers.
Why Remain Silent?
What would motivate the Clintons and Podesta to remain silent about or disavow a knowledge base that clearly exposes the reality of government secrecy on the UFO matter?
What would motivate them to deny an open discourse on the existence of free energy, super-luminal space travel and the entire spectrum of implications of eventual contact with off-world civilizations?
Each of these former government officials have at one time or another opened the Pandora's Box on UFOs.
Hillary's admission during the New Hampshire Primary on December 30th 2015 to reporter Daymond Steer of the Conway Daily Sun stating she thinks we may have been visited cannot be considered cannon fodder.
Bill Clinton's famous 1995 statement in Ireland, “I want to know...” when speaking about alien bodies and the crash near Roswell New Mexico in front of thousands remains prophetic in his search for the truth.
Moreover, John Podesta's erudite foreword in a book about UFOs and government secrecy – one that went to number twenty nine on the New York Times Bestseller list – cannot be considered by any measure as 'lapsus linguae' by a lawyer trained to wield words as would a surgeon handle a scalpel.
Their names – could be etched in historical fame for all time despite their transgressions – not as the losing team in a presidential election but as the troupe that let the UFO cat out of the bag.
History is replete with odourous yardbirds who came off smelling like a rose.
One of the most prolific and successful movie directors of all time – Alfred Hitchcock was known behind the scenes as a bully and vaunted sexual predator. 
It is also no secret the beloved John F. Kennedy established a well-known reputation as a Washington philanderer. 
The current President-elect has clearly fed off his misogynist tendencies and look where it got him – the leader of the free world and El Capo of Washington's revitalized cesspool. For the power hungry this is sufficient nourishment.
Of this there is little historical doubt.
That said – Podesta and his associate HRClinton still have the potential and very real opportunity to address the truth embargo, bring the Rockefeller Initiative into the public spotlight and make the presidency overwhelmingly exasperating to navigate for Trump – not to mention the chance to make history.
If Podesta and HRClinton in fact have the 'goods' on Disclosure, these two ordinary citizens could elevate Disclosure to a radically altered state of news.
This rarified level of news would ultimately eradicate or at least ameliorate all of the current effusive Trump-bluster and give him the Presidency he wants so badly but one that he would never have anticipated – one that will eclipse his massive ego and turn it into a cinder in a post-disclosure-era Presidency.
This could be a worrisome ET Presidency fronted by a despot – a despot who has proven to be unfit, a chauvinist, a liar and a dullard. A Head of State who will be dealing with unimaginable post-disclosure challenges that - even on his best day he will never be able to understand.
Number one challenge on the list:
- Having to deal with the repercussions of an entrenched political infrastructure that will be shown to have lied about the UFO/ET matter to the American people and to the rest of the world for almost 70 years.
- Trump then may have to go face-to-face with enlightened level one civilizations light-years more advanced than any he could ever conceive.
- Finally Trump will have to look into the eyes of shadow members of government and the Pentagon and ask, “What have you guys been up to, why didn't somebody say something and what the hell do we do now?”
Now, THAT would be something to watch.
In the biggest picture it may well be cogent to realize that an announcement about the presence of off-world civilizations and all of its inherent hazards will auger in the threshold of the next step in evolution of the human species.
If this category of change oscillates humanity from one vibrational level of consciousness to the next is brought about by a failed and quite possibly disreputable presidential candidate, her cheating husband and a clammy Washington lawyer – then – so be it. Sometimes we get what we deserve because of our inbred habit to vacillate, jump on and off bandwagons or follow the popular trends.
All things considered it might be best to listen carefully to how Podesta and the Clintons might frame their disclosure message before handing over the crown and robe.
A Broadway Play
Steve Bassett Exec. Dir.
Paradigm Research Group
Washington DC
On another related front – unless Mr. Stephen Bassett's announced Pentagon inside-source is truly articulating a valid internal predisposition within the Pentagon for ET disclosure – and, unless President Obama has an attack of conscience to become the Disclosure President on January 10th or sometime before January 20th, 2017- then a timely Podesta-Clinton Disclosure announcement before the inauguration could hail in 2017 as the Year of Disclosure.
If plausible – such an announcement will place ET Disclosure squarely in Trump's lap – forcing a man of questionable character – one who possesses the moral fibre and ethical IQ of a carrot to deal with a non-sequitor of unfathomable proportions – the biggest story in human history.
Or, Obama, the Clintons and Podesta ride off tight-lipped into the sunset. Either way – it'll be a mess.
Whichever way this unfolds, one thing appears certain. The United States of America is destined to be in for a four to eight year nightmare - an era of lies, reversal upon reversals, heightened racism, political tension, foreign and domestic policy gaffs and social upheaval. The fall of Rome will look like a glitzy Broadway play.
So, let's not kid ourselves; the Clintons don't play nice and they may be reprobates – but they can certainly emerge as heroes if they choose – as Josie, John and Joe Citizen – to tell the world the US government has lied about UFOs and perhaps much, much more.
The year 2017 will prove to be one of revelations if not revolution all because the American people chose the devil they didn't know over the devil that they thought they knew.

Now Donald - you deal with the mess.


  1. This is an excellent article explaining our current situation here in the U.S. quite eloquently. We have been trying to swim in a cesspool of lies about the ET reality for decades, and we now find ourselves sinking under the weight of those lies. Those who know the truth need to come out with it NOW!

  2. I suppose that it's in the hands of trump now and he'll disclose in a "fitting way to say hello" !!! Always mystical theories why it doesn't happen according to your articles... After a while, it has no credibility. A possibility is not a fact.