Friday, July 7, 2017

Secret UFO sighting dossier hushed up using EU law so the public may never learn what’s inside

A SECRET database filled with UFO incidents reported by airline crews has been kept away from prying eyes thanks to the government.

Press Release

Toronto [ZNN] From a peculiar international news report ZlandCommunications has learned the UK's CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has used an obscure law to block and sequester UFO reports by airline pilots.

What is the larger context and meaning of this development? To the discerning eye it is all very complex but not inexplicable.

Under normal circumstances government UFO files are available to the public - allowing citizens to request government UFO files. 

However a peculiar European piece of legislation has been used to block attempts to access and disseminate pilot reports on UFO engagement.

The story becomes even more bizarre when the CAA told that the files were in fact available but only if their publication could verify that the information would be used to further safety in the sky. 

The absurd nature of this unprecedented stipulation goes against all FOIA protocols. 

More-over, the fact a government agency is acknowledging UFO pilot encounters at all points to their unarticulated concern and inability to deal with craft of unknown origin entering Earth's atmosphere.

If this attempt by the UK to perpetuate the continuity of political UFO secrecy were not enough - the Australian Civil Aviation Authority, when asked, denied collecting similar data on pilot UFO reports but inverted its position when it indicated - if UFOs follow aviation safety rules they are welcome to share the skies.

When asked to comment on this unusual statement a ZNN spokesperson said, "The ludicrously contradictory and profusely conflicting nature of this alleged statement clearly indicates government officials from the UK and Australia are running scared - choosing to deflect and sanitize authentic inquiries about substantive encounters by airline pilots with UFOs. This development proves beyond any doubt that a sophisticated UFO cover-up not only exists but is now being manufactured at a new and more complex level than ever before." 

Factors remaining: 
- When will mainstream journalism unravel its distractive obsession with the Putin - Trump - Merkel and G-20 circus of global affairs?
- No amount of media infatuation with North Korea, terrorism, Brexit, G-20 riots or shootings in Chicago can possibly over-shadow the profound and documented evidence that planet Earth is being engaged by off-world civilizations.
- Will any member of the G-20 acknowledge the UFO/ET issue?
- When these factors are eventually addressed by media - a recognition of the true identity and substantive nature of the UFO issue will be resolved. 
Until then - mainstream media will be the government cohort and complicit handmaiden of the chaos and deception that will prevail.

Review the original story at: Pilot UFO Reports Sequestered

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  1. Extraterrestrials need our cooperation to ensure peace on Earth and across the Cosmos