Friday, August 18, 2017

PRG Executive Director Predicted Steve Bannon’s Firing

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PRG eyes the future amidst White House chaos

Toronto - [ZNN] Following the recent dismissals of White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, PRG Executive Director Stephen Bassett, when asked by ZNN in early August, “Who is next?” Mr. Bassett in a brief statement to ZNN said, "Bannon is next.” 

This week’s news of the Bannon firing shows Bassett was right. What else might Bassett be right about?

Stephen Bassett, Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group - known for his contacts in Washington DC, disclosure activism and political savvy - may have taken a page out of Bannon’s own playbook when it was reported by Jeremy B. White of THE INDEPENDENT that Bannon himself repeatedly told people that he would last about eight months and possibly up to a year in his White House role.

In two earlier media releases Mr. Bassett made his own predictions. In a July 22, 2017 media release Bassett stated that he did not believe Donald Trump would be in office by the end of 2017. Later, in an August 14, 2017 media release Bassett expanded on this prediction.

It appears the White House, under the leadership of a bombastic and morally bankrupt president is destined for even more troubled waters.

The convening of a Grand Jury by investigator Robert Mueller into Trump’s Russian connections is sure to create severe difficulties for the White House. 

As well, word of discontent among White House staff of their anxiety about being part of an administration that bungles virtually every issue Trump touches is matched only by the bodies of fired White House executives piling up on the lawn of the White House.

It is also no secret that White House staffers see a bleak future for themselves and this administration as they leak their uneasiness to journalists about the turmoil caused by Trump’s volatile persona and his inability to move forward with any meaningful legislative agenda.

If the litany of Trump-chaos as outlined by CNN’s Brooke Baldwin is any indication of future White House pandemonium and disarray, one must again ask the question, “Who indeed is next?” In this frightening but real-life version of The Apprentice - anything seems possible.

Although players on different teams - it seems that Bassett, Bannon and Baldwin each have their eyes on the future - a future that could see the demise of American democracy as we know it.

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