Thursday, December 28, 2017

Extraterrestrial Experiencers See ET Presence as an Opportunity Not a Threat

The Institute for Exoconsciousness creates an international program to connect the global community of Experiencers to foster open discussion of extraterrestrial-human interaction.

Press Release - For Immediate Distribution 

Toronto [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has learned that the US based Institute For Exoconsciousness has initiated an international program - the Community of the Exoconscious - to advance the ongoing interaction between extraterrestrials and humans - a level of interaction that the recent disclosure by the Pentagon of its Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program on UFOs has failed to address.

Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, Founder of the Institute for Exoconsciousnesstold ZNN, "Disclosure leads to cultural acceptance and gradual confirmation of the extraterrestrial presence." Dr. Hardcastle Wright went on to say, "Disclosure provides an opportunity for extraterrestrial Experiencers to share their transformations of consciousness, physical healings, heightened psychic abilities and planetary awareness. Furthermore, their authority is strengthened by recent scientific research and validation of extraterrestrial contact.”

The term 'Experiencers' for those unfamiliar with the terminology is meant to describe humans who have has specific experiences with Extraterrestrials. This expression was used by the late Head of Psychiatry at Harvard University - Dr. John E. Mack in his lectures and books on the alien abduction phenomenon.

Another principal in this initiative is Miguel Mendonca. Mendonca, the author of Meet the Hybrids stated, “We can deepen the conversation by exploring the varied, yet often common learnings that come from encounters with non-human intelligences, and in particular, information on the interconnected, multidimensional nature of being.”

It appears Hardcastle Wright and Mendonca wish to take on a leading role in the global community to broaden the here-to-fore limited scope of the so-called UFO/ET phenomenon. 

Their characterization of those who have had encounters with non-human intelligences - as the true vanguards of the disclosure movement may well re-define the public's understanding of the UFO/ET phenomenon as a cultural rather than a military matter.

Although many in government, intelligence agencies and the military have come forward to describe the UFO phenomenon as a threat - this new initiative could have a profound impact on the cultural as well as political implications of contact. 

Advancing the ultimate disclosure of an Extraterrestrial presence now engaging planet Earth in this dramatically new way just may be what the human family needs to realize - we are not alone in the cosmos.

Find out more about this ground-breaking initiative and to read the entire press release: Click HERE

Contact the principals:
Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD., 
Miguel Mendonca, 
+44 (0)7703 625000


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