Sunday, December 31, 2017


ZlandCommunications Editorial

While ZNN's focus is the Disclosure of the ET presence on planet Earth, the current political situation in the United States compels ZNN to comment.
UPDATE January 2.2018
It only took the maniac two days into 2018 to again place the planet in mortal danger with his juvenile school yard bully-Tweet.
"North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!"@realDonaldTrump

C A U T I O N 

While I am not a pessimist - there is great and severe cause for concern. As a realist I can accurately say: 

We are in mortal danger...

2017 will go down in history as the year TRUTH and HOPE were raped and pillaged. We are all indeed in mortal danger. 

Strong words you say? Yes... they are - but not remotely stronger nor more reprehensible than what the soggy and perverse mind of the so-called "predator" of the United States may have in store for humanity in 2018.

I can barely utter his name. I become physically ill at the sound of his voice and choke back vomit at the sight of his image. His brand of toilet politics, sheer ignorance of the US Constitution, his disrespect for women, minorities and the rule of law drench and soil each tweet. 

The toxic nature of US politics and the clear and present global resentment towards him are the result of one person and his henchmen’s stranglehold on democracy. 

While a mad-man’s wreckless non-agenda and now legendary 1000 falsehoods consumes the oxygen within the media, the planet tries to breathe as it watches helplessly as might a deer - frozen in its tracks - mesmerized by the headlights of an on-coming car… too stunned to react as it awaits its demise and the ultimate stench of the road-kill the next day.

Who will pick up the rot when the madman leaves the stage? Are you listening Ms. Sara Huckabee Sanders and Mr. John F. Kelly?

On this last day of December in 2017 AD and looking forward into 2018 AD one can only - only HOPE that the armour of TRUTH and HOPE have not been worn too thin by this truly wretched human being. One who sits at a desk posing as the planet's most powerful man. His fingers poised - inching menacingly towards the RED NUCLEAR BUTTON or another female’s genitals. 

He is in fact THE MOST DANGEROUS HUMAN on the planet.

For those who disagree - please do not advance the flimsy rhetoric of Hillary - Obama or any other  politician’s  ill-advised faux pas - that is history and does not excuse, rationalize or diminish the work of this dictator in sheep’s clothing. Let that rhetoric go - deal with the lethal brand of mendacity emanating from the White House today.

Know this well... this administration’s henchmen sit in fear of the impending disaster that would surely result if they allow the ‘predator’ out of his cage to be present at a White House Press Conference. The press will have him for lunch… 

Better to keep him away from the press - allow him to verbally masturbate in private, at a local fire station, while consoling Roy Moore, addressing journalists while dashing across the White House lawn or on Twitter. The henchmen have yet to perfect how to manage the all too familiar disasters that always come next. 

Are you listening Ms. Sara Huckabee Sanders and Mr. John F. Kelly?

We are in mortal danger... the safety and perpetuation of the human species must be preserved. This autocrat has placed our species at risk.

The predator’s assault on the TRUTH although relentless and damaging cannot and must not prevail. 

If this human succeeds in any way it will not be due to any prowess on his part. It will be because WE CHOSE NOT TO RESIST and to protect the sacredness of Truth and the cosmic power of Hope.

TRUTH and HOPE walk hand-in-hand. They always have and... always will. 

God help us all...

Victor Viggiani
News Director
Toronto Canada


  1. What kind of stupid shit is this. What the administration appears to have in the crosshairs for 2018 seems to be carpet-truth-bombings and the purge of corrupt individuals who are enemies of the whole humankind and only serve their dark lords. Please stay focused on the Disclosure, because I am not certain I will be able to read through another political article from you - and hence I would stop subscribing. Becvause you are really bad at analysing politics from a neutral standpoint.

    1. Thank you - for your views. Readers' input is always welcome. However - may we respectfully suggest that you re-consider your use of inappropriate language and your demand of telling ZlandCommunications what it should and should not write about. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  2. I am not a Trump fan but have you never thought about that there is more than just a simple message? English isn't my mother language but his statements go into a total other direction as you might think of.

    Who is controlling North Korea?! Where did North Korea got their missiles? Who in controlling Ukraine from whom North Korea got the missiles? It's the Cabal!

    Trump goes against the Cabal and his message is not to Kim Jong-Un it's to them.
    Who always wants war against North Korea, Syria, Russia?? It's the Cabal.

    1. You may be correct. But we question your reasoning about Trump even understanding the Cabal's existence. He is an aberration that will soon be dealt with by democratic forces and the FBI. Thank you for your input.

  3. Why the hate? While the rest if us try to stay focused on a common goal--disclosure--you take a bewildering left turn into the politics of personal destruction and villification. Why?

    What purpose does this serve, save your own personal satisfaction?

    1. During the early rise of Nazism, few in Germany or for that matter internationally spoke out against Hitler. This turned out to be a grievous error. In not identifying who and what that madman stood for, those who remained silent were complicit in his unfettered rise to power and subsequent crimes against humanity. The greatest on-going crisis of our time eminates from the psychopathic mind of the current occupant of the White House. No language, in our opinion, is TOO strong to condemn this madman's actions and behaviour. Since your response to this ZNN editorial this madman's duplicity and bigotry has become even more magnified. What is worse - his erratic and unmeasured behaviours are being 'normalized'. The strong position taken by ZLANDCOMMUNICATIONS stands in the hope it can be seen as a warning to those who remain silent and those around the planet who sit in fear. Thank you for your contribution.