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Investigate the Canadian government's activities and interest in UFOs - 9500 files available. See for yourself how the Canadian government has catalogued files on UFOs.

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Toronto [ZNN] They're all there, in black and white. Over 9500 digitized files describing the Canadian government's involvement in UFOs. Actually - when these memos and document were written - most military, intelligence and government officials used the term 'flying saucers. 
You'll have to do a little digging because navigating the site is a little tricky - but it's doable - once you get the hang of it. It's a lot like shucking oysters for pearls - if you're interested enough - it will yield results.
View a sample of just one of the many memos at an Intelligence Committee level clearly showing Canada and the US took and still take UFOs very seriously. Click HERE

There are four separate and distinct sources of documents:
The Dept of National Defence
Transport Canada
National Research Council

Navigate Files

- Go to the web site. (below)
- Click on the blue SEARCH DATA BASE button
- Ignore all input boxes on this next page
- Go to below to - Browse by Record Group
- Select DEPT OF NATIONAL DEFENCE (or any other Dept)
- Click on SUBMIT

You will then see a page with columns of reports.
- Click on the 10 digit Record Number in the far column
- You will then get to that document's page.
- To view the document - clicking on VIEW IMAGE will bring up the document.
- To move to the next page/document - click on NEXT at the bottom of the page OR click on the back and forth arrows at the bottom.
For those of you who may be interested in keeping a specific document of interest - you can save the document image on your hard drive as you would any other web image. 
Some pages have little or no information - but other pages - especially MEMOS or AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL REPORTS are replete with internal government conversations about UFOs - most use the term 'flying saucers'.

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