Thursday, April 5, 2018

CTV reports - New $20 coin commemorates UFO encounter

Has the Royal Canadian Mint's new commemorative coin compromised Canadian government secrecy on UFOs?

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Toronto [ZNN] The Canadian government has made a practice of keeping information on UFOs a secret for over 70 years. That has not stopped the Royal Canadian Mint from producing a coin commemorating one of the most celebrated UFO incidents in Canadian history.

In an article by Graham Slaughter of CTV News, one of Canada's national news networks, the Royal Canadian Mint has produced a $20 coin retailing at $129.95 commemorating one of Canada's most well-documented UFO incidents.

Graham Slaughter reported that the UFO incident involved Stefan Michalak, a resident of Manitoba Canada. Mr. Michalak reported seeing a UFO land in an area near Falcon Lake Manitoba. The event was investigated by the RCMP in a lengthy June 26, 1967 report out of its Winnipeg detachment. The incident was also detailed in several other reports at Collections Canada.

In his April 3, 2018 article, Graham Slaughter highlights the UFO incident involving Michalak:

"Stefan Michalak saw several unusual silver objects cross the sky in Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial Park. Michalak didn’t know what to make of the strange silver objects, even as one of them landed on a rocky outcropping nearby. Michalak was perplexed by what he saw, so he walked over and touched the side of the object. It was so hot, it burned his glove."

In a summary report, the Canadian government's Collections Canada web site on UFOs reveals in part:

"Michalak reached out and touched the object as it began to revolve and take off, and he was instantly pushed back by a force of hot air. The blast burned his clothing and left marks on his chest. After he ripped off his clothing, Michalak felt ill. He began to vomit and noticed a metallic smell coming from inside his body, like the burning smell of an electric wire or an electric motor." Later Michalak stated: "That’s when, rather suddenly, the object shot back into the sky."

The Canadian UFO research community and indeed international UFO experts are buzzing about the decision by the Royal Canadian Mint to produce a coin profiling a UFO event that has been so meticulously investigated by the RCMP. [The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is Canada's national police force that investigates and enforces issues related to national security.]

In an attempt to clarify the Royal Canadian Mint's rationale for producing a coin commemorating one of Canada's most investigated and renowned UFO incidents, ZlandCommunications spoke with Alex Reeves - Senior Advisor for External Communications at the Royal Canadian Mint. 

When asked by ZNN why the Royal Canadian Mint chose to commemorate one of the most controversial UFO incidents in Canadian history Mr. Reeves said, "We were attracted by the unusual nature of the story. One thing that is important to remember is that we have an annual collector coin program that numbers around 200 coins a year...we are always looking for things that are new and interesting." 

Mr. Reeves then indicated that the coin approval process has several levels - from the Mint's Production Team to Mint Executives - with the ultimate approval of the Minister of Finance who is responsible for the Royal Canadian Mint. He also went on to say that the motivation behind minting the Falcon Lake UFO coin is, "purely cultural" based on a uniquely Canadian event.

However, the context of the Canadian government's involvement and investigation of the UFO matter tells a somewhat different story. 

ZNN's investigation into UFO matters indicates a deep level of historic involvement by Canadian intelligence agencies in the UFO matter. As reported by ZNN in the past, 9500 UFO files reside in the Library and Archives Canada data base - many of which originate from the RCMP. 

Given that many - if not most of these files were marked 'secret' or 'classified' at the time, and - given the Canadian government continues to remain silent on the UFO matter - one can only surmise that minting a coin highlighting one of Canada's most thoroughly investigated - but inconclusive UFO incidents may have raised a few eyebrows at NORAD, the Department of National Defence or perhaps even in the offices of Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister of Defence Harjit Sajjan. 

Folklore - mystique and culturally interesting events are indeed sufficient reasons to mint a coin. However, documents clearly indicate the Canadian government has made it a priority to classify UFO events as 'secret' and 'top secret'. NORAD, Prime Minsters and Ministers of National Defence have remained silent on the UFO matter for decades. The one exception is the former Canadian Minister of Defence the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer - an outspoken advocate about the political implications of the UFO issue.

CTV's Graham Slaughter ended his article by saying, "Five months after the Falcon Lake incident, residents of Shag Harbour, N.S. watched as an 18-metre wide, saucer-shaped aircraft fell from the sky and crashed into the water. Before officials could reach it, the craft either submerged or disappeared."

Shag Harbour was yet another UFO matter that was investigated by the RCMP - it too remains unresolved - perhaps awaiting its turn to be commemorated by a Royal Canadian Mint coin.

Despite the Royal Canadian Mint's praise-worthy efforts to hallmark Canadiana - well-guarded and on-going government UFO secrecy may well have been inadvertently compromised. Without realizing it the Royal Canadian Mint - may have let this coin out of the bag.

Read the article and watch the accompanying video at: CTV News

Journalists and media outlets interested in more information concerning Canada and NORAD's interest in theUFO matter are invited to contact Victor Viggiani - News Director of the ZlandCommunications News Network.

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