Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Canadian Research Council on UFOs

The Canadian Research Council on UFOs - Transparency in Action

Press Release - For Immediate Distribution

Update April 8, 2018
Letters to the Canadian Prime Minister and the Minister of Defence are now available for viewing. These letters will be sent by THE CRCU by email, fax and registered mail. Copies of these letters will also be sent to all Cabinet Ministers, Leader of the Opposition and other members of Parliament.

A Citizens Letter for use by the public to demand action from the government is also available on the same web page. We encourage all Canadians to use this letter. 

Toronto [ZNN] The recently established Canadian Research Council on UFOs (CRCU) is pleased to dannounce its partnership with MUFON Canada.
The mission, intent and duty of the Canadian Research Council on UFOs is to provide conclusive evidence and documentation for the public, elected officials and the media that:
  • Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are real, 
  • UFOs are a global phenomenon, and, 
  • The matter of UFOs has been discussed, analyzed, investigated and sequestered at the highest levels of governance in Canada and internationally.
This initiative is in preparation for the open presentation at an up-coming MUFON CANADA Toronto Symposium of documented evidence to the Prime Minister of Canada, the Minister of National Defence, Cabinet Members, the public and the media of declassified but unacknowledged documentation about the Canadian government's 70 year involvement in the UFO phenomenon. 

It should be pointed out that although this documentation resides in the government's own public data base - it remains unacknowledged by any elected official.  

What you'll see now: 
  • The CRCU Mission Statement, 
  • Eight official and verified documents,
  • Three Canadian data base web sites showing the chronology of UFO documentation from 1947 to the most current.   
What to watch for soon on this site: 
  • Letters to the Prime Minister of Canada and Min. of Defence, 
  • A Citizens Letter to send to their own Member of Parliament. 
  • The Canadian Current Event Survey (CCES)
Visit the Canadian Research Council on UFOs - HERE

Become a member of MUFON CANADA - HERE 

For further details contact ZlandCommunications using the contact information below.


  1. Michael Matthew Mougan ·
    I wonder when the Canadian Government will finally get around to it's promise of being transparent. They need to admit that they do indeed still investigate ufo's/uap's because ufo'/uap's are a reality. Back in 2001 they investigated a sighting in the township of Thornhill north of Toronto (between the hours of 10:35pm-10:55pm)

    Back then I witnessed what i first thought was a good year blimp crash landing in the field behind the house. My secondary thought was "no it's not crash landing" because it was so brilliantly illuminated ergo somebody went to the bother of setting up a bunch of flood lights. Then it hit me, No cockpit, no sound, nobody in the field.

    (long story short)
    After it departed I decided to report it to the police. With two digits already pressed (9-1) Somewhat going into a state of shock and contemplating what in the heck am I going to say to the 911 operator?
    The jets roared over the area. And to my relief. I put down the phone.

    I truly feel It is a HUMAN RIGHT for the Governments to disclosue what they know about this subject and the media to stop ridiculing this subject.

    Thats my truth!
    Michael M

    1. can you share your story here please?

  2. ufo disclosure is a human right

  3. My Friends, what has been termed the 'Great Canadian Meteor Procession of 1913' was in fact a global disclosure event staged by extraterrestrials themselves - and all the evidence to support this interpretation of the event is contained within an astronomical paper written by the 'Father of Canadian Astronomy'. Please read:

  4. I'am with you. This truth is a human right

  5. I am an American "citizen". I came to this site after not being able to locate via search engine the "CRCU" site. Happily, I found a link here. However, all it got me was the "404 error" that this site doesn't exist. Can someone confirm that it hasn't been shut down? Furthermore, any ideas on how to circumvent my gov'ts censoring efforts? Thank you in advance for any and all help.