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CBC interview invitation to discuss UFOs thwarted by Canada's Department of National Defence

Documents show Canadian Department of National Defence statement to the CBC to be false

Press Release

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Toronto [ZNN] ZNN has learned that despite having 9500 UFO files on public display, Canada's Department of National Defence (DND) flatly refused to participate in a December 20, 2017 interview with CBC's acclaimed radio host of The Current Anna Maria Tremonti; stating the subject of UFOs is "outside the scope of our operations".
The documentation that follows will provide unequivocal confirmation that the statement made to the CBC by the Department of National Defence, is patently false.
As ZNN reported earlier, Ms. Tremonti, Canada's foremost investigative broadcast journalist interviewed three UFO experts on the acclaimed radio program The Current on December 20, 2017. 

The topic of the interview was the US Pentagon's dramatic release of information that the American Congress - through the actions of former Nevada Senator and Democratic Majority Leader in the US Senate, Harry Reid - obtained Congressional approval for $22 million to fund a Pentagon UFO investigation program from 2007 to 2012. [NYTimes]

CBC requested that the Department of National Defence be part of the interview - but the DND refused the offer. 

During that interview Ms. Tremonti read the response sent to The Current by the Department of National Defence in Ottawa Canada.

Ms. Tremonti quoted the DND statement as follows:
"While we understand your interest in the subject of UFO shows, we are not able to provide an interview as your request is outside the scope of our operations. The Canadian Armed Forces focuses on credible threats. We do not comment or facilitate interviews on speculative matters such as this." 
It appears there has been no public response from the CBC to the claims by the DND that UFOs are 'outside the scope' of DND operations.

Notwithstanding the CBC's decision not to challenge the DND on this point - ZlandCommunications has discovered a substantial and comprehensive body of information that indicates the subject of UFOs and other related matters are and have been well within the scope of operations of the Department of National Defence


Based on the information obtained by ZlandCommunications the issue of UFOs can hardly be considered as 'speculative'.

ZNN can also provide documentation that CBC radio is cited on page 103 of the DND UFO documents in the possession of ZlandCommunications. This page is entirely redacted according to Section.19(1) of the Access to Information Act for unknown reasons except for a "CBC Radio" written citation. No explanation was offered to ZNN for this redaction by the Department of National Defence.

A. Canada sends official to seek UFO information in Washington DC

The Department of National Defence continues to maintain the matter of UFOs is 'speculative' and "outside the scope of our operations" when in fact a Senior Radio Engineer at the Department of Transport named Wilbert B. Smith was authorized by the Canadian government to seek out detailed information in Washington DC about UFOs. 

Smith subsequently met with Doctor Omond M. Solandt, Chairman of the Canadian Defence Research Board to discuss possible propulsion systems used by UFOs that had purportedly fallen into the hands of the US government.

During his time in Washington DC, Wilbert B. Smith made discreet enquiries through the Canadian Embassy staff in Washington DC who were able to obtain for him the following information as described in Smith's report:

a. The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States Government, rating higher even than the H-bomb.

b. Flying saucers exist.

c. Their modus operandi is unknown but a concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Doctor Vannevar Bush.

d. The entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance.

View this entire document at: 
W.B. Smith page one
W.B. Smith page two
B. Field Reports sent to the DND

The position of the Department of National Defence is that UFOs are outside the scope of their  operations - yet a Joint Intelligence Committee meeting memo drawn up in Conference Room 4811, in "A" Building in Ottawa Canada on Wednesday April 12, 1960 saw fit to direct that: "All field reports on flying saucers be passed on to the Director of Scientific Intelligence for final examination on behalf of the Department of National Defence."

This memorandum further substantiates the many converging lines of evidence that the subject of UFOs is clearly within the scope of operations of the Department of National Defence. 

View this document at:
Joint Intelligence Committee Memo

C. NORAD Commander's 2015 Letter to ZlandCommunications
A letter originating from the NORAD Commander in Colorado was sent directly to ZlandCommunications about this matter. In this letter to ZNN from the NORAD Commander in Colorado in December 2015, it states - an average of 1800 TOi’s (UFOs) radar sightings and 75 intercepts occurred over a 5-year period. 

One such incident is described below in a NORAD STATUS AND EVENTS received by ZlandCommunications from the Canadian Department of National Defence marked 'Secret'. 

[Note: The Canadian Department of National Defence maintains a co-terminus relationship with NORAD with a Canadian as its Deputy Commander.]

This document can be viewed at: NORAD Letter 

Other Documentation
The following documentation and its derived sources demonstrate the Canadian Department of National Defence has in fact accumulated and maintains non-speculative information about UFOs.
  • Pages upon pages marked SECRET of Air Traffic control logs using terms such as UFO, unknowns, unknown tracks or TOi's (Tracks of Interest)
  • Citizen reports of UFOs, intelligence committee memoranda, Defence Department Ministerial letters and RCMP investigation reports - all within the 9500 files accumulated by the Canadian government. These files are held and are freely available within Library and Archives Canada's web site Canada's UFOs: The search for the unknown
  • RCMP officers' reports on sightings of UFOs.
  • NORAD STATUS AND EVENTS reports marked 'Secret' indicate the practice of capturing UFOs on radar and NORAD jets being scrambled multiple times to investigate and in some cases intercept these objects.

With direct reference to the NORAD report above, three 'unknown tracks' were captured on radar in Canadian airspace. 

Two NORAD CF-18 jets were scrambled out of COMOX AFB (CYQQ) in British Columbia Canada to chase three 'unknowns'. 

The CF-18 pilots soon reported '90 seconds to target', then report "contact made" with a set of three maneuvering unknown objects without transponders travelling at 35,000 feet at high speed. 

The three unknowns were moving in controlled flight patterns at speeds matching and exceeding that of the CF-18s and an LR-35 Medical Evacuation jet in the same area. 

The LR-35 reported making visual contact with them [the objects]. Subsequently the LR-35 pilot states in the log - his jet 'could not keep up with them.' 

This six page Air Traffic Control (ATC) log outlines the specific minute by minute account of this event and communications between pilots and ATC at Comox AFB. 

[Note: It is important to point out that in June of 2004 - in response to an AIA request - ZlandCommunications received this particular six page NORAD Air Traffic Control log directly from the Canadian Department of National Defence in Ottawa as part of 117 pages of other UFO documentation.]

Based on these evidentiary items alone, one can only conclude that the denial by the DND of its interest in UFOs is not only incorrect but the DND continues to remain  steadfastly silent on the subject of UFOs. 

It is absolutely essential to point out two critical facts: 

First - All the above information received by ZlandCommunications pursuant to its multiple AIA requests as far back as 2004 as well as the 9500 files on the Library and Archives Canada web site all reside in and are available within the PUBLIC DOMAIN. 

Second - Therefore, the DND decision to refuse any discussion of their involvement in the UFO matter with Anna Maria Tremonti - despite clear evidence to the contrary - is not only a wanton and blatant disregard of their own documentation, but this decision may well be interpreted as an infringement on the rights and freedom of the press to report on matters already in the public domain.

This contradiction, while not only glaring, represents determined and subtle efforts by the DND to deflect inquiries by the press about the substance and nature of a subject matter of diverse and distinctly controversial implications.

These inquires and the refusal by the DND to discuss these matters publicly arouse serious questions and suspicions about how the DND portrays itself as an authentic governing and policy-making agency. 

The DND appears to proactively down-play, minimize and deny the validity of its own documentation on the UFO matter - depicting factual and verified documentation as 'speculative'.

The complete on-air statement segment by Ms. Anna Maria Tremonti quotes the Canadian Department of National Defence refusal to be interviewed on December 20, 2017:

"I should tell you that the Canadian Department of National Defence declined our request for an interview on this subject because we wanted to know what Canada is up to on this front. And they did send us a statement and the statement that DND sent us is superimposed on the image of a UFO flying over a field that looks like a 50s shot. And I have to tell you I have never seen the Department of National Defence in Canada tell us send us an illustrated 'no comment' but this is what they said to us and I'm quoting: " While we understand your interest in the subject of UFO shows, we are not able to provide an interview as your request is outside the scope of our operations. The Canadian Armed Forces focuses on credible threats. We do not comment or facilitate interviews on speculative matters such as this."

In light of the DND's obvious concern about UFOs as vividly described in its own documentation, how then can the Canadian Department of National Defence possibly continue to maintain its position that the matter of UFOs is 'speculative'?

The Current is Canada's most listened to investigative national radio program - broadcasting Monday to Friday daily across Canada on the CBC network, Public Radio International as well as on Sirius XM Canada Radio. Episodes of The Current can be heard HERE

[The government documents referenced in this press release and other related materials are freely available to the press and can be accessed by contacting the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork.]

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