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US Select Senate Committee on Intelligence Serious about UFOs

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Senator Mark Warner joins Senate colleagues in the UFO Narrative

Toronto [ZNN] US Senator Mark Warner, Chair of the powerful and influential Select Senate Committee on Intelligence has now teamed-up with other US Senate colleagues to find out more about the UFO issue. This signals a notable transition in attitude in the US Senate. When did this transition begin and where is it destined to go?

Senator Mark Warner
The coming forward by yet another US Senator on the UAP issue represents expanding involvement by elected officials on the UFO matter. 

As far back as 10 years ago, no US elected official would have ever publicly risked their political career by engaging this politically damaging matter. This has now changed.

When did this Transition begin?

As far back as 2017 as reported by ZNN - the New York Times flooded the world of journalism with a confirmed watershed of news about a Pentagon program to investigate UFOs funded by a $22 million initiative triggered by then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The program ran from 2007 to 2012, although many still believe a similar program under a different designation is still in operation. 

The New York Times continues to uncover the on-going saga of how the US Navy began loosening its strangle-hold on the 75 year old truth embargo - better known as the UFO cover-up.

New York Times writers like Ralph Blumenthal, Helene Cooper, Leslie Kean and Bryan Bender at Politico have lead the charge about UFO truth. More mainstream outlets are taking the leaks and revelations more seriously - coming forward as never before. More on these sources below.

Where is this Transition Destined to go?

The series of events continues to this day. Key Senators and former intelligence officials have the UFO issue in their sights. And mainstream media is very interested.

As reported by ZNN on March 22, 2021 - during an interview featuring Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe clearly demonstrated that the UFO issue has become one of the hottest but under-reported issues in US politics.

Senator Marco Rubio
The same Fox News anchor has done it again by questioning Senator Marco Rubio - Co-Chair of the  Select Senate Committee on Intelligence on the UAP issue. 

Rubio - as has been his insistence from the beginning, stated the issue needs to be investigated to determine what category of craft are entering our airspace as well as engaging military aircraft, destroyers and aircraft carriers.

What might come next?

From where most UFO observers sit, and considering the rapid acceleration of revelations about new videos authenticated by US military officials - anything might occur next.

One thing is for certain, the 75 years of trekking down the well-trodden trail of tiresome conspiracy theories and needless secrecy seems to be coming to an end. Could Senate or Congressional Hearings on UFOs come next?

While US elected officials lineup at the water-trough to assess leaks about UFOs, it has been revealed that US Navy private briefings have been held with Senators. Understandably these briefings have caused a stir.

Leaks are now the order of the day. Bursting forward - not dripping like the dribble so familiar just 10 years ago - the basements of governance are filling up quickly. One can almost hear the rising water gush into the quiet offices of US Senators, the White House, the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI and The Five Eyes (FIORC) 

And of course, there is the loud hush among US Air Force officials. Unlike US Navy pilots who have been given permission to talk freely about their UFO encounters, muzzled Air Force pilots still cannot talk publicly about their’s. The USAF remains soggily silent through this entire deluge.

[ED. NOTE - It's no shocker the US Air Force already knows their Navy cousins are not just treading water by revealing the montage of UFO/UAP footage  - fully realizing Air Force pipes will soon spring a leak.] 

The Medium is the Message

This rapidly unfolding scenario is no longer mindless bait for upper level media decision-makers to ignore. Is it now time for them to strap on their rubber boots and wade into it before they're swept away by their own indolence and self-imposed ignorance? 

The medium of brave decision-making at the management levels of Fox News, Politico, the NY Times and a healthy variety of UK news outlets is the message to the indolent - "Get to it"

At this juncture, whether or not the requirement by the Select Senate Committee on Intelligence to require the US Director of National Intelligence provide the Senate committee full access to UAP data will become the dam-buster of UFO secrecy is an unknown. 

For now, 'leaked' documents, authenticated videos, private briefings by senior US Navy officials with US Senators, media testimony by the likes of Marco Rubio, John Ratcliffe and Mark Warner and whatever else pops up in the interim will more than suffice.

At this rate it is possible for former Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta to re-emerge on the UFO question as he did at the Washington National Press Club in 2015.

Each of these elements is a significant and stand alone indicator that something very big is about to happen - not only in the sky - but in the waters of change. 

Is the media prepared for it when the dam breaks?


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