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June 5, 2021

Canadian Mainstream Media Interviews Victor Viggiani on the US UAP Report Review in the NY Times

“U.S. Finds No Evidence of Alien Technology in Flying Objects, but Can’t Rule It Out, Either”  New York Times

Toronto [ZNN] Renowned Canadian broadcast journalist Jennifer Burke asks all the right questions about the US UAP report in the NY Times during her interview with Victor Viggiani – News Director of ZlandCommunications.

CTV is the largest national television network in Canada. CTV CHANNEL NEWS with Jennifer Burke has a daily viewership of over 1.6 million Canadians. It's international reach over the internet is sizeably larger.

The impact of the NY Times article on the disclosure process is considerable – however it is by no means the entire story. 

About the US UAP report Viggiani is quoted as saying, “It's a clear case of the American government talking out of both sides of their mouth.”

Watch the CTV interview: HERE 



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  1. Well about 12 days for the US to release their statements and files. Small bits have to come out, then many more people will believe. Good or bad.